What Colors Are Typical in English Country Kitchens?

What Colors Are Typical in English Country Kitchens?

English country kitchens are all about a laid-back and relaxed lifestyle. They promote liveliness through their traditional aesthetics and add warmth to your home. 

Colors are an essential element of an English kitchen. The color palettes used by an English country kitchen are usually inspired by nature.

There are a lot of neutral shades, pastel colors, meadow green, brown, and black touches in an English country decor

It would help to reflect on your choices before choosing colors for an English country kitchen.

The two most important questions before deciding on the color are whether you want to create a whole English country look or highlight a few elements of your kitchen. 

In this blog, we have listed some great color ideas for your English Country kitchen. 

1. A Bright Sunny Yellow for Your Country Kitchen

A Bright Sunny Yellow for Your Country Kitchen

Yellow color is known for its warmth and the ability to appear differently depending on the light.

It may also make choosing the one that fits your needs difficult.

While going for a yellow tone, checking the amount of light entering your kitchen is advised.

You can highlight the cabinets, pantry, or cupboards and choose a neutral shade like light brown or white for the rest of the area.

It will create a more visually appealing aesthetic than an all-yellow painted wall. 

2. Choose Pale Neutral Shades for a Spacious Appeal

A Bright Sunny Yellow for Your Country Kitchen

It’s not surprising that most of the interior designers are incorporating neutrals in their designs these days.

Neutrals have a relaxing charm; they’re soothing to the eyes and give your space a sophisticated look.

An English country kitchen is about making the best use of spaces, and neutral hues give it a cool, uncluttered look.

You can mix and match light and dark shades of neutral tones in different places to balance out the effect.

Choosing a dark gray cabinet and pale brown wall is one way to do it.

3. Bring Nature into your Kitchen with Olive Green

Bring Nature into your Kitchen with Olive Green

While English kitchens are all about pale, muted colors, a vibrant color like olive green can add a hint of life.

An olive-green kitchen gives the feeling of a refreshed garden.

Although it is advised not to overdo the color, you can use it sparingly and pair it with other colors like coral, muted blue, etc.

You can also add olive cabinets and keep the walls neutral.

It will also make for a stunning contrast. Olive green cabinets can be paired with gold or brass fixtures for a more luxurious look.

4. Don’t Hesitate to Involve Dark Shades

Don’t Hesitate to Involve Dark Shades

Given the image of an English kitchen, it’s understandable that many interior designers do not use dark shades too much.

A dark shade can give it a more congested and unwelcoming appearance. However, it can work beautifully on cabinets or shiplap walls.

When paired with wooden furniture, black looks stunning in an English country kitchen and does not overpower it as it may appear.

You can add a few decorations like plants or artwork to soften the look further.

5. Combine Dark Gray with Pale Blue

Combine Dark Gray with Pale Blue

Dark Gray is another favorite of designers these days. However, the only problem with using it in a country-style kitchen is that it may appear too heavy.

The trick is to pair it with a lighter tone to balance out the effect. Dark gray cabinetry with pale blue walls can appear quite mesmerizing.

Do not hesitate to play around with different shades of colors for different kitchen sections.

An English country kitchen mixes patterns and colors to create a refreshing and lively ambiance.

6. Creamy White for a Country Vibe

Creamy White for a Country Vibe

When it comes to an English country kitchen, you can never go wrong with white.

An English kitchen’s rustic and traditional charm can be effectively balanced with different shades of white.

However, a bright white may not create a great impact here. It would be best to meticulously find the white shade that perfectly matches your kitchen’s interior.

Most interior designers advise using a creamy white or a shade of beige. These shades help soften it and give it a more inviting aura.

7. Add a Hint of Mint for a Refreshing Look

Add a Hint of Mint for a Refreshing Look

Soothing shades like light shades of green or mint work beautifully in English kitchens.

These colors infuse a sense of calm and freshness into the space.

Some interior designers advise using a moss green or an avocado color for these kitchens.

However, others strictly recommend against using darker shades.

Dark shades usually do not work in these kitchens, as they may give them a feeling of shabbiness.

But exceptions are always there, depending on your home decor.


Choosing the perfect color for an English country-style kitchen can be extremely hectic.

Especially with the new trends, a lot has to be taken care of while choosing the perfect color for the kitchen.

Some say nature-inspired themes and lighter shades work best for such kitchens, while others advise exploring darker shades.

The common consensus, however, leans more towards using lighter shades and sometimes pairing darker shades against them to balance out.

Whether you want to renovate your existing English country kitchen or are planning to make a new one, the abovementioned color ideas will help you make the correct choice.

Hope you loved reading it. Let us know in the comment section.

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