How to Design a Scandi Bathroom?

How to Design a Scandi Bathroom?

Which words first come to mind while describing your dream bathroom? What do you think about a clean, chic, classic, and relaxing self-care space? If this description resonates with your imagination, we have something fascinating for your taste.

Besides being aesthetic, a Scandinavian bathroom is versatile, practical, and calming. The theme often exudes a minimalist approach to bathroom interiors. However, it is only possible to recreate a Scandi style with the right props.

If an all-white bathroom is everything that you can imagine, think again! Today, we will explore the key elements of a Scandi bathroom to design one at home.

An Introduction to Scandi-Style Bathroom

An Introduction to Scandi-Style Bathroom .png

A rising internet trend of minimalist, neutral, practical, and chic interiors has gained global popularity.

That is when Scandinavian-style interiors came into the picture with clean geometric lines, warm and cool whites, beiges, and contrasting warm wooden tones. These few key features potentially elevate the elegance of any bathroom interior.

However, traditionally, it all started in the twentieth century, with the Nordic countries exhibiting their interior decor. The superpower of a Brooklyn museum exhibition eventually helped the Scandi-style bathroom revolutionize America.

It is no wonder that after years of interior decor evolution, the Scandi style continues to impress the world. Even though we witness a change in the use of raw materials, wall colors, and decorative pieces, the bottom line remains the same.

Let’s decode how we can design a Scandi bathroom with its modern key elements.

Creative Ideas to Design a Scandi Bathroom

1. White Marble and Contrasting Wooden Accents


A classic Scandi-style bathroom is often power-packed with cool shades of white. Even though the white-washed interior walls create a clean look, they can often feel uninviting. Therefore, it is crucial to use the correct shades of white and balance them with warmer tones.

Use lightly patterned white marble and tiles on the walls and floor to create a soothing and chic bathroom. Select wooden drawers, wardrobes, and other practical modern storage ideas to contrast the all-white look.

You can also use yellow light to add more warmth to the overall look of your Scandi bathroom.

2. Turquoise and Green Color Play


It is time to splash some color on the walls of your Scandi-style bathrooms, moving past the whites and neutrals. But how do we do that? Well! Turquoise and green tiles, wall colors, and wallpapers are our favorites in this regard.

These shades of aqua green calmingly balance the abundance of white in bathtubs, washbasins, and natural light. If you are a plant lover and want to accentuate the green hints, use small indoor plants in metallic potters.

Handmade baskets and rattan storage will also help balance the overall Scandi theme.

3. Royal Touchups

Royal Touchups .jpg

We have something to uplift your imagination if you are an all-white Scandinavian theme lover. Multiply the overall elegance of your calming white washroom with metallic touchups.

Gold is a royal shade. It has the power to beautify any interior by adding royalty to it. You have the freedom to experiment with metallic golden paint. The trick is to use it intelligently and highlight the trims on walls and ceilings.

However, if that does not resonate with your vision, use the golden tone on door knobs, pendant lights, mirror rims, and taps.

4. Classic Black and White Scandi Bathroom

Classic Black and White Scandi Bathroom

Black and white are all-time classics for every possible decor style. Speaking of a Scandinavian theme, this classic duo transforms spaces like never before.

Elegant, minimalist, chic, and practical. You name it as you explore the possibility of a Scandi miracle in your bathroom.

We love the clean edges of the black bathtub, cabinets, tools, mirror, and lights. The snow-white ceiling and flooring provide a crisp backdrop for all these black elements to stand out and accentuate the overall look.

5. Pattern Floor Tiling

Pattern Floor Tiling

Minimalism does not necessarily mean monochrome or no patterns. It can be the exact opposite of that if you know how to use patterns.

Using patterned floor tiles is another key element of many Scandi bathroom designs. It balances the feel of an all-white interior to add depth and character.

We love the warm white and beige minimalism of this bathroom. However, the beautiful grey pattern tiles are the real show-stopper of this Scandinavian interior.

The green plant on the window shelf adds the final oomph to this pattern floor-tiling bathroom.

6. Statement Scandi Bathtubs


A statement white bathtub is a must-have in most Scandi bathroom designs. You simply cannot miss out on this essential.

For those who do not like the overindulgence of white on tubs, you can use a chic, contrasting black or warm beige. But sticking to these three shades is crucial, considering the Scandi color palette.

7. Handmade Wooden Storage


The final step to designing a Scandi bathroom is to pick a handmade wooden storage system.

Unpolished wooden drawers, dark oak shelves, dark wooden hand-woven baskets, jute baskets, rattan vases, and wall panels are some of the finest Scandi bathroom decor essentials.

These storage designs help us take a break from the coolness of whites and clean edges of the bathroom geometry.

Summing It Up

Last but not least, Scandinavian bathroom designs have been an excellent example of practicality, chic, and minimalism since the twentieth century.

The infamous neutrals like white, beige, warm greys, and browns are the highlights of this decor style. However, the props also play a crucial role besides the color palette to recreate a Scandi-theme bathroom.

You will love the intelligent use of wooden wall panels, patterned floor tiles, and metallic accents to balance the overall minimalism.

Which idea did you like best while exploring a Scandi-bathroom design?

Comment below and share your thoughts.

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