How to Incorporate Plants in a Dark Green Bathroom

How to Incorporate Plants in a Dark Green Bathroom?

Bathrooms are one important space in your house. It is one of the most intimate spaces where one spends quite a good time relaxing, doing self-care routines, and much more. Considering their significance, it is important to keep your bathroom decorated and in good condition so as to always keep yourself in a good mood.

The theme of dark green bathrooms is getting super popular these days because of its classic and sophisticated look. Furthermore, there are several ways to style these bathrooms to make them look more aesthetic and appealing. But did you ever think that incorporating house plants could be one of those creative ways? Yes, you heard it right.

These can enhance the greenery and liveliness of the space. But confused about how to add them to your bathroom space? Worry not because this article talks about the most unique and suitable ideas to incorporate plants in your bathroom.

1. Make Your Sink Corners Attractive with Plants

Make Your Sink Corners Attractive with Plants

Sinks are one of the most used bathroom spaces, yet we don’t give much importance to their aesthetics. So, why not change the same? Make your sink corners look appealing by adding a plant there.

Incorporating a plant around the sink corners can brighten the look of your bathroom and make it look more lively and attractive.

Consider adding small plants like Lilies, Ferns, and Spider Plants around the sink for an improved look.

2. Shelve the Green Beauties

Shelve the Green Beauties

Bathroom Shelves are one of the most suitable spaces to introduce indoor plants into the space. These shelves can be placed around at any place you see fit, be they bathroom corners, above mirrors, or simply next to the window. Shelves around the windows can be a great source of light, and thus, plants can be chosen accordingly. Placement of placement on any of these places can enhance the look of the space.

Alternatively, if one doesn’t want to go for traditional bathroom shelves, one can consider introducing ladder shelves, tables, and other accessories to shelve plants.

Money plants, Areca Palm, and Snake plants are some of the most popular shelved plants.

3. Greenery Alongside Cabinets

Greenery Alongside Cabinets

In addition to the spaces mentioned above, there are several other areas to incorporate potted or hanging plants, and the space alongside cabinets is one of those. Have you ever noticed how the space neighboring the cabinets is often empty? Want to change this boring look? Then consider adding some greens into these spaces.

Plants like bamboo can be an ideal pick for such an area. Additionally, one can also consider going with snake plants as their growth is quite symmetrical. Such growth ensures they aren’t just appealing but don’t hinder the entryways as well.

4. Greenery in Jars

Greenery in Jars

Want to go beyond pots and planters? Then why not consider adding plants in beautiful glass jars? Sounds interesting, right? Well, it is. Imagine the beauty and aesthetics of glass jars and pretty plants coming together.

This can be a great way to add some fun and drama to your bathroom while also keeping them natural and cozy. Such jars can be placed in several places, like around sinks, on the shelves, on pegboards, flush tanks, and more.

Small plants like mini jade, aloe vera, or bamboo are suitable for this idea.

5. Standout with Hanging Plants

Standout with Hanging Plants

Hanging plants is also a great idea to give your bathrooms a distinct look and luxurious touch. These are one of the best ideas for someone looking for minimalist decor.

Also, hanging a plant is quite easy. You simply need some hooks and clip them into areas where you would like to hang these plants. There are several areas one could hang their plants, including the ceiling, bathroom corners, shower rods, and so on.

For someone wanting to add more coziness to their bathrooms, corners are ideal spaces for hanging plants. Additionally, shower rods can also be used to hang Ferns and Ivy to bring nature inside your bathrooms.

6. Around the Bathroom Mirrors

Around the Bathroom Mirror

Mirrors are quite an important accessory of bathroom setup because of their practicality as well as beautiful design. But what if someone tells you that you may further accentuate the beauty of these mirrors? That too, in a quite natural way.

Yes, you heard it right. Consider adding plants on top of your mirrors or around their borders for a super amazing natural look. This way, you also ensure you feel the greens whenever you’re checking out yourself or even when indulging in a self-care routine.

Some of the most common plants to be hung around include Air Plants and Orchids.


So, now we know there are several ideas to liven up the aesthetics of your dark green bathrooms, and using indoor plants is one of those ideas. Adding greenery to your bathroom can surely accentuate the beauty of the space. In addition to that, it can also lift your mood, helping you feel fresh and calm.

However, while choosing plants for your bathroom, one must make sure to introduce such plants that don’t need much sunlight and can grow perfectly well in humid conditions as well. Once you have such plants, hang them, pot them, or shelve them, meaning decorate your space any way you want.

We hope this article helped you get some inspiration on how to beautifully arrange these plants in your bathroom. Comment below and let us know which idea inspired you the most and if you’re planning to use them.

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