9 Decoration Ideas for Electric Fireplaces

9 Decoration Ideas for Electric Fireplaces

A built-in electric fireplace is powered by electricity, making it convenient and simple to maintain. It’s designed to be installed inside a wall opening. This means it doesn’t take up that much space in the room where you install it. And, of course, your electric fireplace can provide you with the heat you need to feel cozy on a cold winter evening.

Electric fireplaces have many advantages, but if you’ve never had one before, you might wonder how to make the most of it while decorating your home.

These nine built-in electric fireplace ideas are for you.

Install Your Electric Fireplace with A Traditional Mantel

Install Your Electric Fireplace with A Traditional Mantel

Installing your electric fireplace inside your mantel could be excellent if you use a wood-burning fireplace. Whether your old mantel is made from stone, bricks, or tiles, it will make the flames of your built-in electric fireplace look even more real.

Of course, you must ensure your electric fireplace has the right shape and size to fit into your old wood-burning fireplace mantel.

Build Your Mantel in The Style of Your Choice

If you don’t have a fireplace mantel anywhere in your home, you could build a decorative one to display your electric fireplace.

Since you will have to cut an opening in one of your walls, you could install your built-in electric fireplace close to the floor, as if it were a wood-burning fireplace. You can create your custom mantel by installing bricks, tiles, or wood planks.

Replace Your Tv with An Electric Fireplace

Replace Your Tv with An Electric Fireplace

If you no longer have a TV, you could install your built-in electric fireplace on the wall where your TV screen used to be mounted.

An electric fireplace can make an excellent focal point in your living room. You can enjoy sitting comfortably together whenever you have guests while looking at the beautiful flames. But unlike a TV, your fireplace will not prevent you and your guests from talking.

Mount Your Tv Above Your Built-In Electric Fireplace

If you still have a TV in your living room, you can enjoy the benefits of both worlds by mounting your TV screen above your built-in electric fireplace.

Install them only a short distance apart, especially if you want to use your electric fireplace to heat the room. Ideally, at least 12″ should be between your fireplace’s top and your TV’s bottom.

Paint an Accent Wall Around Your Built-In Fireplace

A mantel around your built-in electric fireplace is unnecessary to stand out. Install your fireplace on an accent wall for a simple yet effective decor scheme.

This can be as simple as painting the wall where your fireplace is in a bold colour. This becomes the room’s new focal point.

Have a Built-In Bookshelf on Each Side of Your Electric Fireplace

Have a Built-In Bookshelf on Each Side of Your Electric Fireplace

If you carve a hole in one of your walls to install your built-in electric fireplace, you could also plan for a built-in bookshelf on each side.

Adding plenty of storage space to the room without sacrificing floor space is an excellent idea. Plus, you can customize the size and look of your bookshelves.

Install Floating Shelves on Each Side of Your Built-In Fireplace

If you like adding storage space on both sides of your built-in fireplace but don’t want to build custom bookshelves, install a few floating shelves on the wall.

Place your shelves on either side of your fireplace, or above. Unlike built-in bookshelves, you can easily remove them whenever you get tired.

Create a Cozy Lounge Area in Your Living Room

You could transform a corner into a cozy and intimate lounge area if you have a large living room.

Install your built-in electric fireplace on the wall and place a couple of comfy chairs in front of it, along with a coffee table. It will become your new favourite spot to talk with a loved one or relax while watching the flames.

A Two or Three-Sided Electric Fireplace Is Perfect for An Awkward Layout

The last of our built-in electric fireplace ideas suits a room with an awkward layout or limited wall space. Look for a two or three-sided electric fireplace. It can fit into any home corner and be viewed and enjoyed from different angles.

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