How to Design a Room with Traditional Glamour?

How to Design a Room with Traditional Glamour?

The 21st century that we live in is all about diversity in choices, owing to an impressive mix of different generations, from boomers to Gen Zs.

And this vibrant society means a myriad of personal choices.

One of such choices that humans make daily, or make with complete seriousness, is choosing their surrounding ambiance.

Which includes their home and, more precisely, their room.

Regarding room decor, some people prefer vibrant shades, some like minimalist designs, while others take inspiration from traditional and cultural hits, such as boho designs, classic stripes, florals, etc.

After all, classics are never out of style.

Are you someone who loves the traditional, old-school charm in your lifestyle?

If yes, here are some elegant traditional room decor ideas to ensure your design preference inspires others to flip some pages through history.

Understanding Traditional Style in Decor

Traditional style in decor is related to the calmness that comes with a stable and personalized space.

Traditional styles include classic elements that never go out of style and hold the warmth and charm of minimalism.

1. Wall Color

Soft gray wall color with a hint of blue undertones, adding a calming touch to the room.

People adored playing around with deep and light shades in their homes in the older times.

You could find rich hues of blues and greens complemented with lighter, neutral shades like ivory and beige for their room walls.

These colors created a sense of opulence while balancing it with warmth and minimalism. Hence, avoiding flashy is a good idea.

Or you can keep the whole decor in light shade and use accent colors.

Accents include the color of the cushions, carpets, wall trims, etc.

2. Patterns

Blue and white patterned wallpaper in a bathroom.

In the classic era, patterns were an important part of traditional home decor. Especially flora and polkas.

Now, this is completely to your taste. What do you prefer to add to your private space, but choosing one of the traditional patterns reflects your liking?

Another significant memory of traditional room decor is the layering of patterns.

It can seem tricky, but it can be one of the best decisions ever if you pull it off right.

For example, you can layer light stripes with bold florals or wavy patterns.

3. Furniture


Another important element of a glamorous traditional room is the furniture.

If you take inspiration from the classics, you will notice that the typical traditionally styled rooms consisted of big, ornate chairs and wooden furniture with intricate carvings that depicted the royal taste of homeowners.

You can pick from traditional timeless pieces such as Chesterfield sofas, classic leather couches, etc.

4. Abstract


After incorporating all the traditional elements, or at least the few classic ones.

Now, you must take a broad look and add modern, abstract decor elements to balance out any over-traditional designs to make your glam decor appear shabby.

Another way to ensure your room decor is balanced and not overdone is by playing around with the type of furniture and the fabric around it.

For instance, you can get a modern sofa set but use traditional cushions.

5. Fabric


This is one such aspect that many room decorators forget while considering elements for their homes.

Fabrics are required not only in bedsheets or pillow covers but even drapes, carpets, tablecloths, etc.

And while finalizing the fabric for your bedroom decor, make sure it matches the overall vibe of your room.

That means, if you are going for a royal, traditional room decor, you can pick fabrics like velvet and satin, while for subtle, minimalist room decor ideas, you should choose light fabrics such as cotton, fur, and so on

6. Mirror


This is one such traditional element that represents the classic age.

With the invention of camera phones, the importance of mirrors can hardly be found today, but even then, one gotta take mirror selfies right!

So, pick a classic piece of mirror that matches your decor vibe.

Also, you can use mirrors in decorative items such as chandeliers, vases, and so on, in case you don’t wish to incorporate a typical mirror in your decor idea.

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It’s rich, it’s suave, and it’s personal. That’s the thing about traditionally decorated interiors.

So, suppose you have truly decided to go for a cozy traditional bedroom decor this season.

In that case, these are a few of the best suggestions in the course, which hold traditional decor’s subtlety, class, and forever glam highlights.

Also, just a reminder, the most iconic thing about traditional room decor was that it did not copy anyone else.

Back then, people cherished their style and wanted a piece of their imagination in the places they lived.

So don’t forget to add your charm to your decor ideas.

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