Bathrooms with Black Herringbone Tiles

12 Bathrooms with Black Herringbone Tiles

Are you looking to make your bathroom décor visually appealing? Well, you can adapt black herringbone tile designs for an alluring look on your bathroom surface.

The term ‘herringbone’ comes from the bones of herring fish; it’s placed at a 90-degree angle and not in a parallel pattern. The resultant style looks like an ‘M’ or even a ‘W.’

The black tiles, along with the grout, look immensely beautiful in larger areas like the bathroom.

Bathroom Design Ideas Using Black Herringbone Tile

1. Herringbone Black Floor Tiles

Watch this idea of Herringbone patterned tiles as it has a black shade with white grout and blends well with the white bathroom accessories. White-colored bathroom cabinets and glass fittings complement the styles well. You can even place these tiles all over the walls for a smart look. Here the tiles look contrasting with the white walls and cabinet.

Herringbone Black Floor Tiles bathroom

2. Elongated Herringbone Floor Tiles

Black herringbone patterned tiles could be alluring and complement your white walls. This pattern will attract your standing ovation if you are a great fan of dark-colored tiles. Separate the bathing area with a glass wall and have some awesome bathroom fittings for an ultimate look. Steel-colored bathroom fittings would look majestic.

Elongated Herringbone Floor Tiles bathroom

3. Wall Tiles with Grout

Observe this design of black herringbone wall tiles with grout. This looks alluring with golden-colored bathroom fittings. The sleek black tiles are arranged in herringbone fashion and outlined with a white border looks fabulous when combined with white tiles in the surroundings.

wall tiles with grout bathroom

4. Black Tiles on The Wide Wall

Look at this bathroom design where the Herringbone wall tiles spruce up the walls. The silver texture of the bathroom fittings complements the combination, and the white floor tiles show up the creative spree of the designer. Expansive glass-fitted bathrooms allow light and breeze, which brings a positive vibe. Note, you can prefer a white colored bathtub and ceiling for a glamorous look.

Black Tiles on The Wide Wall bathroom

5. Slender Floor Tiles

This type of black-colored Herringbone floor tiles looks absolutely gorgeous, especially with white tiles on the walls. Choose white bathroom fittings and accessories to complement the dark shade of the floor. There is a glass door separator and a smart handle for your convenience.

Slender Floor Tiles bathroom

6. Amazing Floor Pattern With Black Herringbone Tile

This Herringbone tiles placed on the floor look fabulous with the white grout. The light shade on the wall will look good with the white shade of the bathroom cabinet. Make sure to choose a smart light to look fabulous on the glass mirror. Decorate with some splash of green; it would be soothing to the eyes. The floor appears amazingly large, reflecting a smart style.

bathroom cabinet

7. Narrow Tiles Decent Wall Using Black Herringbone Tile

Herringbone-styled tiles can be put on the walls, contrasting with the mirror on the wall. The elongated and slender herringbone style looks good on the walls, while you can prefer black and white mosaic on the floors. The cabinet can be black to complement the floor, and you can prefer a golden shade for the bathroom fittings. This combination is just something more than gorgeous.

narrow tiles decent wall

8. Chevron Black Herringbone Tile on Wall

Herringbone-style slender and elongated tiles look good on the walls; the bath cubicle’s golden frame would contrast. The golden frame, fittings, and accessories will look smart, along with white floor tiles. Make sure you have a wide or semi-wide window to allow air for the bathroom. This combination looks good and is a coveted choice for anybody who loves a decent bathroom design.

Chevron Tiles on bathroom Wall

9. Rustic Bathroom And The Black Floor Made Using Black Herringbone Tile

This bathroom design has a rustic floor with white stripe shower curtains. The shower area has traditional white tiles covering the bathtub area. The placement of a smart window and a splash of green plants bring a rejuvenating essence to this design. This can be ideal for small to medium-sized bathrooms.

rustic bathroom

10. Wall Tiles and Freestanding Bathtub

This bathroom design is unique, with gorgeous slender-shaped herringbone-style tiles making up the wall portion. A white-colored freestanding bathtub adds a contrast to the wall. You may attach golden-shade bathroom fittings and light-colored floor tiles to get an ultimate flamboyant look.

freestanding bathtub

11. Create Marvelous Black Floor With Black Herringbone Tile

Elongated and slender black-colored herringbone tiles are an excellent fit for your bathroom floor. This design is quite common, and you can maintain this easily. Black floor tiles can easily go with white walls and light-colored cabinets. You can choose a shower curtain of your choice and ensure it blends well with your style.

Marvelous Black for Floor

12. Dark-Colored Tiles for Wall

This design shows herringbone-style tiles fitted on the walls and looks appealing with the choosiest shower curtains and light-colored floor tiles. The bathroom walls can be light-shaded and have wide windows for the inflow of breeze. An abundance of sunlight breeze bears a positive vibe.

dark colored bathroom wall tiles

There are several reasons why interior decorators and users prefer herringbone patterns while designing their homes:

  • The herringbone pattern is attractive for larger areas like bathrooms and outdoor patios. They apply to larger areas that have the lesser area covered with furniture. They can be used to brighten up a space.
  • They are aesthetically pleasing and a treat to the eyes.
  • They are a timeless style and a good match, irrespective of any era you live in.
  • They can create an illusion, and you will feel like there is more space, although it’s lesser.
  • While installed in low ceilings, they will appear higher.
  • Any tile made in this pattern is relatively durable, and that’s an advantage of installation.
  • While you use marble, that creates a sleek contrast between the tile and the laying pattern, especially.
  • If you install these tiles in a room, they will appear to have a broader dimension, and dark colors bear a notable aristocracy. These are some of the reasons why black herringbone tile is in fashion.

What Tips Should You Follow While Looking for Tiles for Your Bathroom?

You will have many choices when placing tiles in your living space. But there are some points that you should consider while buying tiles for yourself.

Before Starting

You must note the style of your home. Study the style and structure and decide which type of tiles you should buy. You can go through various lifestyle magazines and get an idea of what the interior decorators say. If you opt for retro-style tiles for your home, go for a herringbone-type design. The other type of tiles is – porcelain, marble, ceramic, and glass, which you can use depending upon the style of house you are having. Well, the use of types of tiles can rely upon the rooms you will furnish.

Tile Size

The point on how you should choose the size of tiles depends upon the rooms you will furnish. Say, for example, the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet would require smaller-sized tiles, but if you are decorating your patio, you should buy bigger tiles. Choosing the pattern of tiles is also important.

Room Size

If you use larger-sized tiles, that will make your room look bigger. The room will look cohesive if you use floor tiles for the walls. A floor tile would have a harder glaze and much harder material that can withstand the traffic. When you apply smaller-sized tiles, the space looks much bigger. Having a larger room can make you choose a large range of tiles. Black herringbone tile designs are effective in making your room look larger in size than it appears to be.


You have to consider the general feeling that you want to have in your room. If you want a serene and relaxing atmosphere, you have to choose tiles with a lighter shade. But if you want tiles for your kitchen, choose some vibrant ones. While you are choosing some tiles for your bathroom, you must prefer a shade that could be relaxing. So, the color scheme depends greatly upon the mood of the room you would like to decorate.


Grout color complements the color of the tile. A contrasting grout will always emphasize the outlines of the tiles. Grout is responsible for imparting a subtle effect to the tile look. The grouted areas are sealed to prevent staining. Prefer using black herringbone tile with white-colored grout for the most glamorous design.

Pattern and Texture

Various tiles have different textures and patterns. A glazed tile is much easier to clean, while a terracotta will require some effort. But you must consider the type of tile that can be cleaned and maintained easily. Avoid surfaces that require more manual effort to clean.

Natural Light

If you want more light, choose a gloss finish tile, as it would reflect more light. The more natural light a tile attracts, the better it is for your room.

You can follow the designs recommended here or maybe look for more from your research. Look for some more suggestions from experts regarding the type of tiles to be used for your home. You can use black herringbone tile for some exclusive designs. Choose the color scheme and then finalize your deal; this must suit the aesthetics of your taste. The pattern of tiles chosen contributes a lot to the get-up of the room. The black shade is marvelous, and if you prefer a herringbone pattern, that could bring exclusivity to your room.

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