How to Style a Room with Boho Furniture

How to Style a Room with Boho Furniture?

The world of interior design has evolved far beyond our imagination. It is now possible to fit numerous things in a small space. For instance, you might have seen how a small living room can be converted to a bedroom as per convenience without any compromise in the theme of the interior.

The theme or the style of the interior is another element that makes the space look captivating. Currently, many interior design styles are trending. The bohemian look is one of the favorites on the internet. This style gives a fresh and young vibe without much to do. Are you also looking to incorporate a Boho finish into your home? Well, there isn’t much that you will have to do! Bohemian-style interiors are just about choosing the appropriate boho furniture and locating it in the right place.

So, let’s explore how best we can style boho furniture to increase the aesthetic appeal.

1. Accept the Eclectic Aesthetic

Accept the Eclectic Aesthetic

Eclectism means mixture and diversity. And this is what boho furniture is about. The key to having a boho-styled living room is to add a reasonable amount of diversity to the furniture. How about mixing patterns, components, and textures? That would look amazing!

To proceed with this idea, you can begin by choosing a piece of furniture that reflects this spirit. Vintage treasures, low-sling seating, distressed wooden tables, and macrame-like fabrics shall work the best. Remember, your goal in styling boho furniture should be embracing the differences rather than going on conformity.

2. Choose Earthy and Rich Color Tones

Choose Earthy and Rich Color Tones

The bohemian style mixes bold colors with subtle tones really well. But to create a fresh vibe, it is ideal to go with earthy shades such as mustard, terracotta, lush greens, and blues. The idea is to bring nature in.

This color palette gives a sense of adventure necessary for a boho aesthetic. It might seem a little hesitant to use bright and subdued tones at first, but don’t worry; the result will definitely be aesthetically appealing.

3. Use Textures as Much as You Can

Use Textures as Much as You Can

By textures, we don’t mean patterns on furniture pieces. It is all about including fabrics and materials. Textured cushions, throws, blankets, carpets, macrame curtains, and woven wall hangings will add a tactile aspect to your home. For instance, you can place a nice throw at the side of your sofa. Again, playing with colors is essential here.

How about adding a textured off-white cushion on a green sofa? Similarly, try to mix materials like jute, rattan, and embroidered fabrics to create a pleasant and organic atmosphere in your home.

4. Add Value with Statement Furniture

Add Value with Statement Furniture

Boho furniture is very attractive and unique! Though the interior style is all about freshness and nature – the type of furniture you will use here should be all antique and old. Thrift stores, antique shops, and flea markets are the best places to find boho furniture.

Choose one vintage piece of furniture for every corner. The idea behind incorporating such statement furniture is to convey tales and bring character to your room. Don’t be afraid to blend in varied furniture styles, as this is what a boho theme should look like.

5. Gather Accents of Different Cultures

Gather Accents of Different Cultures

Boho furniture takes influence from all over the world. As said, it is all about being diverse and mixing different cultures. Therefore, when you shop for accents for your home, look for variety. Get Indian tapestries, Moroccan lamps, poufs from some other countries, and basic furniture from others.

Such furniture mixing will reflect that the entire world has settled in your room.

6. Greenery is Essential

Greenery is Essential

The epitome of a boho look is bringing nature indoors. Make sure you include indoor plants either in the form of hanging or with big pots. For instance, you can place some near your sofa, some on the balcony, and some small ones on the bookshelf as well.

Succulents, ferns, and fiddle-leaf figs are common indoor plants that you can use in your space to create a bohemian haven. Plants not only add appearance but also contribute to a healthier environment.

7. Choose Artistic Displays

 Choose Artistic Displays

Have you thought anything about beautifying the walls? Valued artifacts shall look great! A collection of old cameras, glasses, cutlery, and lamps can be kept on displays to bring personality and character. However, keep in mind that you don’t have to stack all of these in one corner. Organize it carefully so that there is no overcrowding.

8. Keep It Free Spirited

Keep It Free Spirited

Boho furniture should be laid in a very flowy and casual manner. It means that avoid stiff, symmetrical layouts as much as possible. You can consider using floor cushions to create warm corners. How about arranging the furniture in a circular arrangement? It would be a great idea as such an arrangement includes many comfy sitting spaces and makes the environment look calm.


Boho furniture styling is an aesthetic adventure. It enables one to mix vintage elements with modern ones. Also, it is about displaying worldwide culture. Remember, with this piece of art, you will display yourself and enhance your personality.

Be vigilant in choosing furniture and decor, as it plays a vital role in creating a perfect theme. So, begin today and look for more inspiration before you start with the transformation.

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