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22 Must-Have Mid-Century Modern Rugs to Transform Any Room!

Mid-century modern rugs are essentially the ideal decorative item for any home. There is a mid-century rug for every style sense, from muted and neutral to bright and dramatic with geometric designs. Clean lines, muted tones, a blend of natural and artificial materials, graphic shapes, brilliant colors, and the incorporation of indoor and outdoor elements are all characteristics of mid-century modern rug design.

Area rugs from the Mid-Century Modern period emphasize the outline and shape of the textile designs. It’s a terrific method to produce a “surprise and awe” reaction in a social setting. Sometimes the boxed geometric patterns of the Mid-Century Modern area rug will be replaced by other designs, such as slender curves and sophisticated finishes. If you value simplicity and geometric design, a mid-century style rug may be an excellent choice for your home. 

Let’s look at some of the most beautiful mid-century rug designs to help you choose one that would look fantastic in your home.

1. A Seamless Rug

seamless rug

A mid-century modern style rug made of jute or sisal provides an open and neutral foundation, allowing architectural and decorative elements to shine. In addition, natural-fiber carpets can be used to represent the environment outside our windows visually.

2. Hand-Tufted Jaipur Syntax Penta Rug

Hand-Tufted Jaipur Syntax Penta Rug

The Jaipur Syntax series brings mid-century modern style into spaces with its angular, sleek lines. Contrasting charcoal and neutral light greys, metallic and warm golden tones, and neutral light greys create a stunning contrast in the geometric Penta area rug. This charming and plush accent, which is hand tufted from wool and viscose, has a hint of texture and dimension thanks to the cut and looped pile.

3. Rainbow Two Tone Rug

Rainbow Two-tone High Low Area Rug

This grey area rug from Overstock is ideal if you desire a more subdued mid-century modern vibe. It is a recessed rainbow design that immediately gives your interior decor a delicate texture and organic movement without being overbearing. It is also exceptionally soft to the touch and has a high-low pile that won’t shed even in high-traffic areas.

4. Mcquaid Handmade Wool Rug

Mcquaid Handmade Wool Rug

This abstract area rug was hand-tufted in India and featured a vibrant blue pattern that will liven up any decor. It has a cozy medium pile. There are 20 other sizes available, ranging from little ones for entryways to enormous ones for living rooms or home offices.

5. Charm Rug

Charm Rug

If you want something practical without giving up a lovely aesthetic, this excellent work by Modloft might be the best neutral couch option. The viscose-woven rug has a luxurious appearance, a soft texture, and subtle tone changes. Perfect for a stunning mid-century modern living room design.

6. Halfmoon Colorblock Rug

Halfmoon Colorblock rug

This rug can transform your floor into a work of art thanks to its dark and light blue color-blocked pattern. However, you don’t need to worry about maintaining this beautiful neutral couch in pristine condition. This rug is simple to clean with a vacuum or a quick soap-and-water scrub, making it an excellent choice for busy households.

7. Geometric-Patterned Rugs

Geometric-Patterned Rugs

Rugs from the Mid-Century Modern era are a fantastic way to give your living rooms, as well as your dining rooms, bedrooms, and other places, a lot more character, and depth. The modest inclination of the Mid-Century Modern rug style is energized by abstract patterns or delicate motifs that contrast with minimalist designs and provide the impression of movement.

8.Codie Rug

codie rug

This Codie rug is hand woven by Interior Define using only natural wool fibers. Its straightforward yet elegant design makes it suitable for use in practically any area with a mid-century modern theme.

9. Tsung Rug

tusang rug

Thanks to its geometric pattern and vintage mustard yellow color, this 100% wool rug is the ideal accent for any mid-century modern living space. If you’d prefer something a little more neutral, it’s also available in a light sage grey.

As a mid-century modern rug, Tsung is suggested for a vibrant yellow accent. This one-of-a-kind rug was flatwoven in Turkey and had a distinctive theme reminiscent of the ’70s.

10. Collet Rug

collet rug

This handwoven rug is the perfect addition to a mid-century modern decor because of its understated geometric pattern and stylish color. Despite being placed in a high-traffic area, the rug’s low pile height ensures that it will continue to look brand new for years to come. Additionally, you may continue to enjoy it even if your tastes change. Its timeless design works just as well with contemporary furniture as with eclectic, boho, and other themes.

11. Flat Weave Line Drawing Rug

Flat Weave Line Drawing Rug

This abstract area rug gives a new spin on mid-century modern style with its vibrant, playful pattern. In addition, it is available in various sizes, whether you’re looking for a large area rug for your living room or a new runner rug for your hallway.

The Line Drawing Flat Weave rug has an abstract, organic motif that genuinely embodies the mid-century style; it is simplistic, clean, and uncluttered and would make an eye-catching foundation for various furniture styles.

12. Merril Color Block Berber Shag Area Rug

Merril Color Block Berber Shag Area Rug

This chic shag area rug will give your living room decor a retro, mid-century contemporary style. This Merril Color Block Berber Shag Area Rug has a contemporary appearance and is available in several sizes and colors. The distinctive color-blocking design of this rug makes it stand out in any room. In addition, this rug’s non-shedding, stain-resistant polypropylene pile is perfect for high-traffic areas of your home.

13. Ometri Rug

Ometri Rug

This indoor area rug’s geometric pattern complements a variety of mid-century modern furnishings and decorations. It’s also versatile enough to match many other home t, such as contemporary or boho home designs.

The 100% wool rug is handwoven in two color schemes by skilled artisans.

14. Scarlett Blue Mid-Century Modern Rug

Scarlett Blue Mid-Century Modern Rug

The Mystic Collection is a fascinating collection of contemporary geometric patterns woven in bold, lively colors and classic neutral tones. Every space has a design, from ultra-futuristic swoops, lines, and angles to a simple tile or Moroccan trellis. The appearance of this rug is soft and textured due to the 0.4″ height of the air twist frieze polypropylene pile used to make it. The yarn is stain-resistant, doesn’t shed, and doesn’t degrade with time. These area rugs are durable and very easy to maintain.

15. Grey Geometric Mid-Century Lujo Rug

Grey Geometric Mid-Century Lujo Rug

Lisbon is a fantastic rug collection of brilliant abstract geometric designs. Lisbon has a delicate, monochromatic color scheme that is ideal for modern living room décor, and its distinctive glam look comes from the sparkling shimmer yarn used to create this rug.

16. Mariela Geometric Area Rug

Mariela Geometric Area Rug in Black

The timeless honeycomb pattern on this geometric area rug never goes out of style. It also comes in 11 other cheerful colors, including ivory, pink, and navy blue, and has a medium pile for cozy softness.

This indoor area rug is available in a wide variety of sizes and forms, from little circular accent rugs to sizable rectangular and octagonal area rugs.

17. Lorenzo Wool Area Rug

Lorenzo Wool Area Rug

This handcrafted, subtle shag rug can be used in many different ways, such as as an area rug, runner, or enormous mat to put beneath your bed. It is made entirely of wool and has a cotton and latex backing. In addition, tIn addition, this rug comes with a one-year limited warranty, so you can buy it with complete confidence and enjoy the soft and cozy goodness that an area rug has to offer.

18. A Spotlight Rug

spotlight rug

These eye-catching rugs can be added to your home decor to highlight the fun side of mid-century modern design. These flawless mid-century modern rugs are expertly woven in a muted herringbone pattern using colorful yarns. The soft shine of these rugs improves natural light and adds stunning sparkle to your living room. Additionally, these synthetic rugs come in a variety of designs and hues to go with your mivariousdern-inspired house furnishings.

19. Fez Rug

fez rug

Thanks to its calm pastel colors and organic pattern, this abstract area rug looks stunning in places with significant foot traffic and is machine washable. This rug also has a surface that resists stains and spills, and it includes a cushioned, non-slip rug pad, so you can be confident that it will stay put.

20. Kale’s Palm Reader Rug

Kale's Palm Reader Rug

This luxurious rug pattern combines a hint of nature with a dash of glam. The laid-back nature of this design complements various styles, from the dramatic to Mid-Century Modern.

21. Bradford Rug by Alexzander Home

Bradford Rug by Alexzander Home

With the addition of this magnificent area rug, your living room will look more modern and contemporary. This synthetic rug is composed of polypropylene and features a geometric color-blocked pattern. Your living room will amazingly benefit from this elegant area rug’s comfort and attractiveness.

22. Block Party Rug

Block Party Rug

This area rug in soft grey and mustard yellow is a surefire way to inject some mid-century modern style into your home decor. The modernist rug is a fantastic solution for busy households with pets and children because it looks great and is also exceptionally stain-resistant, thanks to its recycled polyester performance fabric.

Creating a Mid-Century Modern Look in Your House

Mid-Century Modern Look in Your House

Furniture with tapered or hairpin legs has a classic mid-century modern appearance and gives commonplace items a subtle air of refinement. For example, a small-footprint side table or a couch hovering a few inches above a mid-century modern rug encourages openness and allows light to flow freely. You may achieve a Mid-Century Modern look in your home by including furniture with hairpins or tapering legs in your interior design.

Similar to contemporary design, spaces with mid-century modern influences combine the indoor and outdoor worlds with sliding doors or sizable windows that let in natural light and provide views of the outside. Maintain sightlines by using low-backed furniture, uncovered glass windows, and less clutter throughout the interior space.

Parallel to modern design, mid-century modern combines artificial and natural materials like wood. In addition to concrete, glass, and plywood, many classic mid-century modern pieces are made of fiberglass, metals, and polymers that have been molded. For mid-century modern cred, curate a range of materials and architectural features in your home.

Final Words

Rugs are the ideal home accessory; they quicken any room while enhancing the interior design with lovely hues, patterns, and personalities. Additionally, they accomplish this without taking up any valuable residential space.

Rugs can bring personality to a space, muffle sound, and cushion our footsteps as we move. Choosing the ideal rug is crucial to creating a cozy and fashionable area. They may be bold decorative accents or subdued ones. Before buying a carpet, consider whether you want it to stand out.

Mid-century modern rugs also rank highly among classic carpets that are always stylish and current. There is a mid-century rug for every style sense, from muted and neutral to bright and dramatic with geometric designs.

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