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12 Exclusive Mid-Century Modern Staircases Designs

Do you want to redesign your staircases? Are you looking for mid-century modern staircases for your home? Then, you’re in the right place! Read below to get some unique ideas on mid-century modern staircases.

The mid-century contemporary staircases will surely inspire you to revamp your steps. The introduction of straightforward, useful design into household interiors was notable in the mid-century modern era. As a result, the stairs in homes during this era were angular, contemporary, and elegant.

When we purchase a home, the stairs are frequently already picked for us, but if you are in the design phase, these mid-century staircases will be a terrific source of inspiration. If you want to live in a harmonious home, even though stairs are only a temporary location in the house, they should unquestionably blend in with the rest of your room’s design.

Here’s a list of 12 gorgeous mid-century modern staircases for your lovely home: 

1. Floating Staircase

Floating Staircase

You may let light stream through the rooms or into the basement with an open-plan floating staircase design, and it also draws attention. A magnificent floating staircase can also be constructed with floating treads made of wood, glass, concrete, or even acrylic that are only partially or completely supported by a thin piece of glass. Floating staircases are created with careful design and attention to detail.

2. Open Layout Staircase

Open Layout Staircase

Open staircases are a great way to add extra light, color, or style to your home. Open staircases are transparent, which allows for a greater amount of natural light to enter than a closed riser staircase. Additionally, they don’t block your line of sight, which makes a space appear bigger than it is, and they work great with an open floor plan. These days, minimalism and sleek, contemporary designs are in vogue, and open staircases, with their straightforward and clear appearance, fit both categories.

Open staircases are more adaptable than regular steps because you may design them to match practically any configuration—straight, curved, or spiral. Additionally, they can be produced from nearly any material, including metal, stone, glass, and wood.

3. Warm Wood Staircase

warm wood staircase

For a very long time, both indoor and outdoor stairs were made of wood. Timber is one of the simplest materials to work with because it is easy to get, install, clean, and repair. Wood is also reasonably priced, sturdy, and beautiful.

Most individuals pick wood for their stairs mostly due to aesthetics, especially indoors. Wooden staircases lend a sense of coziness and rustic style to any space.

The overall material characteristics of hardwood staircases are an additional advantage. Wooden stairs last up to 35 years, are comfortable to walk on, and are simple to clean.

4. Wrought Iron Railing Staircase

Wrought Iron Railing Staircase

It is crucial that we do a thorough study of materials before starting any home renovations or new building to ensure that our house is reliable. The entire location looks quite lovely due to the ornately wrought iron railing designs. Interior wrought-iron stair railings are more substantial and heavy than those made of stainless steel.

A staircase railing’s purpose is to connect one floor to another, but it also gives your home a regal and dignified appearance.

5. Spiral Staircase

Spiral Staircase

The biggest benefit of spiral stairs is that they take up less space than linear staircases. They maximize the use of floor space. You may tackle two issues at once by installing a spiral staircase: you can conserve space and create a strong design statement.

They deliver a strong design message. They are a great addition to both tiny apartments and houses. They frequently exist in designer homes due to their ability to blend fashion and utility. They provide a superb view and an alternative viewpoint of the surrounding area.

Spiral staircases often pass through a hole in the floor and have a central pillar with radiating steps that spiral upward to the floor above. They are, however, the gorgeous mid-century modern staircase you can have in your home.

6. Split Staircase

Split Staircase

Split or bifurcated stairs have one of the grandest appearances, which makes your home look opulent. At the bottom, bifurcated stairs have a single, wider flight that leads to a wide landing where two smaller flights divide into opposing directions. 

7. Wooden Panel Staircase

Wooden Panel Staircase

This mid-century modern staircase has the advantage of bringing a sense of nature indoors for a more organic-looking interior design. A wooden paneled staircase would be the ideal approach to provide the traditional feel you were going for. A wooden staircase also gives the impression of a larger area because it is simple and useful.

Additionally, it can tolerate being painted, lacquered, and waxed to help provide it with additional protection and stop deterioration. Consequently, when it comes to redecorating or purchasing a new staircase, this staircase enables you to make changes in accordance with the style and design you like. 

8. Straight Staircase

Straight Staircase

Straight staircases are made up of a single, directionless flight of stairs. Because they are extremely simple to design and build, straight stairs are the most prevalent type in architecture. Hence, straight staircases will be a good choice if you want to go for simple home décor.

9. Switchback Staircase

switchback staircase

Halfback, half-turn, and U-shaped stairs are other names for switchback staircases. Switchback stairways are made up of two parallel flights that run in opposing directions and are connected by a landing. As a result, switchback staircases will work well if you want to upgrade from a designed staircase, such as a straight staircase.

10. Winder Staircase

winder staircases

Winder stairs are a classic choice for someone who wants to give their home a rustic appeal. In winding staircases, instead of a full landing, the steps wind continuously around the curve and are wider wedge steps. Traditionally built homes tend to have more winding staircases.

11. Glass Panel Staircase

glass panel staircases

Glass is being used increasingly frequently these days in staircase designs by homeowners as a way to revitalize their homes. A glass balustrade will likely blend in and make any space feel much bigger and brighter, regardless of your home’s specific décor style. When creating their balustrade, unfortunately, many people opt out of using glass, usually out of fear for their safety. But if you use good-quality glass, there is nothing to fear. 

12. Curved Staircase

curved staircases

Curved staircases are frequently used because they are intended to make a statement. They add uniqueness to the home’s décor. A curved banister will mirror the graceful, sweeping arc that a curved staircase would assume along the wall. A curved staircase is the most exclusive mid-century modern staircase since it is one of the most difficult to design and construct.


Despite having historical roots, the mid-century modern staircase and its design are currently experiencing a major revival.

Renters and homeowners alike are drawn to the mid-century aesthetics, clear lines, straightforward forms, and vibrant colors.

Utilize this article as an introduction to mid-century modern style ideas and join in on the retro design trend!

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