Stunning Mid-Century Modern Tile Ideas

21 Fabulous Mid-Century Modern Tile Ideas for Your Home

Are you busy renovating your home? Have you decided on the architecture of your home, especially the kind of tiles you want to place? If you prefer the olden style, then you can look for the mid-century modern tile that would show great on your home. Mid-century tiles are generally geometric in shape and regularly patterned in teal, yellow, olive green, or white. They will look fabulous in a modern home, and you must decide where to install them.

21 Top Mid-Century Modern Tiles Ideas

1. Colored Geometric Bright

You can choose tiles that have a regular geometric shape and are brightly colored. These tiles can be an excellent match for your kitchen or your bathroom. You can collaborate with your kitchen cabinets or bathroom accessories if you choose it. Choose your cutlery and crockeries according to the theme of the tiles.

Having more bright colors would give your home a vibrant look. Anyways, you can prefer white countertops that can be easily cleaned. You will love this mid-century modern tile style.

Colored Geometric Bright

2. Small Square With Irregular Spots

Check this style, and it would be great for your kitchen. The light base small square tiles with a pop of bright color in irregular sequence can be a great inspiration. Make sure that the shade matches your natural wood-colored kitchen cabinets. You will love to be photographed with a great background.

Irregular designs and patterns are sometimes a great treat to the eyes.

Small Square With Irregular Spots tiles

3. Black And White Mosaic

This mosaic tile is ideal for bathrooms and reminds of a period. Make sure your bathroom has an abundance of white color, especially the walls. The black and white combination of mosaic tiles would look fabulous and bright. Match the door knobs and window frames for a fabulous look.

Mosaic tile originating from the mid-century extravaganza will win your heart and give your bathroom a chic finish.

black and white mosaic tiles

4. Regular Geometric-Shaped Blue Tiles

You can choose this type of navy blue for your kitchen. They will go well with white or light-colored cabinets. Navy blue is a royal color and can hide the dirt in your kitchen. In addition, it can be cleaned easily. You will love this excellent combination.

Navy blue is a royal color, and a combination with any other light shade can make your kitchen look bright.

Regular Geometric-Shaped Blue Tiles

5. Regular Geometric-Shaped, Bright Colored

This type of diamond-shaped bicolor tile is ideal for your kitchen. A combination of light and bright colors would look great; a photography session can prove the magnanimity of the chosen tiles.

You can preferably keep diamond-shaped inspired cups and saucers; these vintage ideas can motivate your creative ability.

Regular Geometric-Shaped, Bright Colored tiles

6. Dark-Colored Triangle Tiles

Any dark-colored tile will go well with light or wood-colored cabinets. Cleaning and maintaining the surface will be easier, comparatively. You can buy some crockery that goes well with the backdrop tiles. Finally, emphasize lighting the space for the ultimate elegant look.

Dark-Colored Triangle Tiles

7. Light Blue And Smart

The light blue colored tile appears to be smart and vivid. You can place this sort of tile in your kitchen. This goes well with dark brown-colored interiors. Orange-colored kitchen equipment would go well with the light blue-based tiles. Choose smart lighting along with this combination of tiles.

Light Blue And Smart tiles

8. Dark Brown Symmetrical

A dark brown colored symmetrical tile would go well with a kitchen with a light base. The asymmetrical tiles go well with copper color copper fixtures. Choose lights that go well with this combination of dark brown symmetrical tiles and asymmetrical.

Symmetrical tiles have their charm and look nice upon installation.

dark brown symmetrical tiles

9. Geometric-Shaped Puzzle Tiles

Have you ever seen tiles with irregular geometric shapes in the format of a puzzle? You can match the color of the tiles with the cabinet and the walls. Light or dark brown can be the most preferred color of décor.

Match with bathroom fittings and accessories of your choice. Add some green plants that can complement your décor.

Geometric-Shaped Puzzle Tiles

10. Light Blue Tiles

Tiles with shades of blue and a little dark with white borders would be suitable for your bathroom. Let the complementary color be white or any other light one. Steel-based fixtures or silver-color fittings would go well with the tiles.

The blue color proves to be soothing to the eyes.

Light Blue Tiles

11. Design Blue and White tiles

Dark blue and white mosaic tiles will look good on your walls. Choose the bathroom fittings accordingly and see that it complements the tiles. This vintage decor is fabulous, and your peers will appreciate your creative ability. In addition, the pattern of the tiles is interesting to look at. This type of mid-century modern tile idea could be alluring.

Design Blue and White tiles

12. Greenish Geometrical and Irregular Pattern

Light green or olive green can be the best color for your dream bathroom. The olive-colored greenish tiles would blend well with a white background. Your bathroom should be airy and have access to sunlight.

Irregular pattern designs have a charm of their own.

olive-colored greenish tiles

13. Reddish Hues With a White Background

Diamond-shaped reddish tiles with a pinkish combination can go well with a bathroom with a white background. Let the color of the bathroom cabinets be brown, as usual. See that the ventilation is perfectly maintained and the bathroom has enough sunlight.

The design might be a bit old-patterned, but it will give your bathroom a vibrant look. You will enjoy the vibrant color and a fabulous look.

Reddish Hues With a White Background tiles

14. Bluish and Greyish Tiles

You can go for this bluish-and-grey combination of tiles that would give your bathroom a vintage type of look. You can combine the tiles with white bathroom accessories and fittings. Use a white light for this type of bathroom preferentially so that the combination looks nice.

Bluish and Greyish Tiles

15. Pure White Tiles

Pure white tiles are the most basic type of décor for your bathrooms. This could be a good combination with olive green or steel grey color. The bluish-colored accessory will also prove good for this type of tile. With this combination, you have to choose a décor that looks neat and smart.
Pure White Tiles

16. Dark Green and Gorgeous

The dark green shade is extremely gorgeous and looks bright in a bathroom, especially when the rest of the cabinet is bearing a light color. You can buy lights matching the texture of the tiles. Marble floorings would look aesthetically okay, especially with the green tiles at the backdrop; they would look awesome.

Dark Green and Gorgeous tiles

17. Greyish and White Tiles

Greyish and white tiles would look fantastic and reflect a vintage style. Although to some, it might appear to be a dullish combination, but if you can choose steel color accessories, that would look nice. Steel or silver color cabinets and chairs would look nice with the combination of tiles.

Grey is not dull but a smart color when combined with other shades.

Greyish and White Tiles

18. Olive Green Tiles

You can choose olive green tiles for your bathroom. There is a patch of dark-shaded tiles; the combination is truly glamorous. Bathroom fittings could be made of steel and silver tone in color. It will be easy to clean and maintain the bathroom tiles. This color is much preferable to white tiles or any lighter shade.

Olive Green Tiles

19. Fiery Yellow and Brown Tiles

The combination of fiery yellow and brown is engrossing. You can apply this combination of tiles in your bathroom. Choose your bathroom fittings and accessories accordingly. The preferential color of ceramic bathroom ware can be pinkish or even off-white. These mid-century modern tiles will be the most preferred ones for a bright and smart kitchen.

If you like crimson hues, this combination will inspire you to buy bathroom accessories matching this shade.

Fiery Yellow and Brown Tiles

Greenish Tinge in White Tiles

You may buy tiles with a light greenish tinge. Again, this is a vintage style of tiling and would go well with dark green colored flooring in the bathrooms. You can prefer bathroom fixtures that can go well with the greenish tinge of tiles. A modern bathroom will look nice with this Victorian style of tiles.

Greenish Tinge in White Tiles

21. Chrome Yellow Tiles

Tiles having a chrome-yellow color would be preferred for the kitchen. This can go well with light pink-colored cabinets. You can even match it with light yellow color. The kitchen will look bright with this combination. Choosing the table top as white or any other color would be preferential.

Chrome Yellow Tiles

22. Black and White Mosaic Tiles

Black and white mosaic tiles are the most preferred for your kitchen. This mid-century style will win hearts and will go well with white-colored kitchen cabinets. A black top will be preferred and will go well with the kitchen.

Black and White Mosaic Tiles

Some Tips To Follow Before You Select Tiles for Your Home

Before going in deep with the tiling work of your kitchen and bathroom, there are some tips that you are required to follow. Make sure that you make a smart buy since tiles go for a lifetime.

Tile hardness

The hardness of the tile is the most crucial factor to consider before you finalize a buy. The hardness factor plays over how durable a tile could be as it bears everything, from spills, scratches, and even foot traffic. While you prefer tiles for the outdoors, hardness is an excellent factor.

Tile porosity

Moisture absorption of a tile is a significant factor. Having installed tiles with high porosity in bathrooms can make them moldy. Porous tile-like unglazed terracotta in the outdoor patio is lesser slippery. Prefer impervious tiles for use in wet areas.

Choosing the color

According to some studies, it’s revealed that color affects our mood. You may consider your existing water pallete for choosing the color of the tile. Choose a pastel color for a smaller bathroom to make it feel spacious. A backsplash of brown and neutrals will attach an earthy feel to the farmhouse kitchen. Don’t scare away from playing with trendy colors.

Choosing the right material for tiles

You might come across a few common types of material like –Quarry tile, natural stone, glass, cork, or wood. In addition, you might get DIY stick vinyl tiles. Some natural stone tiles like granite and marble are the most expensive options. Ceramic and porcelain tiles come in various sizes, shapes, and finishes. You may prefer it according to your budget.

Right pattern and texture

Pattern and texture can make a difference to a drab room. You may consider a patterned kitchen tile with a block-colored backsplash. While artist-made tiles are ideal for your backsplash, tiles embossed with animal prints are preferred for the child’s room. In addition, patterned tiles are more expensive compared to their plainer cousins.

Places the tiles will go

You have to consider the shape and size of the room where the tiles would be installed. Smaller rooms with light-colored tiles appear to have a bigger space. Glazed slippery tiles might feel slippery, so using unglazed ones creates a soft and satin-like aesthetic.

The maintenance factor

Tiles must be maintained, depending on their texture. A highly embossed tile having a rough coating will catch dirt, so you better avoid them in the kitchen. Tiles that are installed in the backyard will have to undergo extreme weather. Tiles with embossing would collect dirt, so choose them according to purpose.

Working within the budget

When you accomplish work within a specific budget, you must choose tiles that support it.

Tiles made from synthetic materials are cheaper compared to those that are handcrafted. If you want to save your budget, work with ceramic tiles. Luxury living may prefer handmade tiles that look alluring in any place.

Choosing tiles must be done categorically. First, you have to decide the place of installation, like whether it is a bathroom or a kitchen preferably. Selecting the color is also significant; you need to determine the theme of your bathroom or kitchen. A rightly matched mid-century modern tile will complement your home. You can look for other styles, too, apart from the top 21 varieties of tiles discussed here.

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