Best French Country Dining Tables

21 Stunning French Country Dining Tables for Your Home

Are you looking for some elegant French country tables for your home? Don’t know how to go about finding the best country table? Then, check out this article to learn more!

Choosing the right dining table is an important decision you will have to make while building or renovating your home. It is where you will serve your family meals, celebrate important occasions, and may even have guests over for lunch or dinner. A beautiful dining room adds to the potential happy memories you are about to create with the people you love.

Find the perfect addition to a French country-style dining table for your dining space below:

1. Solid Pine Wood Pedestal Dining Table

solid pine pedestal dining table

The solid pine dining table is crafted from plantation-grown, good-quality pine wood. The extracted wood is carved by hand into an antique finish, contributing to its charm. The base has hand-distressed details, which reflect beautiful craftsmanship. This pedestal dining table is made from pine wood and filled with artisanal features that make it look elegant. These French tables are available in various colors, shades, and finishes.

2. Ceylon Whitewash Dining Table

ceylon whitewash dining table

The Ceylon whitewash dining table evokes aristocratic French style. It features a subtly slatted upper surface with mitered corners and a waterfall edge, as well as pretty baluster legs. Such French country tables are usually made from eucalyptus wood. This wood is renowned for resisting extreme weather conditions and harmful insects. In addition, many great artisans vouch for the durability of the wood from which such tables are built.

3. Harvest Dining Table

harvest dining table

A harvest dining table can be a good choice if you are looking for a French-built country-style table to accommodate a bounty of platters and bowls. You can enjoy your holiday celebrations or Sunday special suppers with this fantastic wooden table at the center. The hand-finished surface on this table gives it a raw and rusty look. It has massive legs with adjustable levers to keep it balanced on uneven flooring or rough surfaces.

4. Whitewashed Wood Harp Legged Dining Table

Whitewashed Wood Harp Legged Dining Table

The whitewashed wood harp-legged dining table accounts for exclusive shapes. It features elegant harp-shaped legs with a wire-brushed finish. Crafted out of mango wood, this country-themed table provides a gentle touch to your dining room. Its unique finish makes it an exclusive product all over the world today.

5. Round Pedestal Dining Table

round pedestal dining table

The pedestal dining table, made from classic wood (as the name already suggests), is characterized by an intricate pedestal base with a smoky walnut table finish. It carries a traditional design that may turn out to be an ideal match with the interiors of your home. Overall, it gives a rustic look to your dining space.

6. Butterfly Leaf Trestle Dining Table

butterfly leaf trestle dining table

The trestle dining table features antique brass hardware along with a pewter overlay. It is made of solid pine wood. The table is crafted to perfectly hold rambling school crafts, amateur fits of baking bread, or the holiday assemblage while maintaining its pristine demeanor. The base material is made out of metal and solid wood. Hence, such dining tables are built to ensure supreme customer satisfaction.

7. Molinaro Wooden Dining Table

molinaro wooden dining table

Carved out of robust pine wood, the natural finish of the Molinaro wooden tables is suitable for modern farmhouse-based décor. Standing atop four legs, it portrays subtle weathered detailing, which adds to the look of a well-worn heirloom item. Its rustic appearance is also an excellent match for classically designed interiors. Molinaro wooden tables will be a good fit if you look for more straightforward French country tables.

8. Francis Dining Table

francis dining table

Francis dining tables make a dramatic, handcrafted statement, forming a rustic appeal with their substantial baluster legs. The magnificent French table is made of wood that has been harvested sustainably. Every piece of this dining table is unique. It is meticulously crafted using traditional techniques, allowing the artisan’s handcraft to shine through. The natural tones used in the finishing of this dining table make it a perfect match for your house.

9. Griffin Wood Dining Table

griffin wood dining table

This French-style table strikes as a distinctive centerpiece for the dining area. It is constructed using wrought iron paired with thick piles of solid pine wood. The table showcases hand planes and saw marks which give it a rustic look. The reclaimed wooden features have an inherent antique finish with visible knots, nails, and rubbed edges. If you want a dining table with a lot of natural color depth, the Griffin is the one to go with.

10. Marble Dining Table

Luxurious Marble Dining Table With Black Chairs.

Marble is known to possess an inherent beauty that appears naturally during the formation of the stone. The variations in colors and veining make each piece of marble furniture unique. Finished entirely by hand, the marble dining table is constructed using robust iron and natural white marble. You’ll find that the base is hand-hammered and made of robust iron. If pleasing aesthetics rule your mind, this one is a good option.

11. Marble Pedestal Bistro Dining Table

marble pedestal bistro dining table

The marble pedestal bistro dining table is similar to a simple marble dining table, but there’s a twist. The former country-style table is more intricately designed than the latter one. This one is expertly built using white Batswana marble combined with forged aluminum. Its exclusivity can be felt through its beautiful design, shape, and texture. However, be careful enough not to expose it to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

12. Rustic Dining Table

rustic dining table

The idea of having a rustic dining table is to give a retro appeal to the dining area. You will notice that the finish of rustic dining tables deliberately highlights the wooden panels’ nails, knots, unique grains, and natural textures. That is what makes it distinctive from the other wooden tables. Its rough and edgy look is well-suited for farmhouses. Hence, rustic dining tables are durable and sustainable.

13. Cane Dining Table

cane dining table

The cane-back dining table is known as one of the most simple French country tables. It is meant for intimate seating arrangements and is designed to give you comfort and an aesthetic appeal that will definitely make your neighbors envy you. This country-based dining table is full of style. It will look amazing on your balcony.

14. Bamboo Dining Table

bamboo dining table

With a sturdy bamboo structure, this country-style table will stand out in any house. It has a mix of convoluted and smooth gleaming effects. Every bamboo dining table has unique designs. They are available in natural colors, or you can also choose to get them polished in a different color range.

15. Oak Dining Table

oak dining table

With solid oak legs, oak dining tables provide a classy look. They are designed in the style of mid-century trends. The sculptural legs give the viewers a museum-worthy visual appeal. It evokes a light and airy feel.

16. Glass Dining Table

glass dining table

If you wish for a more contemporary and modern piece of furniture for your house, glass dining tables will make a perfect match. Most importantly, with glass, its cutting and presentation are crucial. Even with minimalist interiors within the house, glass dining tables will make it look elite and modern.

17. Wooden Oval Dining Table

wooden oval dining table

A simple wooden oval dining table can be a fantastic choice. Constructed of solid wood legs, this table will radiate a classy visual appeal. The mid-century style dining table emphasizes a veneered starburst design with a walnut stain on the upper surface. If you are clumsy or have kids at home, the table will be a perfect fit for you because it has no edges. As a result, it prevents elbows and heads from colliding.

18. Gage Dining Table

gage dining table

Gage dining tables are formed by combining antique brass iron with good-quality wood. They are famous for their varied geometric shapes and designs. Such French country tables evoke a refined spin on trending designs. Instead of wood, you can also use marble to enhance its look. Its uniquely curved angles ensure a sophisticated visual appeal.

19. Double Pedestal Dining Table

double pedestal dining table

Double-pedestal dining tables feature elegant styling and intricate craftsmanship with a blend of veneers and hardwood. These dining tables are accented by decorative bases and fine details in their carvings. A double pedestal dining table may do you good if you seek a more traditionally designed dining table.

20. Jupe Dining Tables

jupe dining tables

Reclaimed as traditional and transitional, jupe dining tables are unique. You will rarely find this traditionally crafted table in today’s world. Its unusual geometric shapes and sizes make it more memorable. Jupe dining tables make a fantastic choice for a more traditional and retro appeal.

21. Sumo Dining Tables

sumo dining table

Sumo dining tables are simple, generally straddle-legged, and stable. These French country tablesprovide the room with character and encourage active meetings. These tables are categorized as luxurious because of their aristocratic appeal. These stunning dining tables look exquisite and are incredibly modern.


All in all, French country tables vary in size, shape, design, texture, and exclusivity. But one aspect is common among all these French tables—their finishing and delicate carvings. These two features make French tables differ from the rest.

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