Farmhouse-Style Home Office

30 Ideas to Inspire Your Farmhouse Office Styled for Home

Nobody wants to work in a dull, outdated home office, after all. Wouldn’t you rather have an office that fits the rest of your home’s design in a rustic, farmhouse-style manner? Everyone wants to redesign their home office to make it more aesthetically pleasing in addition to being more practical. Well, the concept of a farmhouse office could be the one.

There are many factors to take into account when designing your home office, from a strong work desk to an office chair that supports your back. Unfortunately, people rarely consider storage until they actually need it.

These workstations with a rustic farmhouse vibe will inspire you in so many ways. You will love farmhouse decor as it places a strong focus on rustic charm. Weathered wood and beige linen are a few of the appealing features of contemporary farmhouse architecture.

1. A Clean and Bright Farmhouse Office

clean and bright farmhouse office

Design experts advise home office owners to think about using light hues for their walls. For example, homeowners may prefer to paint every wall the same color or to leave one wall unpainted so that it might serve as an accent wall. The remaining walls in this scenario should presumably be fairly light in hue. This will give the home farmhouse office a nice, clean, and bright look.

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2. Good Lighting Farmhouse House

desk lamp farmhouse office

Ensure your farmhouse office has plenty of light to reduce headaches and eye strain. You can achieve this by either opening up the windows to let in enough natural light or by putting up enough artificial lighting to brighten the office. Put a modest lamp on the desk for task lighting, and place the computer monitor away from any windows or overhead lights.

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3. Wall Lights for Farmhouse House

wall lights

A fashionable and adaptable addition to any lighting plan is wall lights. They can offer stunning ambient and accent lighting in addition to excellent and useful task lighting. Additionally, they have the potential to stand out in terms of design on their own.

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4. Vaulted Ceiling Farmhouse House

vaulted celing farmhouse office

A barn home vaulted ceiling is ideal for a farmhouse office as it can really transform the space. There is a self-supporting arch between the walls and the roof that makes up a vaulted ceiling. It does not always adhere to the roof’s pitch.  A vaulted ceiling is located below a cathedral ceiling, which is positioned to match the roof pitch.

5. Put Your Favorite Color on The Walls

blue farmhouse office

You need a shade that motivates you to work; forget “office beige.” For certain people, that may be an energetic hue like orange or lime green. Others require a soothing color, such as sea foam blue or botanical green, to work in a home office.

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6. Desk Near a Window

Desk Near a Window farmhouse office

Place the desk near a window so that when you look up from the computer, you may look at something more fascinating than a blank wall (even if you do love the color). Of course, natural light from windows is best for a farmhouse office, but if you’re in a room without any windows, hang a lovely picture above the desk or turn your chair toward the door.

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7. Black Accent Wall Farmhouse House

black wall style farmhouse office

The new neutral black complements everything and will make your farmhouse office stand out more than ever. The ideal approach to adding a striking paint color to your office without overpowering it is with an accent wall.

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8. Choose High-Quality Chair

office chair

You will sit in your farmhouse office chair for hours on end. A stunning, ergonomically sound, and comfy seat is priceless. A good ergonomic office chair eliminates the chronic back, hip, and leg pain brought on by prolonged sitting. You will be able to operate more effectively and productively as a result.

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9. Cross-Back Side Chair Farmhouse House

Cross-Back Side Chair

These chairs are known by a variety of names, including cross-back chairs, wedding chairs, farm chairs, cross-back chairs, and the more prevalent x-back chair. In any case, they make a wonderful addition to a farmhouse office thanks to their stunning, solid Beachwood construction and one-piece bent wood back.

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10. Tolix Chair Farmhouse House

tolix chair

The Tolix chairs, despite their sturdy appearance and steel construction, are surprisingly comfy for a farmhouse workplace. In addition, due to their powder-coated galvanized steel construction, Tolix chairs are not particularly susceptible to rusting.

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11. Ergonomic Chair Farmhouse House

ergonomic chair

Ergonomic seats are specially designed for maximum comfort and effectiveness. An ergonomic office chair is often recognized by the following features: seat depth, arms that can be adjusted in height and width, and lumbar support.

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12. A Small Wood Desk

small desk

For tiny rooms, a compact wooden desk is an easy and affordable alternative to a larger desk. You only need a tiny desk to store a laptop and necessary office tools. The use of a small wood desk with one drawer allows for laptop use and writing in your farmhouse office.

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13. A Corner Desk Farmhouse House

corner desk

Corner desks create spaces where you can move around while still having plenty of room to work efficiently in your farmhouse office. They are excellent for small or home offices because of their effective use of space. In addition, corner desks provide you with more workspace.

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14. An Executive Desk

Executive Desk

As the name implies, this kind of workstation is for serious business. A more oversized, more robust desk with filing cabinets and drawers is known as an executive desk. These large desks nearly always feature two pedestals and have file and box drawers for supplies and paperwork. Typically, executive desks only have one work surface and are a great addition to a farmhouse office.

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15. A Partner’s Desk

partners desk

A deep top, two sets of drawers, one at each end of the pedestal, and typically the absence of a modesty panel are the distinctive characteristics of a partner’s desk (unless one has been added later). A “partners desk” is a style of large antique desk. This means that two people can work side by side at the same desk in your farmhouse home office.

16. A Credenza Desk

Credenza Desk

In a typical executive office, a credenza desk (also referred to as a “credenza”) is a trendy desk shape that is typically positioned next to a wall as a secondary work surface to that of another desk, such as a pedestal desk.

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17. A Desk Armoire

writing desk housed inside a sizable cabinet

A writing desk housed inside a sizable cabinet that is typically 1.5 to 2.0 meters (5-7 feet) high is known as an armoire desk. To keep out dust or to hide the cluttered desk’s work area and give your farmhouse office a tidy impression, the cabinet has two to four full-height doors that are closed. Like its vintage ancestor, the secretary desk, this type of desk is typically placed against a wall.

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18. A Desk and Hutch

desk with cabinets or shelves above it

A desk with cabinets or shelves above it. This is the best option if you want to organize your office supplies or accessorize your farmhouse workspace around your workstations. The desk and hutch are the two primary components of a desk and hutch.

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19. Built-in Desk

buit in desk

Make your farmhouse office appear larger by making the most of the available space by using built-ins or multipurpose decor. Built-in desks are a form of desk that is attached to a wall and gives the appearance of being extended. This helps you make the most of your limited storage space while giving you a place for clutter.

20. Select Rustic Accessories

pencil holder, stylish notepads and sticky notes and a colorful trash basket

Choose accessories that make your farmhouse office seem more comfortable, such as a gorgeous cup for a pencil holder, stylish notepads and sticky notes and a colorful trash basket. A beautiful fabric can be used to cover your bulletin board, and curtains made of the same material can be used to conceal practical bookcases. Finally, hang prints that are motivating on the walls, whether they are just your children’s framed artwork or an old painting.

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21. Vertical and Horizontal Organisation

orzanised desk

To remove paperwork and office supplies from the desk and to keep crucial documents close at hand, hang floating shelves from the walls. Get a lovely basket to organize your mail, notes, and documents if you like to create piles. You should set aside one drawer for your “to-do” papers if you desire a tidy desktop in your farmhouse office. Since each slot can be used for books, trinkets, or baskets of miscellaneous items, wooden or metal cube storage provides a fun alternative to bookshelves.

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22. Hide Messy Cords and Wires

Hide Messy Cords and Wires

You can’t really make the computer, printer, or phone look nicer, but you can cover up ugly cords. Make sure your equipment is initially accessible and close to outlets in case you need to unplug it. Cover any desk cords with fabric cord covers and tuck them under a desk grommet, a cap made of plastic or metal that aids in guiding cords through desk holes and conceals them underneath. Use cord winders, tubing, or a wire organizer that is attached to the desk and elevates the wires off the floor to tame the cord jungle that is all over the floor.

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23. Match Your Decor

home has a classic interior design,

If your home has a classic interior design, warm wood and soft, comfortable seats or a loveseat are perfect if you have the space. Your farmhouse office furniture should complement other spaces in your house instead of shouting “soulless cubicle.” Metal furniture or creative elements can also be seen in a farmhouse home office.

24. Metal Shelves in Black

metal shelve

With just a few well-chosen ornaments or plants, your black metal shelf can become the center of attention in your farmhouse office. The black metal shelves receive high ratings for both their design and, of course, their sturdiness and durability. The multipurpose black metal shelving units will blend in no matter where you decide to put them in your farmhouse office.

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25. Wall Art

wall art

One of the most enjoyable activities is decorating the walls of your farmhouse office. Your favorite farmhouse wall art can be assembled into a gallery wall to give your office personality. You can make a creative and helpful office wall arrangement by combining pictures, calendars, chalkboards, clocks, and artwork.

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26. A Wall Clock

wall clock

As a general rule, choosing where to put your wall clock in your farmhouse office should always begin at eye level. Since time is the most important factor, you should keep your clock in plain sight at all times. A clock can occasionally function flawlessly above eye level as well.

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27. Shiplap Walls


As shiplap walls are made of biological elements, they are resistant to rusting and corrosion. It is more temperature-resistant, which provides an additional benefit. Additionally, it will look fantastic as the wall behind your farmhouse office and is highly resistant to the development of scratches and dents.

28. Memo Board

memo board

A memo board is a terrific way to organize all those loose notes, receipts, and calendars. These are smart replacements for conventional bulletin boards that nevertheless serve a lot of purposes in a farmhouse office.

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29. Office Rug

office rug

Rugs for home offices should usually be placed beneath desks to draw attention to and enhance the desk. Get a rug that is big enough to highlight your desk as the focal point of your office. Low pile rugs enable better accommodation of heavy office equipment and furniture as well as more straightforward movement for office chairs with wheels.

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30. Plants


Small succulents on floating ledges or plants on your farmhouse office table can free up floor space. To complete the look, dress up your cabinet with bigger plants if you have the space. Your farmhouse workplace might seem extremely lovely and peaceful with the addition of plants.

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Final Words

A cozy farmhouse home office will completely envelop you, making it impossible for you to want to leave as you work uninterrupted there. Such a space is perfect for helping you stay focused but still feel comfortable, at home, and relaxed—not too formal.

Nothing motivates you to do quality work in your farmhouse home offices like an abundance of natural light, a useful workspace, and a stylish light fixture.

Your productivity will increase, and you’ll accomplish more when you have a well-planned home office, whether you’re checking email, working on a project, or doing routine activities.

These farmhouse office ideas will give you the inspiration you need to design the ideal farmhouse office of your dreams, from dedicated office spaces to ones that double as a home library or mudroom.

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