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The Best 24 Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas You’ve Never Seen Before

Scandinavian bathrooms with unique Nordic looks are immensely loved for their minimal design and high functionality. No wonder, Scandinavian-style bathrooms hold unlimited appeal with their “less is more” philosophy in terms of simple color combinations, clean lines, and toned-down decorations.

A Scandinavian bathroom tastefully absorbs all these elements to present a chic look, even with reasonable efforts. Now let us go into the aspects that make a quintessentially modern Nordic modern bathroom.

1. Marble Flooring

Marble has been a staple in most Scandinavian bathroom decor because of its fondness among Scandinavians as a natural material. Marble is also used in walls. In the bathroom, marble works marvelously for a Nordic minimalist look. It is a durable stone famous for its purity and continues to be a favorite despite many synthetic flooring options.

Marble Flooring Scandinavian bathroom

2. Colored Wall Tiles

To make the walls of the Scandinavian bathroom elegant, you can opt for colored ceramic tiles. Glazed tiles are another option for walls with their durability factor. In terms of colors, a combination of mint and green with care for contrast in the wall tiles with floor tiles will give a neat look. Also, playing with different textured surfaces in the bathroom adds another stylish contrast.

Colored Wall Tiles Scandinavian bathroom

3. Freestanding White Tub

Freestanding white tubs are a common feature of Scandinavian bathrooms. They are good for soaking during hard winters. Pricey freestanding tubs also serve as statement pieces of luxury like what we see in spas. They are easy to install, unlike built-in tubs, and the position is usually at the bathroom’s center. It dispenses with the need for setting up a grab bar to access the bathtub.

Freestanding White Tub Scandinavian bathroom

4. Green Embellishing

Green embellishing of the Scandinavian bathrooms is a significant decor idea as the centering green color for rejuvenation. Green is an amazing shade for any bathroom with its calm-inducing impact on a person with a large variety ranging from sage to emerald green.

Green Embellishing Scandinavian bathroom

5. Black Hardware

Black hardware fixtures heighten the minimalist contrast seen in most Scandinavian bathrooms. Although some equate Black with a moody feel, it can also work as an intelligent decor. Remember that matte black bathroom fixtures are easy to clean, and the beautiful finish can last long. Using mildly warm soapy water, you can clean the faucets and taps.

Black Hardware Scandinavian bathroom

6. Honeycomb Tiles

If you want a stylish modern Scandinavian bathroom, then you cannot stop thinking about honeycomb tiles for the wall. They bring some fun twist to actualizing a Nordic design. These hexagonal tiles are good for decorating both floors and walls. The shape adds a special beauty and will hog instant attention. These tiles bear a closer resemblance with beehive cells and justify the term honeycomb.

Honeycomb Tiles Scandinavian bathroom

7. Rain Shower

The attraction of your Scandinavian bathroom enhances with a rain shower reinforcing the Danish concept of hygge in your private space. The rain shower will have an amalgam of accessories for a great shower with benefits to enhance comfort and pleasure. In addition, the package will have a metal head shower for sustained rain spray during the bath.

Rain Shower Scandinavian bathroom

8. Gray Subway Tile

As part of the bathroom wall decor, the Scandinavian bathroom will look incomplete without gray subway tiling. Scandinavians are known to love the gray color. Subway tiles are small format ceramic tiles used in the bathroom, kitchen, and other decoration-based applications. You get a wide range of subway tiles to choose from.

Gray Subway Tile Scandinavian bathroom

9. Wood Vanity

Wood vanities are very common in the Scandinavian bathroom style. For choosing solid wood bathroom vanities, you can choose the base color from an array of options to ensure durability. The most popular solid wood types of building bathroom vanity include Cherry, Maple, Ash, Oak, Birch, Beach, and Hickory.

Wood Vanity Scandinavian bathroom

10. Green Plants

Many bathroom styles, including the Scandinavian bathroom, keep lush greenery inside to spruce up the decor with a live element. In choosing the plant, you have an immense choice. Factors like low light, warm temperature, and high humidity are to be considered when choosing houseplants. Because of space constraints, tall flora will not be a good idea. So, opt for plants hanging from the ceiling or trailing down from a shelf.

Green Plants Scandinavian bathroom

11. Clean Lines in Scandinavian Bathroom Decor

A Scandinavian bathroom is noted for minimalist features in terms of neutral colors, including clean lines and bare walls. A lightbox in the shower ceiling will be a good aesthetic and will be an excellent tool for efficient lighting. You can keep the light source away with a black-framed glass divider to keep it unhindered by the wet section.

Clean Lines in Scandinavian Bathroom Decor

12. Beige Bathrobe

In a Scandinavian bathroom, you will love to wear a versatile super comfortable bathrobe that works as a good absorbent. Among the shades, a beige bathrobe is very popular. You can have custom-made robes with armholes in single pieces or pairs. You get long gowns or knee-length types from brands like Etofli, Secret Wish, Trendy Mart, Elevator, and Hulex.

Beige Bathrobe Scandinavian bathroom

13. Classic Color Palette

When you want to try a black-and-white color scheme in your Scandinavian bathroom, black shade often goes to the walls and ceiling in terms of tile and Hardware. However, the contrast between black and white will be astounding, gorgeous, and neutral. In addition, there are many options for mixing and matching for a black-and-white classic color palette.

Classic Color Palette Scandinavian bathroom

14. Earthy Tones

The Scandinavian bathroom can be made your platform to join the back-to-nature paradigm. The environment-friendly bathroom with an earth tone will also inspire your junior generations, like kids and teens. Earth tones will keep the bathroom area balanced and humble despite pricey accessories. You can achieve earth tones with wood furnishing, brown wall painting, and marble applications.

Earthy Tones Scandinavian bathroom

15. Warm Lighting

You can enhance the comfort of your Scandinavian bathroom with ambient lighting. The important consideration is that the lighting fixture must provide ample brightness and a soothing atmosphere with the right color temperature. Planned cozy lighting and warmth will make the bathroom a relaxing place. The lighting should help with the best task lighting for showering, makeup, and grooming without heating up the space.

Warm Lighting Scandinavian bathroom

16. Moody Photography Display as Bathroom Decor

In the Scandinavian bathroom, you are at liberty to add moody photography to set in a thoughtful atmosphere. Photos with deep shadows and vibrant accents can be fine. They carry more punch when in black and white showcasing deep shadows and strong contrasts. Moody photography helps connect the viewer and the unique message.

Moody Photography Display as Bathroom Decor

17. Mid-Century Wood Vanity in Scandinavian Bathroom

The mid-century furniture has a welcome space in any Scandinavian bathroom. This aspect is visible in the gorgeous mid-century wood vanity found in most Nordic bathrooms. The Nordic touch is also reinforced by the white tile plus black grout. The beauty of most mid-century modern bathroom vanity is that it fits well with most interior design styles. It has the twin touch of classic and minimalist designs with the flexibility to synchronize with your current or future interior designs.

Mid-Century Wood Vanity in Scandinavian Bathroom

18. Bold Black

Black grout is common in a modern Scandinavian bathroom, especially if there is a farmhouse quirk. The dark black grout next to the white subway tile is stunning and elevates the look of white tiles. If you want to go one step further, glass bubble pendant lights can add a much more modern appeal with a warm glow. Certainly, many aspects of a black bathroom are cool and dramatic.

Bold Black Scandinavian bathroom

19. Carpets for a Cozy Feel

The relaxed feel of the Scandinavian bathroom becomes all the more splendid when you spread durable bathroom carpets that erase humidity and moisture. These carpets are also stain-resistant as they are composed of materials like polypropylene. The decision to lay a bath carpet with a Scandi hallmark is practical and makes the comfort double up.

Carpets for a Cozy Feel Scandinavian bathroom

20. Pampas Grass Decor

Pampas grass is quite popular in Scandinavian bathroom design. They can be positioned in empty corners and counters in the bathroom. Pampas, known as Cortaderia Selloana, is an ornamental grass found in South America. The dried grass works as a great decorative element. The attractive decor element is best for bathrooms and living rooms as an alluring visual element in all interior spaces.

Pampas Grass Decor Scandinavian bathroom

21. Wood Panel Ceiling

Scandinavian bathroom interiors often impress with the cute wood panel ceiling and recessed shelving. You can also select the best ceiling bathroom spaces with priority in those woods that offer better resistance to humidity and moisture. Durable solid wood, oak, and teak resist shrinking, warping, and decaying in various environments. Teak is known for its natural anti-slip properties, and Cedar is also famous for its aroma.

Wood Panel Ceiling Scandinavian bathroom

22. Recessed Shelves in Scandinavian Bathrooms

You can use extra storage in a Scandinavian bathroom to build recessed bathroom shelves or create a wall niche between the studs. Recessed bathroom shelves give convenient storage without eating into the floor space. You can find the best location with a stud finder and have it normally centered over the vanity.

Recessed Shelves in Scandinavian Bathrooms

23. Round Vanity Mirror

The round bathroom mirror is common in most Scandinavian bathrooms. By placing a full mirror, you can enhance the look of the bathroom when it reflects its grandeur, and for you, it helps to check your full self after a sumptuous bath. If the mirror is smartly placed across the window, then a great view with natural light reflection of the bathroom during day time will also look nice.

Round Vanity Mirror Scandinavian bathroom

24. Bathroom Curtains

To perfects the Scandinavian bathroom experience, you must also get a perfect shower curtain. It can be in full polyester with options varying from smooth, drape vivid, or color print on the front with a white reverse side and stitched button holes. You can make the shower curtain the focal point of your bathroom as fascinating curtains rejuvenate your bath with their freshness and charming design.

Bathroom Curtains Scandinavian bathroom

What Drives Scandinavian Design and Its Huge Appeal?

At the core of the Scandinavian design is its craving for harmony with the external environment. As a result, the Nordic designs seek to complement good living by creating a simple ambiance, with zero tolerance for clutter and filling the space with natural but quality items.

The passion of Scandinavian design to usher in a calm, airy, light-filled home that will withstand the stress of modern life is a strong antithesis to modern-day consumerism. Scandinavian design, with its emphasis on minimalism, also insists on the use of sustainable materials which preserve the environment and strengthen the connection with nature. This philosophy of sustainability will continue to drive Scandinavian decor in bathrooms and other living spaces.

It is the versatility of Scandinavian design that makes it very endearing among all the modern contemporary styles. The unique convergence of clean lines, minimal aesthetics, and multi-functional elements also provide scope for self-expression, and it is winning millions of admirers and followers.

What Drives Scandinavian Design and Its Huge Appeal

The above discussion has offered you many insights and inspirational ideas on the merits of Scandinavian bathroom decor. So the aspiration to set up a similar bathroom in your home is understandable. For making a new Scandinavian bathroom or remodeling the existing one, you can use these ideas and make a decision.

There are also interior design consultants with expertise in bathroom remodeling whom you can turn to for some professional advice. Another source to tap expertise is interior and bathroom specialists with retail brands like Home Depot, who will be ready to offer conceptual and design guidance plus material resources to build your chic Nordic Scandinavian bathroom heralding a new lifestyle for you.

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