How to Make Your Table Look Expensive?

How to Make Your Table Look Expensive?

A table is an important piece of furniture you add to your home. It is usually seen in the living room, dining room, and the bedroom.

However, adding a table may not be enough sometimes. It also requires a proper decoration and styling process. If you decorate your table perfectly, you can establish a positive impression on your guests.

If you visit a restaurant or five-star hotel, you can observe how beautifully they are decorated. Even in a wedding ceremony, a boho dining table is furnished with floral arrangements and well-designed covers. You can follow the same procedure to create a similar vibe.

Furnish your dining table with an innovative decorative approach. After that, you can enjoy your meal in a lively manner.

In this blog, you’ll acknowledge a few of the best steps to make your table look expensive.

Best Ideas to Make Your Table Look Expensive

1. Lighting Features

Lighting Features

Perfect lighting is probably the most important element when decorating your table. Adequate lighting features can assist you in making your table look expensive. You can buy hanging LED lights, pendant lights, or ceiling LED lights to brighten your table.

Apart from that, you can also buy a chandelier to make it more innovative. It may furnish your table and the area with a stunning bright glaze.

2. Decorate Your Wall


If you want to increase the glow of your table, then work on your wall as well. Add a perfect shade of color that matches the vibe of your table. And if your table is brown, add a shade of brown or a similar color on your wall.

You can also add a perfect shade of wallpaper to make it more authentic. A beautiful wallpaper can create a mesmerizing view.

3. Work on Your Table Mold


If you want your table to look expensive, work on its mold. Add a decorative or well-designed mold. Apart from that, you can use your DIY or painting skills to give your table a sophisticated look.

If you can’t do it alone, calling a professional is better. Bring proper plywood and decorate it with sandpaper, primer, and other elements.

4. Add Eye-Catching Linens


Linens are the essential elements that you add to your table. It includes cups, saucers, plates, glasses, napkins, etc. Bring a well-designed fabric napkin and a tablecloth to cover your table.

Bring luxurious glasses and plates to make it look astonishing. It might help you in establishing a positive impression on your guest. Add golden or silver spoons and forks to boost the decoration.

5. Bring a Rug


A rug is like a carpet and has enormous benefits if you add it to your dining area. Then set your table on it. Ensure the rug is well-designed and has unique patterns to maintain a luxurious vibe.

A rug may protect your floor and also make your feet comfortable. A perfect rug can enhance the beauty of your table in a lively manner.

6. Add Artworks


Every area of your room needs art. However, an authentic piece of art can bring a luxurious vibe to your home. The same goes for your dining area or living room.

Adding art to your dining room or living room table is a bonus. You can make your table look more expensive. You can put an art portrait or multiple on your wall.

7. Floral Arrangements


There’s nothing more creative than adding a flowering pot or floral arrangements to your table. You may observe floral arrangements on the table if you visit any five-star or seven-star hotels.

In a wedding ceremony, you might also observe the same. Thus, adding a few floral pots can give your table a delightful look. Floral arrangements are an inexpensive adaptation that makes your table look expensive.

8. Choose the Perfect Seating or Chairs

Choose the Perfect Seating or Chairs

Setting up a seating area is important for the table. Add armchairs, big couches, or a bench before your living room table. For the dining room table, add well-designed chairs.

It includes ghost chairs, cross-back chairs, tufted chairs, ladder-back, wingback, and others. Buy a chair that looks authentic and matches the vibe of your table. If you have a long table, add a side bench with chairs.

9. Work on Your Interiors

Work on Your Interiors

Interior design lightens up the area of any of your rooms. So, work on your interiors to give your table an expensive look. If you set up your living room or dining room table near the window, work on the curtains and ceilings.

Add hanging lights or a chandelier to brighten up the space. Choose the perfect color scheme with flooring ideas and a suitable layout.

10. Add a Mirror


Have you ever thought of adding a mirror in front of your table? It’s as innovative as adding a piece of art. If you don’t want to add artwork, you can try adding a mirror.

A mirror may reflect the lighting and interior and brighten up your table. In other words, it will furnish your table with a vibrant look. You can add both artwork and mirror to convey an elegant vibe.

Summing It Up

A table is a brilliant attraction in any home. It’s an essential piece of furniture in any corner of your room. It includes a dining room, living room, or any other area. Like your room, your table also needs decoration to convey an aesthetic vibe.

You can choose the perfect wall patterns and interiors. Besides these, choose a well-designed table mold and linens. The more creativity you unleash, the more you can give your table an eye-catching look.

Later, it can assist you in establishing a supreme impression on your guests. You can also make floral arrangements and add artwork or a mirror on the wall.

Which ideas do you recommend the most? Let us know in the comments.

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