Country Bathroom Decor How to Nail the Look?

Country Bathroom Decor: How to Nail the Look?

Do you know how to nail the looks of a bathroom decor? You can achieve mind-blowing looks for your bathrooms just by recycling available disposables at home.

Feel free to recreate country styles, cute-looking patterns, and even farm housing styles on bath decor. This way, you can choose between vintage or natural materials to create D-looks for your bathrooms.

For your rustic-style bathrooms, bathtubs or wooden cupboards can also be decorated. Using patterned wallpapers, you can create sliding doors for barn-style bathrooms.

Or, you can add florals and plaid to recreate the stunning looks of a farm-style bathroom.

This online guide lets you discover some English cottage bathroom styles that can be created seamlessly.

1. Creating a Storage Unit Using a Ladder Alone

Creating a Storage Unit Using a Ladder Alone

Using a ladder alone, a brand-new storage unit has been created. Storage shelves have been inserted within the steps of the ladder. You have stacked towels, books, shampoo, soaps, and tissue rolls on each shelf.

The ‘RELAX’ board on top of the bathtub looks thematic indeed. You also discover a wall clock and some trendy greens near the vicinity. Here, you have a mix of posh and contemporary vibes, making the bathroom decor unique.

2. Discover a Country Theme with This Idea

Discover a Country Theme with This Idea

You bring thematic country bathroom looks effortlessly by including galvanized buckets in the sink area. A rustic ladder has been used as a towel stand. A make-shift wooden stand comprises flowers and a homemade soap solution.

A wooden racquet is used to recreate a rustic-styled hand-towel stand. A partitioned wooden frame has glass doors to pave the way for a theme-style mirror.

Therefore, all-natural and contemporary materials have created a country-style bathroom.

3. Unveil Magic Through a Ridged Ceiling

Unveil Magic Through a Ridged Ceiling

A ridged ceiling is a stunning combo when adding brick walls and wooden floors. With these unique elements in place, you get the perfect rugged look you are looking for.

A partitioned window allows natural lighting to seep into the bathroom. A classy white tub lends ergonomic vibes to the bathroom decor. You have green plantings, too. This is a steal deal for a styled farmhouse bath decor.

4. The Artwork Gives an Antique Look

The Artwork Gives an Antique Look

Do you have coins, keychains, or rustic-style paintings at home? Decorate each of these near a wall-hanging mirror to create a rustic-style bathroom. The contemporary vibes the mirror gives add up when the window’s reflection falls into the mirror.

A basket woven curtain blinds, bathtub, and greens are other quirky accessories that add to a perfect bath decor you would love to dig into. Go for the looks!

5. Enliven Your Bathroom Looks Using a Copper Sink

Enliven Your Bathroom Looks Using a Copper Sink

The highlighting factor in the farmhouse bathroom is the copper sink that looks rustic. Over a makeshift wooden closet, the copper sink neatly fits in. A rounded mirror with a wooden base makes the bathroom decor even prettier.

To add to contemporary vibes, the wooden base has an anchor-style rug that has been put to it. The bathroom wall decor looks stunningly cool. The pastel blue curtains bring a regal touch to the entire bath decor.

6. Work Wonders with Vintage-Style Wallpaper

Work Wonders with Vintage-Style Wallpaper

This timeless beauty works wonders for a perfectly poised bathroom decor. The vintage-style wallpaper has been stuck through the decor of the room. To complement this, a flower vase that contains purple flowers.

The enigmatic wall paintings bring contemporary vibes into the elegant bath decor. Therefore, this English cottage bathroom looks elegantly designed indeed.

7. Build a Style with Hooks and Hangers

Build a Style with Hooks and Hangers

Here, we find a bathroom decor with hooks and hangers in a lovely country-style setting. There are about four towels that are hung across hooks.

The marble slabbing over the wall unit cupboard has been painted pearl white. Plus, you find a whitey-white western closet. Both these accessories lend classic vibes to the bathroom setting.

8. Get Yourself a Renovated Farmhouse Bathroom

Get Yourself a Renovated Farmhouse Bathroom .jpeg

An antique wooden plaque has been stained and painted with sequins of golden white. A floral plaid to the wash basin looks even more glam for this bath decor setting.

The windows on either side of the washbasin look elegant and let plenty of light into the bath spaces. Lighting, decor, and homemade soaps add to the glitter. In a nutshell, this is a country theme you will be in love with.

9. Do You Want to Own an Industrial Bath Decor?

Do You Want to Own an Industrial Bath Decor?

Two-inch bricks each can be taken up for a quick and easy installation of this kind. These bricks follow suit through a one-foot square pane. These bricks can keep your bathrooms cool and sleek.

The chimney bricks also revamp the color schema of the bath decor. The brick wall sub-divides the bathroom into two. Marble slabbing and artifacts further beautify the ambiance of this farmhouse bathroom.

10. Bold Blue on The Rocks

Bold Blue on The Rocks

The blue nautical lends oceanic vibes to the bathroom decor. You have a white cupboard with towels and other bathroom supplies decked. The classy white curtain and the bathtub look elegant.

The sides neatly arrange towels. You have sponges that have been kept next to the bathtub. In a nutshell, this decor brings great vibes into this ultra-modern bathroom!


These are the top designer hacks that help you nail the looks of your bathroom decor. Be it a farmhouse style, country style, or a rustic one.

Contemporary looks can easily be achieved using galvanized buckets or copper-based utensils. When you insert a copper can into a wash-basin unit, the looks lend nostalgic vibes to a bath decor.

Look for old shoe laces or strings to hold flowers together inside glass vases. To nail cottage-style looks of the bath decor, you can include artwork or vintage-style murals to washbasin closets.

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