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15 Best Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Decor Ideas for 2023

If you want a comfortable bedroom with country vibes and a modern touch, you can provide little personal strokes to your bedroom. For example, the vintage aesthetics, the jug turned into a vase, that wooden window frame mirror, etc. All these decors could be integrated into your bedroom and give you that country vibe regardless of the location.

You can experiment with these farmhouse bedroom decors and implement them to suit your unique way and style. Are you confused about good farmhouse bedroom decor ideas? We provide some of the best modern farmhouse bedroom decor ideas for you.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Decor Ideas

A simple combination of some of the traditional decor items with your modern bedroom can create that comfortable countryside homely feeling that you might be looking for. Here are some of these ideas. Then, of course, you can select whatever seems best for your bedroom.

1. Cursive Sign Wall Decor

cursive sign wall decor

Bring the wall decoration that is perfect for a farmhouse room into your bedroom. These cursive signs are also powder-coated and laser-cut. You can find the shape and size suitable for you. You can even use it outdoors. Putting these cursive signs on the wall as decoration just above the bed can give your bedroom the touch of a modern farmhouse room.

2. Beige Tufted Bed Frame

beige tufted bed frame

A common feature of farmhouse homes is the tufted furniture. You can put a beige tufted bed frame to have that countryside feeling. Its elegant look can also complement the other bedroom furniture and decorative, like the lampshade and bedroom drawer, to give the room a completely warm ambiance.

3. Metal Bed and Shiplap Wall

metal bed

A statement wall of shiplap can bring style and texture to your bedroom. And if you use a vintage-looking metal bed, then it can be a perfect combination to give you that comfort and cozy country vibes.

4. A Gallery Wall of Family Portraits

A Gallery Wall of Family Portraits

One of the things about the farmhouse lifestyle is coming together and celebrating friendships and family. So it is heartwarming to display pictures of family and friends in this unique way. It will not only act as a wall decorative but will also give you that farmhouse feeling with warmth.

5. Country-style Wood Dresser

Country-style Wood Dresser

A country-style wood dresser is a combination of vintage and versatility. Matching your metal bed and shiplap wall with a country-style wood dresser will give you the farmhouse bedroom feeling.

6. Farmhouse-style Bedroom Mirrors

Farmhouse-style Bedroom Mirrors

You can put a farmhouse-style bedroom mirror in combination with the country-style wood dresser as a decoration and give you a vintage countryside feeling every day. It will be convenient and appealing if designed according to the bedroom space and the dresser.

7. Chalkboard Photo Gallery

Chalkboard Photo Gallery

A combination of black and grey creates a subtle countryside look, especially when decorated with some pictures and portraits. You can also place it at the sidewall to get a subtle touch.

Put it on your bedroom wall and decorate it with pictures of your family, friends, and anything that you like.

8. Wooden Country-style Nightstand

Wooden Country-style Nightstand

A Wooden Country-style nightstand beside your bed is an excellent combination for giving you that farmhouse feel. However, a vintage nightstand integrated with your vase and nightlamp could be a desirable choice for your bedroom if you want a combination of modern and traditional feels.

9. Rustic Wood Table Lamp and Alarm Clock

Rustic Wood Table Lamp and Alarm Clock

The rustic wood table lamp is a combination of traditional style and utility. Using it with an antique-style alarm clock is a fantastic modern farmhouse décor for your bedroom to complement your modern bedroom wall and bedside.

10. Wooden Crates

Wooden Crates

If you have space at the end of your bed, then you can fill that with a couple of wooden crates. It will add a countryside charm to your bedroom. Also, if you have any other décor item like a country-style wooden nightstand or a farmhouse-style bedroom mirror, then it might be a good combination of the modern farmhouse decor for your bedroom.

11. Shiplap Headboard

Shiplap Headboard

It is one of the best things to do with the space of your shiplap, especially when it is white. You can make your shiplap as a headboard and decorate it. You can also use it with a pair of rustic lamps on both sides of the bed.

12. Tufted bed-end Bench

Tufted bed-end Bench

In a farmhouse bedroom, it is common to keep a bench at the end of the bed. The Tufted bed-end bench combines fashion, comfort, and style and is a good option as a modern farmhouse décor for your bedroom.

13. Wood Herringbone Accent Wall

Wood Herringbone Accent Wall

A unique modern farmhouse decor for your bedroom combines a wood herringbone accent wall, a wooden nightstand, and an antique night lamp. This will look classic as well as modern. You can check out some wood herringbone accent wall sheets and planks for your bedroom on Amazon.

14. Gray Striped Bed Linens

Gray Striped Bed Linens

Gray is a popular color used in farmhouse decoration. And using gray layers on your bed linens can be an excellent choice to create a cozy environment, and if your walls are white, then using it as a modern farmhouse décor can complement them well.

15. Antique-style Farmhouse Vase

Antique-style Farmhouse Vase

An Antique Style farmhouse vase could be one of the main attractions as room décor, and when it comes to getting a countryside ambiance, it can be one of the best options to put it beside your bed on the countryside wooden nightstand.


You can try out any of these modern farmhouse decor ideas and combinations to check which one suits best for your bedroom.

In addition, there are other combinations of the decor mentioned above items that you can try according to your preference and style. You can also check out other farmhouse decor items accordingly.

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