How to Style a Dark Green Bathroom

How to Style a Dark Green Bathroom?

Every space of your house plays a different and major role in boosting the overall aesthetics. And the bathroom is one of those spaces. Not only is it quite a relevant area for aesthetics, but it is the space where you freshen up, do your self-care routine, and many more things, making the area quite functional and important.

So when we know the functionality of this area, it makes it more significant to carefully look into their design and aesthetics. Dark green bathrooms have been in trend these days. They are quite popular because they offer a natural, calm look, which a lot of people prefer for their bathrooms. Now, after you choose a dark green for your bathrooms, you may wonder how to style it correctly.

This article helps you with the same. We have honed down some of the most creative ways to style and beautify your dark green bathrooms.

1. Go All out With All Green

Go All out With All Green

The bathroom is an independent space allowing one to experiment with all they want. If you’re someone fascinated with bold designs, then going all green for bathroom aesthetics can really be a great idea.

Getting the bathroom designed in all green will not help create a monochromatic theme but will also help the space look more intimate and cozy. Additionally, adding greens on walls, floors, as well as ceilings can be a great way to make the place look more luxurious.

One can also look for bathroom accessories like a bathtub, basin, and more of the same color or a contrasting shade.

2. Mix and Match for Depth

Mix and Match for Depth

Using contrast in your dark green bathroom is one of the easiest and most effective ways to add some drama to the space.

Going yellow with dark green, getting your walls white and floors green, or bathrooms in pink and green shades are getting quite popular these days. They look chic and funky.

Additionally, if one doesn’t want to go too vibrant with the shades, consider adding fixtures in golden or black hues to give a sophisticated and classy look. These are the safest yet classic contrasts to play with.

3. Indoor Plants for A Lively Look

Indoor Plants for A Lively Look

Indoor plants are one such element that can be used to decorate any space in your house. They are natural and, thus, can make any space look more calm and lively, and the bathroom is no different.

Especially when it comes to dark green bathrooms, they go quite well with indoor plants. However, it is important to position them correctly to reflect maximum style.

One can put plants like aloe vera, bamboo, and more on bathroom cabinets, slabs, and other places. Ferns and garlands can be hung around areas like bathroom mirrors, frames, and so on.

4. Wallpapers for Easy Transformation

Wallpapers for Easy Transformation

Wallpapers can be one of the best and great options to quickly transform your dark green bathroom in a modern and quirky way.

They can help you add a bunch of other colors and, thus, more depth and texture to the space. One can go for a shiny or a matt finish wallpaper following their convenience.

The shade of wallpaper also depends on the bathroom’s theme. For something subtle, go with normal dark green wallpapers. Alternatively, if you want it to be more dramatic, consider going with wallpapers designed in zig zags, striped, or chequered patterns.

5. Add Different Shades of Green

Add Different Shades of Green

There is no denying that adding a contrasting shade of lighter colors like grey or white to your dark green bathroom is a great idea. But what if someone tells you that it is possible to play with different shades or colors even while remaining in the spectrum of green? Yes, you heard it right.

Consider adding different shades of green like emerald, neon, safe green, and much more to your bathroom. This can give the bathroom a catchy and unique look.

One can consider getting one wall or ceiling painted in these colors. For a more suitable look, you can go for bathroom essentials like bathtubs, fixtures, cabinets, and so on of different greens.

6. Go for Wainscoting

 Go for Wainscoting

Paneling walls have been quite a classic and effective idea to make any area look more sophisticated and luxurious, and bathrooms are no exception.

Contrasting to the view that wall paneling is a traditional design, it still has been the absolute favorite of home decor enthusiasts. Getting your dark green bathroom paneled can make it more durable and stylish.

One can also consider adding wall art, frames, oversized artworks, and other art pieces to these wainscoted walls to make them look more appealing.


The bathroom is a space of self-care and feeling fresh, and adding green shades to it can be a great way to bring the same vibe.

Dark green bathrooms are in trend, and why not? They look amazing and are pleasant to our eyes. Additionally, they also make the space look more earthy and comfortable.

Furthermore, to add more drama and depth to your dark green bathrooms, one can add wallpapers, contrasts, artwork, beautiful bathroom essentials, and so on. These can quickly elevate the look of bathrooms.

In this article, we have talked about 6 such amazing ways to help you accentuate the beauty and aesthetics of your bathroom. We hope you have a fun time reading this. Also, comment below and let us know which idea inspired you the most. And if you’re planning to use them?

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