How to Design an Eclectic Dining Room?

How to Design an Eclectic Dining Room?

Eclectic interiors refer to multiple designs that can be incorporated into a single place. It is a combination of several designs.

At the same time, an eclectic dining room means a dining area that has similar attributes. It’s a globally inspired interior design that can furnish your dining room with a vibrant glaze.

Whether you’ve got a small or big dining space, you can adopt this idea to evolve your dining room. However, it’s not an easy task.

It includes the interiors, flooring, wall designs, and others. For instance, bring and decorate a boho dining table or its surroundings.

In this blog, you’ll learn a few design ideas to decorate your eclectic dining room. You can still adopt this approach even if you have a minimum budget.

All you need is to unleash your creative side and design approach. Don’t think much; start it today.

Best Ideas to Design an Eclectic Dining Room

1. Work on Your Interiors

Kitchen interior in loft, industrial style, 3d render

The interior design is the main focus if you want to design an eclectic dining room. Select a perfect interior that suits your dining area. For instance, if you have a corner dining room, choose an interior based on it.

Don’t overdo anything; it might cause the opposite. Focus on your ceiling interior. You can expand your interior design if you have enough space and budget.

2. Perfect Wall Design or Color Scheme

Stylish and modern dining room interior. 3d Render

After the interiors, you must consider the wall patterns or design. If you want, you can decorate your walls with adequate wallpaper. Besides these, you can add wall tiles that will go perfectly with a boho dining table.

Last, you can consider bold or dark color schemes on your wall. It includes dark blue, dark brown, or a golden color scheme.

3. Adequate Flooring Plan

Small and stylish, open plan apartment with kitchen, dining area and living room in one

Flooring is also an essential part that can assist you in creating an eclectic dining room. Create a floor that matches the vibe with your interior design and wall patterns. For instance, if you have white tiles on your walls, choose similar colored tiles for your floor.

You can add modern approaches to implement your flooring styles. For example, you can add vinyl, stone, or hardwood flooring.

4. Statement Lighting

Wide angle view of kitchen with wooden counter-height dining table and stools, hanging light fixtures, bench, and view into living room.

Not only can the wall colors or patterns give your eclectic dining room a vibrant color, but you must also work on your lighting. Make sure the lighting features establish a boho vibe and furnish a brighter shade.

You can pick pendant lights, chandeliers, or hanging LED lights for your dining space. A statement of lighting will also brighten up your furniture.

5. Add Rugs

House Valle Bandina is located near Florence Tuscany Italy

A rug almost has similar traits to a carpet. So, bring a well-designed rug for your dining room table. It might protect your floor and the dining table’s legs. Apart from that, it will also leave a long-lasting impression with a proper interior and flooring plan.

A rug can convey a unique style and vintage vibe throughout your dining area. You will also feel comfortable while enjoying your meals.

6. Decorate Your Dining Table

Private dining - Table Setting with Flowers Candles and Crystal Glass

The dining table is your dining room’s main centerpiece, attraction, and furniture. Thus, it also needs a decoration. Create a mold with unique textures, or paint it using your creativity. Now, you can decorate your dining table with proper plywood and primer.

Besides these, add a beautiful cover, such as a well-designed fabric cover for your table. Add eye-catching linens, like cups, saucers, spoons, forks, etc.

7. Bring Plants

Modern Scandinavian family table setting. Cozy home concept.

Adding a bit of greenery is a global trend at present. Thus, you can consider this trend and bring a green plant into your dining area. You hang a few natural or artificial green plants on the wall.

You can also use a few baskets full of flowers or green plants. Besides these, you can put a flowering pot on your dining table to convey an aesthetic vibe.

8. Mirror

Layout of the main floor in brand new custom family home in North America.

A mirror is a beautiful element that people add to almost every corner of their house. It includes a bedroom, shower, laundry, and living room.

Have you ever thought of adding a mirror to your dining area? It might be a cool approach. A mirror may reflect the lighting and add a vibrant shade to your interiors, floors, and furniture. A mirror can convey an elegant vibe.

9. Artworks

Stylish and modern dining room interior with design furniture. Eclectic decor.

Apart from mirrors and plants, artwork is also a fascinating attraction that can evolve the decoration of your eclectic dining room. Like a mirror, you can add a piece of art or more on your wall.

You can combine artwork, mirrors, and plants and put them on your wall. It might help you in creating a long-lasting impression on your guests.

10. Bring Adequate Chairs

Entrance Of Dining Room With Dining Table, Chairs And Empty White Wall In Background

Chairs are an important piece of furniture in your dining room. It is a better half of your dining table. Without a set of chairs, you cannot use your dining table. It would be best if we also had a perfect seating area.

Thus, bring fascinating chairs to decorate your eclectic dining room. Buy wicked chairs, wishbone chairs, rattan chairs, etc. You can also buy a mixed set of chairs to convey an elegant vibe.


The eclectic dining room has become a trend in the current era. All you need is to implement an eclectic interior design in your boho dining room.

It doesn’t matter if you have a small space, a big, minimal budget, or more; you can still fulfill your desire. Sometimes, setting up an eclectic dining room isn’t enough. You have to work for its proper decoration to maintain a long-lasting impression.

You must first consider your interior design, followed by the wall patterns, flooring style, and lighting. After that, you can decorate your table with perfect materials.

Bring flowering or green plants, mirrors, and artwork. Don’t forget about the seating area. Purchase a suitable set of chairs for your dining room.

Do you have any other concerns? Let us know in the comments if you’ve any more creative ideas.

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