How to Elevate the Look of an Unappealing Bathroom

How to Elevate the Look of an Unappealing Bathroom

Bathrooms are an important part of our daily life, whether it is about freshening yourself for the day or relaxing after a hectic day.

Whenever we visit, we never fail to be impressed by the beauty and charm the hotel’s washroom offers.

But at the same time, we must confess that we have an extremely low interest in upgrading our bathrooms to par with any other rooms in our home.

With time, it starts losing its charm; however, you can fix it by paying attention to the minute details of your bathroom.

If you are also planning to upgrade the look of your unappealing bathroom, this article is for you; dive in until the end to know.

Best Ways to Elevate the Look of an Unappealing Bathroom

By paying attention to your bathroom’s essential and required elements, you can transform your bathroom’s look.

We have curated 12 such tips by following which you can upgrade the unappealing look of your bathroom.

There is no need to follow the fancy boho bathroom ideas; following the basics will do the job for you.

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

1. Go for the Cheap Flooring Options

Go for the Cheap Flooring Options

When it is about revamping your bathroom, start with the floorings first.

Peel-and-stick tiles are the best option if your bathroom’s flooring is old and torn out.

Removable is a perfect idea as you can change it based on a set theme and in any manner you want.

The option above shows how perfectly the energy can be emitted by adding vibrant and patterned stickers on the floor.

2. Upgrading the Toilet Handle

Upgrading the Toilet Handle .jpg

As shown in the image above, replacing the plastic and old toilet handles with a magical chrome element is the best way to elevate your toilet’s look.

These are small elements; however, they hold a massive significance in determining the overall look of your toilet.

You can also complement these accessories with the existing get-up of your bathroom.

3. Addition of Plants

Addition of Plants

Nothing can brighten up the importance of a dull bathroom to an extent a plant can do.

Besides adding a beautiful pop theme to the space, they can freshen up the entire area with their mere presence.

However, it is essential to understand what kind of plants thrive in a typical bathroom environment that can sustain humidity and warmth.

4. Addition of Scents

Addition of Scents

Another way to freshen up the entire aroma of your boring bathroom is by upgrading it with scent.

This is a simple approach but is extremely effective. You can elevate the entire scene by changing the scent now and then.

Floral, citrusy, or herbal hand soaps and candles, if placed orderly, can suddenly maximize the overall importance of your bathroom by multiple folds.

5. Revamp Your Shower Curtain

Revamp Your Shower Curtain

This addition can significantly improve your room and is economical.

You don’t need an excuse to hold off on getting a new shower curtain because plenty of stylish options are available at an extremely cheaper price range.

Consider exchanging the conventional and old shower curtain rings with something more trendy and fresh.

6. Adding Storage Solutions

Adding Storage Solutions

Exposing all of your bathroom essentials will only add to the problems of retaining the look.

To avoid such grievances, adding the proper storage facilities beyond cabinets is essential.

This is a must to keep all the clutter away for a detailed look.

Opting for neutral pieces is very much required to enhance the look in the best possible manner.

Seasoned items that add functionality are the best option, saving much money.

7. Adding Bold Colors for Your Bathroom

Adding Bold Colors for Your Bathroom

Go bold with colors that enhance the statement of your bathroom.

Paint the vanity and wall with colors that catch attention. Strike a perfect balance between all the elements without going too wild.

Don’t go wild in the selection of colors. Using too much vibrance might give a great feel initially, but it will get too annoying after a while.

8. Lighting up Your Bathroom

Lighting up Your Bathroom

Lighting is one of the best ways to set the tone and mood of any place.

We provide a massive interest in upgrading our interiors but mostly keep our bathrooms unattended.

A beautiful and affordable chandelier might sound too fancy for a bathroom, but it can revamp the scene to a whole new degree once included.

This is the perfect bathroom decorating trick for a couple’s bathroom or the master bath.

9. Freshen up Your Old Pipes

Freshen up Your Old Pipes

If your home is decades old and the elements included are fading up in charm, then it is time to give them a nice touchup.

Instead of eliminating the worn-out and rusty pipes, you can give them a fresh look. An idea is shown in the image above.

Wrapping it in ordinary rope dresses upgrades its look and provides some insulation.

10. Get a Better Bathroom Rug

Get a Better Bathroom Rug

It’s a no-brainer; every bathroom requires a rug with a nonslip backing.

But it is not essential to have a typical bathroom rug only. You can try having a designer piece, as shown in the image above.

While choosing the rug, ensure it matches your home’s pre-existing setting.

11. Replace an Aging Toilet

Replace an Aging Toilet .png

This is one of the most important points: no revamping your decor will help if you have a worn-out and old toilet seat in your bathroom.

An outdated seat will never give the glaze, no matter how much you try to work on it.

There is no option other than changing it anyway; it has to be replaced, making sure you choose the right material to last longer.

12. Update Your Bathroom Hardware

Update Your Bathroom Hardware .jpeg

One simple method to give a bathroom a personalized touch is to replace the towel bars, hooks, and cabinet knobs.

For hardware alternatives, plenty of options are available online and in retail to get the job done, particularly if you’re looking for a more luxurious design.

Make sure you choose something that perfectly fits your bathroom’s ambiance and goes under your budget.

Defining Bathroom’s Statement: Final Words

Your bathrooms also hold the same degree of significance as any other part of your home.

If its about revamping your entire home, you must also provide the bathroom the same amount of importance.

Knowing that every idea presented in detail above is unique to others is essential.

However, every single idea is important to elevating the importance of an unappealing bathroom in the best possible manner.

You will never want your bathroom’s ambiance to be a class apart by compromising the toilet seat or vice versa.

We hope this guide will immensely help upgrade your bathroom’s value and look.

Let us know your views and what more could be done to establish the significance in the comments below.

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