Best Mid Century Modern Floor Lamps

15 Best Mid-Century Modern Floor Lamps for the Ultimate Lighting Experience

The mid-century modern era has had a tremendous impact on our culture today. With the advent of the design movement, conventional practices were challenged, and concepts were introduced, such as “form follows function.” This influenced the way people perceived everyday objects.

From chairs to tables to lighting fixtures, the mid-century modern era has had (and still is) an enormous influence on how we view design.

Similarly, a stylish floor lamp is a must-have for any living space. It’s a great way to enhance the sense of height in a room and play with shadows and light patterns on a wall.

Furthermore, floor lamps do not require a lot of storage space and can be moved easily, making them low maintenance.

Despite this, choosing the perfect floor lamps can become a challenge. Whether you like retro, mid-century modern, or something more casual, the options seem endless.

In this article, let us look at some of the best mid-century modern floor lamps you can choose from.

1. Kenroy Home Netherlands Floor Lamp

Kenroy Home Netherlands Floor Lamp

Floor lamps like this are a terrific way to add a dash of flair to your interior design by serving as a functional light source and a decorative focal point.

This lamp has a dark steel base and a large paper drum shade, making it ideal for a modern setting. In addition, this slim variant is ideal for tight corners and small spaces.

2. Adesso Trio Floor Lamp

Adesso Trio Floor Lamp

The Euro-inspired floor lights have a sophisticated appearance thanks to the combination of understated elegance and sleek design. Its three spherical shades give a sense of aesthetic appeal, while the metallic finish adds a touch of glimmer to your relaxing space.

These striking designs make great additions to any contemporary home, allowing you to light a reading corner or provide a bit more light for studying late at night.

3. SUNMORY Arc Floor Lamp

SUNMORY Arc Floor Lamp

You can’t go wrong with the Logan LED brass floor lamp when it comes to elegance and style. Its beautiful brass finish and magnificent black marble foundation can make any space feel more elegant.

With this floor light and a dark wooden mid-century contemporary coffee table, you can create the coziest living room ever.

4. Adesso Transitional Three-Light Floor Lamp

Adesso Transitional Three-Light Floor Lamp

A stylish yet modest floor lamp is ideal for lighting a living room, office, or gathering place. Its clean, mid-century style is enhanced by a vast rectangular shade that emphasizes the beauty of its clean lines.

The foldable shade design and footstep switch provide essential functionality, while the natural crinkle paper shade adds a touch of texture. Adding this floor lamp to a comfortable armchair in your home study will provide the perfect reading nook.

You could also add a silver-base chair, a simple gray rug, and a glossy white desk to complete the modern-chic look. Or you can use this lamp to brighten your living room by simply placing it in an unlit corner.

5. Franklin Iron Works Tremont Floor Lamp

Franklin Iron Works Tremont Floor Lamp

This piece is a beautiful option for bringing a bit of mid-century modern flair into your workspace. The burlap lamp shade of this mid-century modern floor lamp is a stylish addition to any room.

It is stylish and functional, providing just the right amount of light for late-night reading and work.

6. 74″ 3 Light Tree Floor Lamp

74" 3 Light Tree Floor Lamp

Taking its inspiration from the beautiful paper lanterns that have lit the streets of Japan for generations, this magnificent floor lamp is a piece of art. In addition to being a beautiful blend of traditional and contemporary design, it adds a stylish touch to any room.

Three lights are hidden under white cotton accordion-style paper lantern shades, and the slim frame is made in an old bronze finish.

7. Pavo Champagne Brass Double Floor Lamp

Pavo Champagne Brass Double Floor Lamp

This mid-century modern floor lamp by designer Brett Beldock is available exclusively at CB2. It features a sleek champagne brass design that is double bright thanks to its champagne brass finish and two matte white shades for optimum lighting.

The lamp’s upright design and movable brass arm can direct light wherever you need it. An on/off switch is thoughtfully installed on the corded base, encased in brown leather cording.

8. Adesso 73.5″ Arc Floor Lamp

Adesso 73.5" Arc Floor Lamp

The 3-arm arc lamp is an elegant and functional way to illuminate a dining area from above, with light directed in three different directions by adjusting the lengths of the lamp’s shade arms.

With this one-of-a-kind combination of materials, you can give your home a gorgeous, sophisticated look with a touch of modern farmhouse charm.

9. Archiology 79″ Arc Floor Lamp

Archiology 79" Arc Floor Lamp

This brass arch floor lamp from the mid-century is an excellent complement to the bold furniture in the living room.

Its slim profile contrasts nicely with the sofa’s robust lines, and the brass finish complements the fabric’s modest gold color.

Combining both of these elements will help you create a room that appears and feels as if it came straight out of a home décor magazine.

10. Brightech Eden Tripod Floor Lamp

Brightech Eden Tripod Floor Lamp

Tripod floor lamps are a contemporary version of traditional lamps. This lamp is the perfect addition to any room due to its sturdy wooden base and neutral cloth shade.

In addition, this lamp includes LED bulbs, allowing you to customize the lighting and ambiance.

11. Mercado 62″ Floor Lamp

Mercado 62" Floor Lamp

This mid-century modern floor lamp is the perfect way to inject some retro flair into your space. Along with the durable metal base, the linen drum shade will add a sense of serenity to your room.

In addition, you can choose from four different coatings: bronze, nickel, chrome, or black.

12. Regency Hill Jenson Modern Metal Adjustable Pharmacy Floor Lamp

Regency Hill Jenson Modern Metal Adjustable Pharmacy Floor Lamp

This is the ideal fusion of vintage and industrial charm, and the aged brass adds a luxurious warmth to any rustic setting.

The lamp comes with a height regulator, a movable arm, and a swiveling head that can light up any area you choose.

13. Brightec Swoop LED Floor Lamp

Brightec Swoop LED Floor Lamp

The Leap floor lamp is reminiscent of a well-known piece from the mid-20th century, thanks to its crescent-shaped metal shade and sharply curved base.

The shade is easy to move, so you can direct light exactly where you want it. This makes it perfect for a home office or reading nook. And talking about the look, the polished metal coatings give an old design a fresh look.

14. Alva 61-inch Coated Iron Floor Lamp

Alva 61-inch Coated Iron Floor Lamp

The perfect way to illuminate your favorite reading nook is with a floor lamp by Rugs USA. Whether you place the Arching Floor Lamp with LED Bulb behind your sofa, next to your bed, or in your favorite reading nook, it will provide overhead lighting throughout the room.

The Arc Floor Lamp is made of metal, making it easy to match or contrast it with the rest of your home’s decor.

Moreover, it features a cool-running LED bulb that produces ample illumination without overheating, as it is made while keeping your comfort in mind.

15. Staggered 3 Light Adjustable Floor Lamp, Milk & Antique Brass

Staggered 3 Light Adjustable Floor Lamp, Milk & Antique Brass

This tripod floor lamp is perfect for illuminating your home whenever you need it. Its over-the-top size and brass and glass construction make it a show-stopping centerpiece.

It has four amber glass bulbs that emit a pleasant, gentle light, and its three adjustable arms let you direct the light where it is most needed.


You don’t have to spend a fortune on mid-century modern lighting. With the plethora of different options to choose from on the market, you’ll find just the right lamp that perfectly fits your style and aesthetic with this list.

Hopefully, this list of mid-century modern floor lamps has been useful to you!!

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