How to Decorate a Teenage Girl's Bedroom?

How to Decorate a Teenage Girl’s Bedroom?

Instagram is swollen with glam bedroom decor ideas, but have they caught your attention yet?

Sweet sixteen, or the entire teenage period, is the golden time to dream, and when you get a space like that, dreams and aspirations hit the bars.

Gone are the days when Barbies and Pinks complimented a girl’s choice. Wonder Woman and Blacks have dominated the youngster’s choice list.

A bedroom is not only the place to relax, but the color codings, the artifacts, the interior, and every bit of it must be designed for comfort and, at the very moment, spark something intriguing.

Girls can be picky, but so are we! So, why waste time when we can immediately list the best room decor ideas for teenage girls? Hold on tight, and let’s dive down below!

How can we Make a Girl’s Bedroom Picture-Perfect?

How can we Make a Girl’s Bedroom Picture-Perfect? .jpg

Decorating a room alone can be tricky, but your baby girl will love your efforts if you have that creative itch.

Don’t rely on a designer’s help; get in your creative goes now!

Here is the blueprint for turning the bedroom into an epitome of aestheticism.

1. Get Inspiration: Copying must never be your style, but getting ideas is never wrong. Go through your Pinterest and dig up your Instagram. Decide a theme and stick to that to the core.

2. Decorate the Floors and Walls: While plain walls and floors have a more mature accent, try decorating them for a dreamy and glamorous room. Photo frames, flower vases, wall stickers, colorful foot mats, etc will come to your rescue.

3. Dress up the Furniture: Plain furniture is so outdated, no matter how appealing its wood texture is. Cushion up, spread table clothes, rug up the floor, and wah-lah! It’s 80% done.

4. Sheet Up the Space:  The glow of the entire room can fade away only if you don’t color coordinate and spread an old, discolored sheet to save a few bucks. Loosen up the purse strings, and get good bedsheets, bed covers, pillow covers, made-to-measure curtains, and draperies for the accent and highlight of a room, which are embedded in the quality of the fabric used.

What are Some of the Best Ideas for a Glam Teenage Girl’s Room?

Before you delve into the ideas, dig out the choice and passion of your teenager.

See if she is the PINK type, or the subtle grey personality, or if bold and beautiful is her type.

You can pick out our best ideas based on her choice and preference!

1. Head Board or Mood Board, or both?

Head Board or Mood Board, or both? .jpg

The headboards pretty much speak everything about a room. If geometrical is your theme, you can go for triangular headboards, or if softness is your pick, subtle ovals may suit you well.

However, the new generation gets crazy over mood boards. They can be both artistic and add an accent to the room.

Pinterest out the mood board, select your girl’s top interests, and get it framed in a huge size. It will go next to that pretty antique flower vase you ordered online.

2. Bold and Beautiful or Bright and Buzzing?

Bold and Beautiful or Bright and Buzzing?

Red lipstick can be a teenager’s go-to shade, and well, if bold and beautiful is your pick, don’t refrain from getting bright bedsheets for the young lady.

The wall color can coordinate with the choice of your bedsheet, and curtains can be in contrasting colors to add details.

You must be very selective with the decor, though! Black generally goes with everything; a hint of gold in gorgeous frames can do just fine.

Add night-glow wall stickers with neon glow lights for the buzzing feel, and posters can never go wrong in an accented room!

Ah! And don’t forget, a huge round mirror for girls who love to see themselves.

3. Cool Coastal or Cream and Cozy?

Cool Coastal or Cream and Cozy?

If your girl is a more calm and quotient kind of a person, then the breezy coastal interior is so meant for her. However, blues do get boring after a while. So, here comes the trick.

Pick the coastal theme and pair it with comfort and cream color. Beige or light pastels would work, too.

Plain cream walls, shelves decorated with beads and shells, turquoise and blue drapes, artifacts and vases made of stones and pebbles, an evil eye prop hanging in the corner, furry cream rug on the white marble floor, artificial fern in marble pots will do what huge designers get paid for.

4. Fangirl or Fashion Freak?

Fangirl or Fashion Freak?

Teenage can be divided into two verticals: the high-spirited craze of someone special or the over-ambitious spirit that goes beyond the world!

Why not do something that takes your girl to the road ahead? If she is a fangirl, pop music or jazz might be her pick, or maybe Beyonce or Selena Gomez!

Whoever it may be, her room should reflect it. Huge posters, shelved music CDs, a vintage-looking radio, and a rustic feel with brass artifacts can spirit up the young lady’s room.

Or, if she is more ambitious, then give her the wind. Say, fashion is instilled in her core, so put in a black mannequin on the side, a soft board to pin up her favorite designs, a huge round mirror, fashion magazines and catalogs shelved up, a huge wardrobe for her many collections, and props made of inch tapes, photographs, etc will be cherry on top!

5. Comfort and Closets, or Props and Picks?

Comfort and Closets, or Props and Picks?

A teenager’s room must reflect her spirit, but as an adult, taking care of what goes on in the long run must be your duty.

If you ask a girl of that age, props, decors, and picks must be on her list, but a room is built just once. So, the choice must be wise.

It is always about being efficient; therefore, don’t forget to add as much cupboard and closet space as possible.

Whether the room is small or huge, much closet space is still too small. Apart from the bed, don’t forget to add desks and shelves on the sides.

A study table is necessary, and furniture like a side table and a sofa must be picked.

Always remember, the show is for a day or two, but comfort is there to stay! So, always strive for comfort, ease, and a home feel.

Final Thoughts

Your room defines who you are. No matter how beautifully you decorate it, maintaining it is always necessary. All you can do is plan and plan the road.

Ideas are never limited. From adding canopies to extra bedding for friendly night stays, options can go on and on.

We have listed the best and the most economical ideas, and following them, you can master interior decoration without fail.

Be vigilant, be efficient, check your pocket size, and let the creativity flow for all we know. You will have the best with our tips and tricks and your innovative spirit!

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