Can Hacienda Style Be Adapted for Small Spaces_

Can Hacienda Style Be Adapted for Small Spaces?

Did the viral Hacienda-style house decoration reach your social media feed, too? Are you mesmerized by the earthy, antique, warm red roofs and white stucco walls? If so, it is a good time to consider recreating your small space with Hacienda-style decor.

Spanish architecture’s magic and royalty inspire a hacienda-style home. Rusty roofs, beautiful archways, and white walls transform any house into a romantic stay in Spain.

But can we use these designs in small, cozy apartments and houses in America? Today, we will decode the elements of hacienda-style decor and find ways to incorporate its magic into our small spaces.

Let’s begin!

The History of Hacienda-Style Homes

The History of Hacienda-Style Homes

It all started when Spanish immigrants set foot on American land during the Spanish colonization. These immigrants enjoyed bright, warm, sunny weather in Spain and Mexico.

Their homes were beautifully made of abode and clay to maintain a cooling temperature indoors. The white-washed stucco walls and round red roofs further enhanced the same.

Big open lawns and archways were signs of prosperity and wealth. Only the wealthy Spanish lot had a luxurious hacienda-style home in the countryside. Slowly, these hacienda homes gained popularity, and their elements were used in modern American buildings.

Incorporating Hacienda Decor in Small Spaces

Do you find it challenging to incorporate a hacienda style in smaller spaces? Well! Understanding their key features will help us design our homes and apartments with a slice of Spain or Mexico.

Let us figure out how!

1. Cozy Courtyards

Cozy Courtyards

Courtyards are one of the elements of hacienda homes. Traditionally, these open lawns were located in the middle. They aimed to provide easy cooking access and release heat directly from their homes.

However, for smaller spaces where center courtyards are not architecturally manageable, we can shift them to the rear side of the house.

The idea is to make a small, cozy courtyard with low seating, many plants, and a modern fountain. These features will successfully resemble traditional Spanish architecture.

2. Red Clay Roofing

Red Clay Roofing

Remember the beautiful red clay roofs on Spanish and Mexican homes? Well, you will be surprised that these clay tiles are all handmade and are great insulators.

The half-tube-style tiles get their colors from burning. Their shape helps capture cool air and keep indoors cooler from the scorching heat outside.

Witnessing the traditional ideas of luxuriant living take the world by storm is spectacular. We can easily incorporate modern small houses with these red clay tiles to recreate the hacienda homes.

3. White-Washed Stucco Walls

White-Washed Stucco Walls

White stucco walls are the third element used to design hacienda-style homes. The white paint is a good reflector of the bright sun and does not trap much heat. Besides, back in the day, adobe was a readily available raw material to build walls.

Therefore, a combination of both the above made the homes look brighter and more open. These architectural elements of hacienda homes undoubtedly kept the indoors cooler.

4. Woody and Warm Accents

The big white walls can often make Hacienda homes look uninviting and monotonous

The big white walls can often make Hacienda homes look uninviting and monotonous. Therefore, woody and warm accents are crucial in balancing the overlay visual of both big and small spaces.

We will maintain the traditional style of wooden doors, windows, and exposed beams for smaller hacienda homes.

Incorporate exposed beams in your house models and use them in the long courtyards and hall rooms. That way, we can create a balance in the color play of dark wood against white walls.

5. Archways and Round Doors

Archways and Round Doors

Archways and round doors are some of the most striking features of hacienda homes. These designs set traditional Spanish architecture apart from every other style.

Big archways and round doors look royal and luxurious in home designs and add an elegant traditional character.

But how can we do that in small spaces? Well! Once again, we will narrow the size of archways and round doors. But incorporate the same wherever possible. For example, round hallway doors, archway balconies, courtyards, and rooftop domes are our favorites.

6. Small Windows

Small Windows

Heciendas traditionally designed small wooden windows, keeping the hot, sunny Mexican weather in mind. Their idea was to let the natural light light up the room without heating it too much. The insulated walls helped maintain a suitable temperature and kept the rooms cool.

However, in smaller spaces and modern air-conditioned rooms, you can ditch the small windows and make bigger ones. This recreation will balance the light management while incorporating more of the Hacienda style.

Modernday Hacienda Homes in America

Modernday Hacienda Homes in America

If you have difficulty imagining a hacienda-style decor for your small space, seek help from real-life homes. Warmer regions like Arizona, Florida, and New Mexico have a lot of homes to inspire your imagination.

It can be a nice excuse to plan your next vacation in the warmer regions and get a real-time view of small Hacienda homes.

Summing It Up

All in all, hacienda-style decor is easy to recreate in smaller spaces. You can start by understanding the history of this traditional architecture. You will find the intelligence behind these romantic Spanish and Mexican houses.

Traditionally, the archways, round doors, and courtyards might demand a bigger space for recreation. But modern living and experimental decor make way for Hacienda decor in smaller homes.

We recommend using easy elements like white walls and red clay rooftops for this architectural style as baby steps.

How would you like to incorporate the same in your small rooms? Comment below and share with us.

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