English Country Living Room Ideas to Win Your Heart

15 English Country Living Room Ideas to Win Your Heart

English country living rooms are stunningly beautiful. Each of these living rooms is unique and special in its way, but they all have one thing in common – they maintain the legacy and charm of England.

You’ll be able to learn about the history of English country living rooms, their unique design features, and how to incorporate them into your own home.

We have highlighted 15 such designs of English country living rooms emphasizing furniture, decorations, and accessories that you can incorporate for that ideal look.

No matter your style, there’s something for everyone.

Let’s get started.

Cottage Living Room Ideas for Inspiration

1. The Curved Sofa and Tub Chair Style

This English cottage living room has a curved sofa with a tub chair. The sofa is covered with scarlet carriage cloth. There is a white whatnot and a knitted pattern chair. The whatnot carries pieces of decorated books and is topped by fiberglass coral. You will get a triangular box seat that is Swedish antique. You may keep a carpet that would complement the antique look of the sofa.

The Curved Sofa and Tub Chair Style

2. Corduroy Sofa with a Mattress

This is a pretty interior designed by Victoria Barker, and the front door leads to the sitting room. The ceiling and the original beams are painted to help bounce light through the room. The timber over Inglewood shows a heavy burn mark and is painted as the setting plaster; this imparts a different look altogether. The sofa’s upholstery can be a sage corduroy, and let there be a mattress with a quilted look. This enhances the look of the English-style living room. The armchair is covered with original chintz fabric.

Corduroy Sofa with a Mattress

3. The 17th-Century look

The light decorating touch makes the living room look like a 17th-century one.The main sitting room is painted in parma grey, and there is a Kabarak sand-like wallpaper behind the bookshelves. The walls of the living room are painted blue to make a background for the 1901 Challen grand piano resting at the backdrop of the bay window.

The 17th-Century look

4. Reclaimed Oak Beam Panel with Armchair

This living room design has a reclaimed oak beam and armchair that lays with elegance and houses a bookstore above. The narrative of this room is like an Art and Crafts extension. There is an armchair that represents the rocking bird type. The color combination is light blue and red, vibrant yet looks elegant.

Reclaimed Oak Beam Panel with Armchair

5. The Cozy Fireplace

This living room has a cozy fireplace, a characteristic feature of the English living room, and an armrest sofa having a quilted cushion. Paintings adorn the mid-century look of the living room. There is a carpet having a rug-like appearance. Keep a knitted basket that enhances the look of the room. The wall is painted neutral, and the original ceiling beams restore the 17th-century look.

The Cozy Fireplace

6. Floral Sofa Cover with Bookshelf at The Back

This living room is another imagination and recreation of a 17th-century cottage. The armchair is made from wood, and the sofa set is a perfectly done medieval-century model fully skirted. The book rack at the back looks attractive, and you can choose wooden stools for keeping your table lamp. Keeping a blue-colored rug on the floor for decoration makes it beautiful. Keep the living room’s skirting color in a combination of pink and blue.

Floral Sofa Cover with Bookshelf at The Back

7. Thatched Cottage Rustic Style

This image reflects a rustic style with a wooden house and a window with a glass pane. The chair is a knitted L-type version, kept in the living room. There is a bookrack at the back, and the floor adorns a wooden plank style. The ceiling is also made from a wooden plank, and a knitted basket is placed in one corner of the room.

Thatched Cottage Rustic Style

8. Sofa with Fleece

Your English-style living room can have a fleece sofa and a patterned wall. There is a fireplace, and this is a cozy corner of the room. A mirror finds its place in the living room. You can place a farmhouse-style wooden center table. The wooden wall displays pictures with frames. The carpet is patterned and gives a great chic look. The elegance of the living room lies in the wooden floor and walls. With the fireplace, this looks unbeatable!

Sofa with Fleece

9. Traditional Welsh Home

In the case of a traditional Welsh home, you may find a fireplace and a living room with some mid-century furniture. Along with the fireplace, there can be some wooden tables. You can choose a pattern-printed carpet for the floor. You can take some cushions for the sofa. Some paintings will do justice to the walls.

Traditional Welsh Home

10. Wooden Ceiling and Floor

This English living room will be the most popular concept if you implement some of it. There are wooden bars over the ceiling as well as wooden floors. You can keep sofa seating arrangements like sofa sets and armchairs. Let there be some furniture made from cane and wood. You can hang some showpieces; that will cast a magical spell over the house’s entire look.

Wooden Ceiling and Floor

11. Comfortable Sofa and Serene Look

Sofas look great with a floral print cover. The armchair looks good in a light stripe print that is displayed here. Let the walls be of neutral color and hang some pictures in eth room. You may frame the images by selecting the most suitable colors. You may have a wooden chest of drawers kept in your living room. Let the room be carpeted all over. The overall look of the room is cozy and comfortable.

Comfortable Sofa and Serene Look

12. Exposed Wood Beam Ceiling

This beautiful mid-century English living room is mesmerizing. You take a peek into the intricate details, like the bookrack at its back and the furniture in the living room. There is a sofa having a cushioned kind of mattress. Keeping some greens in the living room will bring grace. Enhance the look of your home with a mirror and hanging lighting system.

Exposed Wood Beam Ceiling

13. Layering Décor

The core design here is based on the layering concept. The living room here has supporting beams to the ceiling, which supports the structure. A fireplace and some picture frames are placed just above it for convenience. The room looks nice with broad windows and curtains. You may choose floral sofa covers for the best look. Apply a carpet on the floor and make a fantastic color combination to look the best.

Layering Décor

14. Striped Furniture and Colorful Palette

Look at this beautiful living room; the sofa set and sitting arrangements will mesmerize your peers. Choose light-colored stripe fabrics for your sofa. Let the curtains be floral and cover the room with a carpet. Let the rug be dark colored, which will complement the house’s entire look. Choose a neutral or light-colored paint for the walls.

Striped Furniture and Colorful Palette

15. Displaying 17th-Century Wallpaper

The Wallpaper used in the case of a traditional English type of living room reflects a mid-century style. The armchairs can be light orange and complement the room’s carpet. Choose some antique furniture made from teak wood and a center table having a wooden pedestal. A wall cabinet made from good wood will adorn the living room’s look. Keep a mirror in the room that will enhance the traditional flavor of the room.

Displaying 17th-Century Wallpaper

Tips for Creating a Traditional English Living Room Décor

  1. Making a Statement with Wallpaper: You may create a feature wall with an intricate and eye-catching design. Then, you may select the design from a set of wallpapers and complement the feature wall with simple and traditional wall paint. For example, you may prefer sticky magnolia, duck egg blues, and pale greens.
  2. Incorporating Antiques: A British-style living room is incomplete without an antique in the collection. Imagine an old typewriter, telephone, and globes brought for your décor in the living room; it would look like they are brought down from generations. Try incorporating a bookshelf filled with second-hand books, photographs, and old art books. Buy antique pieces from special shops and place them in your living room; it will surely spell a cast.
  3. Showing Off Period Features: If you have original floorboards to show, please bring them to the living room and follow DIY methods for renovation. The traditional English living room décor has an original fireplace, and you can even consider the imitation version to be fitted. You may consider tailoring the details to suit your room.
  4. Opting for Classic Furniture Styles: You may opt for classic furniture styles like the chesterfield sofa and the classic leather style. You may consider choosing sofas and armchairs in different finishes. Coordinating fabrics would be fantastic and will maintain an eclectic effect.
  5. Picking Traditional Soft Furnishing: Soft furnishing would be the finishing touch, so you must choose accordingly. While picking cushions and pillows, you may look for floral prints, damasks, and heavy embroidery. A true English-style living room would feature curtains instead of blinds.
  6. Using a Combination of Ceiling Decors and Lamps: Lighting in the lounge should be bold but not too bright. To create a cozy atmosphere in the bright evenings, you must utilize the fire’s orange-yellow glow and modern lighting solutions like spotlights. You may place a chandelier style of light surrounded by crown molding. You may choose some antique lamps and can put them on the tables strategically. You can use ornate lampshades, and they will reflect the colors and overall theme for the rest of your room. Keep a central dimmer that allows you to adjust the operation.

English Living Room Is Elegant

You will indeed be inspired by these English cottage living rooms and have an idea about how to furnish them. Well, incorporating some elements could be a great idea.

Choose furniture, use lamps, and ceiling decors, and pick antiques to make your living room cozy. English-style living rooms retain their charm and make a statement of interior décor.

With some research, you can select some designs, and you will understand the elements to incorporate to get a perfect English living room style.

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