Dreamy Feminine Bedroom Decor Ideas

21 Dreamy Feminine Bedroom Decor Ideas

Do you love feminine bedrooms and girly decorations? Then you are at the right place. The following guide will inspire you to decorate your bedroom in a feminine style – pink accents, touches of glam, and floral appeal. It may seem like it is especially for young girls, but there are many ways to decorate in a modern, mature style to appeal to any age group. And that’s exactly what we are going to share with you today!

Things to Consider for a Beautiful Feminine Bedroom

There are various things you need to consider before actually starting to decorate your bedroom, like the bed that needs to be placed in the room, the dresser, the nightstand, and various other furniture pieces. In addition to finding a lot of feminine furniture online and in stores, you should also consider the theme and decor in advance.


To create a classy female bedroom decor, you must always choose soft and creamy colors (like mint green, crisp white, rosy pink, etc.). To add a contemporary twist, you can ramp up the feminine color scheme with small bursts of deep coral, hot pink, or red lipstick. Additionally, you can use black to overwhelm the room with a masculine feel by using it sparingly.


To create a classy female bedroom decor, you need to incorporate furniture created with decorative, curvaceous lines. The furniture needs to be with rounded legs and corners to impart a distinct feminine ambiance to your room. Other items like the dresser, chests, and mirrors should also be painted in light colors and decorated with curvaceous lines.


A feminine-style bedroom is characterized by plush fabrics that enhance its opulent ambiance. You can layer your bed with a bed skirt, sheets, blankets, and a comforter for a luxurious and cozy feel. You can further add a luxurious furniture throw, silky fabric draperies, etc., to the room to enhance the look.


Incorporating decorative accessories into your room will accentuate the feminine feel. For example, an accent wall with patterned wallpaper and an artistic mural, lamps with decorative lampshades, sparkly chandeliers, vases of fresh flowers, ornamental mirrors, etc., can all help to complete the feminine look in your bedroom.

List of 21 Feminine Bedroom Ideas

The following guide will provide you with 21 ideas to create a feminine-style bedroom. We hope these feminine bedroom decorating ideas inspire you!

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1. Tone Down Playful Pink

Tone Down Playful Pink

Since using all pink can be a little too much, you can use subtle accents of pink in your room. They can bring warmth if used with dark colors such as navy or moss green. Although these shades are dark and the room can look quite intense, using accents of pink (like soft blush pink, etc.) here and there will neutralize the look and create a rosier glow.

2. Create Breakaway Bedroom Zones

Create Breakaway Bedroom Zones

It is easy to enhance the feminine look in your room by using different paint colors (such as a combination of blush pink and green, the deepest violet and gold), wallpapers, and flooring. You can keep the room simple with minimal decorative items. For example, you can use one color predominately on the walls and add its contrast color in small amounts to create a visually appealing feminine look. It can be achieved by placing items (accessories, furniture, artwork, etc.) of contrasting colors in the room.

3. Express Yourself With Wall Art

Express Yourself With Wall Art

Displaying artwork in the room can be a wonderful way to reflect your feminine side. It could be framed with inspirational quotes, images, photography, etc. You can use any of the empty walls in your room to display the artwork. Preferably, use the space above the bed. You should ensure that the images you select or the frames and mounts you display will complement your bedroom’s feminine theme.

4. Embrace Storage

Embrace Storage

Wardrobes are essential in every bedroom. If you place the right wardrobe in your bedroom, it will enhance the feminine look of the space. You can customize your wardrobes or give your doors a mini facelift so that they look a little more appealing. You can paint your wardrobe doors in upbeat colors to suit the room. Or you can swap standard doors for a fancier effect. Leather tabs or brushed brass bar handles can really uplift the look and give a touch of luxury.

5. Have Fun With Upbeat Colors

Have Fun With Upbeat Colors

The bed is always the focal point in any bedroom. Even if the whole room is plain, placing new cushions, bedding and throws will make a huge difference. You can use bright, cheerful colors and bold, playful prints to add a feminine touch to your neutral or all-white room. You can also keep houseplants next to the bed to make you feel good and complete the look.

6. Get Creative With Wall Space

Get Creative With Wall Space

Since your bedroom is more of a private space, you can be more creative with the kind of designs or color schemes you want. You can opt for playful designs like making the bed the focus of your room by trying a paint effect that will have a maximum impact.

You can paint a large circle in soft colors on the wall behind the bedhead. Take a piece of string and cut it to the correct length for the radius of your circle. Use masking tape to attach one end of the string to the center point. Then make a small loop at the other end and place a pencil through it. Carefully draw a circle, ensuring the string is taut at all times. After which, you can remove the string and paint the circle in a soft color. Complete the look by placing blankets or throws of the same color as the circle.

7. Focus On a Vanity Area

Focus On a Vanity Area

The dressing area can be a suitable space to add a feminine look to your room. You can create your dream dressing area by treating it like a small walk-in wardrobe – store minimal clothes and place your beauty prep.

You can start with a run of drawer storage going wall-to-wall across the end of the room. This will give enough space for you to store clothes, accessories, and face and hair essentials. Then add a length of hanging rail above, which will help keep bags, scarves, belts, and shorter items within easy reach. Next, paint it in soft colors like pale green, etc., and add a run of pre-cut worktops to top the units. It will add a slick finishing touch.

8. Channel Hotel Chic

Channel Hotel Chic

If you want to create a classic chic hotel-inspired look for your room, you can opt for an oversized luxe bed with a headboard with plush, buttoned upholstery. Further, layer it and pile up the bed with smooth satin sheets, silk pillows, throws, and cushions. Finally, add low-hung pendants and thick rugs to either side of the bed to complete the feminine look.

9. Soothe Your Space With Calming Greens

Soothe Your Space With Calming Greens

Another color combination you can go with to create a feminine bedroom look is green with soothing pink. Green is one of the most calming and restful colors, and they usually go well with other colors. Teaming it with soft pink will result in the perfect feminine room with warmth and rosiness. Keep it plain and simple; avoid using high-definition florals and fabrics for a relaxed look.

10. Go Big On Patterns

Go Big On Patterns

If you are not looking to create a subtle look, then opt for decorating your room with wallpapers. A mural spread over just one wall is enough to grab all the attention and create the perfect backdrop for your bed. Make sure to keep everything else simple – plain white bed linen, minimal decorations, and sleek furniture. In addition to highlighting the mural, this will give it a feminine touch.

11. Mix It Up With Monochrome

Mix It Up With Monochrome

You can create a more feminine vibe by mixing patterns with black and white paints and decorations, washed woods, and textures. The key to making it work is not to overdo it and keep it simple. Crisp white walls, weathered wooden floors, and furniture soften the look, with black kept to a minimum. Using a mix of patterns, large and small prints alongside small and medium patterns, adds to the eclectic style.

12. Add Luxe With Plush Textures

Add Luxe With Plush Textures

You can make a statement by going ahead with a combination of bold colors with a contrast color. For instance, you can opt for a combination of royal blue and punchy yellow. Add a contrasting color, like brownish cream, to add a feminine touch to the room and energize the space.

13. Soft Pink/Cream Palette

Soft Pink Cream Palette

You can keep the room decorations simple by adapting a single-color theme, preferably soft colors. This will give the room a feminine feel. Incorporate essential items like bedding, side tables, curtains, and rugs in the same color. Don’t overdo the room with extra items. Add a chandelier to complete the look.

14. A Combination of White and Pink

A Combination of White and Pink

You can combine soft pinks and whites if you want to give your room a catchy feminine feel. Paint the side walls soft pink and the ceiling white. Add white frame paintings on the side walls. Make sure the bed and the side tables are the same color. Add soft pink blankets and pillows to enhance the look. Placing a furry rug and white flowers will complete the look.

15. Embrace The Winter

Embrace The Winter

You can create a winter feminine look by incorporating a white-cream theme into your room. The furniture that is required includes a cream bed, white bedding, pillows, quilts, and a side and leg table. Paint the walls white, and create a rustic gray look in the ceilings. Use white curtains and place a gray textured rug to complete the look.

16. Rosy Floral

Rosy Floral

You can add an element of femininity to a white room by incorporating floral blanketsand pillows. Set the room with minimal white furniture – the bed, side table, vase, and a small couch to the window. In this way, the floral blankets and pillows will enhance the room’s look and create a soothing atmosphere. Add white and rose-pink flowers in the vase and a white rug to complete the look.

17. Incorporate Green Color

Incorporate Green Color

If you find pink and white color themes boring, then add green to your room to brighten it up. In order to enhance your room, you will only need plants, a green quilt, and green paintings.

18. Rustic Grey

Rustic Grey

You can create a rustic gray look for your room by adding gray wooden side walls, a gray bed, and a gray textured rug. Incorporate pencil sketches on the wall to enhance the look. Adding white mattresses, soft color pillows, and plants to the room will bring in a feminine touch.

19. Add Cream Linen

Add Cream Linen

In varying shades of white and cream, linens – complete with decorative pillows, blankets, and rugs – look fresh. You can add texture to the room by trying something more eclectic or matching patterns. Incorporate a vintage border table mirror to complete the look.

20. Layer With Different Shades

Layer With Different Shades

If you are someone who spends most of your time in your bedroom, then you’d want to create a comfier, cozy room. The best way to do it is by incorporating different materials (curtains, bedsheets, a lot of pillows, quilts, etc.) into your room. Please make sure they are in calming colors. Try layering different shades of pink and white together to keep things from feeling boring.

21. Get Creative With Wall Paint

Get Creative With Wall Paint

If you want to add rosy pink to your space but in a decidedly grown-up way, then your decor will play a major factor. So, get creative with your wall paint and let that showcase your personality. Like, how this bedroom added some flowers and leaves, which are both eye-catching and playful.


The color scheme and elements in your bedroom should always reflect your inner desires. For example, to decorate a feminine bedroom, you should preferably use soft and pastel colors and materials and add decorative details.

We hope that our classy female bedroom decor ideas have given you an idea of how you want to decorate your bedroom. So what are you waiting for? Get started with decorating or redecorating your space!

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