How to Maintain and Clean Boho Furniture

How to Maintain and Clean Boho Furniture?

Do you have boho furniture at home? Unsure of how to clean and maintain it? Well, here is a comprehensive guide on clean boho furniture for its longer life.

Boho furniture is full of art and a carefree look. Cleaning these furniture items is essential to retain their beauty. There are several patterns, materials, and textures in it. Thus, it becomes difficult to clean them as different materials may require different cleaning procedures. However, it is not as tedious as it seems! Some basic cleaning methods remain the same for all sorts of boho furniture, be it a wooden table or macrame wall hanging. So, let’s go in-depth on finding out how to maintain boho furniture in the best way possible!

1. Keep Dusting Frequently

Keep Dusting Frequently

Since boho furniture is mostly of a vintage kind, it is necessary to keep its color and quality intact. An easy way to do so is to keep dusting it often. Establish a schedule for dusting your furniture’s surfaces at least thrice a week to get rid of the dust and mites.

You can use a soft cotton cloth or a microfiber duster. However, make sure that the cloth you use is lint-free to avoid any scratches. Pay close attention to the elaborate carvings, ornamental accents, and weaving textures as more dust accumulates in those areas.

2. Vacuuming the Upholstery

Vacuuming the Upholstery

Comfortable seating is the essence of a boho-inspired home. Thus, you should keep it clean to keep that comfort intact. Guests should feel relaxed and cozy in those seating areas. For this, vacuum the upholstery once a month. Cushions, chairs, couches, or even floor seatings, for that matter.

Utilize a brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to gently remove dirt and debris from the upholstery. By doing this, particles are kept from being embedded in the fabric, which might cause premature wear and discoloration.

3. Spot Cleaning

 Spot Cleaning

Accidental spills can happen everywhere, especially on a cloth surface – the stain can spoil it completely. Thus, prompt action should be taken so that no stain is left. Since boho furniture is generally light in color, quick actions must be taken.

In case of a spill, blot the area right away with a fresh, absorbent cloth. Rub the spill gently, or else it will spread. You can also use a mild detergent diluted in water to scrub the spot. If the stain is intense, it is better to call a professional and get it cleaned immediately.

4. Extra Care for Natural Wood

Extra Care for Natural Wood

The use of natural wood is maximum in boho furniture. And something organic is subject to more danger. So, avoid exposing these furniture items to direct sunlight to preserve their appeal and color. Excessive sunlight can fade the product.

Moist wipe the surface with great care as more water might lead to wood swelling. Consider using a small quantity of furniture wax or polish if the wood seems to be losing its natural luster.

5. Maintaining Rattan and Wicker

Maintaining Rattan and Wicker

The use of rattan baskets and wicker chairs enhances Boho design. But to clean them is quite a challenge! Since dust may accumulate in small knots of rattan and wicker, you must use a delicate brush to remove it.

Cleanse the surface by dipping a delicate cloth into the solution of water and lighter detergent. It will ensure a deeper clean. However, take care not to overwet the fabric as moisture will damage the fibers.

6. Cleaning Leather

Cleaning Leather

Boho furniture is always in trend since it is made of leather. Wipe it down frequently with a clean, damp cloth to keep its supple texture and shiny look. Keep leather away from heat sources and direct sunshine to prevent drying and cracking. Treat the leather every few months using a conditioner to hydrate it and lengthen its life.

7. Pillow Strength

Pillow Strength

An abundance of throw pillows and cushions is a defining feature of boho design. Keep in mind to fluff and flip these pillows often to spread wear equally. If the pillow coverings are detachable, see the care instructions for the correct machine washing or spot cleaning procedures.

8. Skill with Sun and Fabric

Skill with Sun and Fabric

Boho design places a lot of focus on vibrant materials. Therefore, it is important to protect your furniture from direct sunlight. Utilize sheer shades or drapes to disperse and filter sunlight. It will prevent the fading of colorful textiles over time.

9. Avoid Harsh Cleaners

Avoid Harsh Cleaners

Light detergent is the best when it comes to cleaning boho furniture. Harsh chemicals might spoil the surface of items. Either the color could fade, the finish could go bad, or scratches may appear. So, be wise and avoid the use of harsh chemicals.

10. Expert Care

 Expert Care

If cleaning goes beyond your capacity, it is an excellent idea to call an expert. Anyways, annual deep cleaning from a professional is recommended for all houses. They have efficient tools and skills that will restore your furniture’s beauty while keeping it long-lasting.


You can keep the boho furniture lovely and inviting by following the instructions given above. Your boho object’s charm and individuality will be preserved with regular upkeep and mild washing.

Embrace the boho aesthetic in both design and furniture and the way you care for it. If you know more tips for cleaning boho furniture, Share them with us in the comment box below.

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