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25 Awe-inspiring Industrial Kitchen Design Ideas With An Ageless Appeal

Industrial kitchen design has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is a style that combines the aesthetic of an industrial space with trendy touches to create a unique, stylish look. Whether you are designing a commercial kitchen or simply looking for ideas to improve your home kitchen, the kitchen design offers plenty of possibilities. From open layout concepts to bold colors and furniture choices, this article will cover twenty-five industrial kitchen design ideas that will help you create the perfect space for cooking and entertaining.

What is an Industrial Style Kitchen?

Industrial kitchen design

Such are often large and spacious, with a lot of counter space. They typically have large ovens, plenty of cabinets and drawers, and a sink with an easy-to-clean space around it. In addition, these kitchens usually have an exposed walls or wooden beams. Industrial kitchens have fewer options when it comes to color. Thus, infusing warm colors into the design makes it look modern with a stylish edge. Let’s go through 25 awe-inspiring industrial kitchen design ideas.

25 Trending Industrial Kitchen Design Ideas to Try

These are all about the details that make them stand out from other kitchen designs. In addition, these kitchens can be customized using unconventional materials. We will look at some of these industrial kitchen design features and how they can be customized as per the aesthetics of your home.

1. Exposed Brick Wall

exposed brick wall design kitchen
An Exposed Brick Wall Is An Important Element of an Industrial Kitchen Design

These kitchens are usually spacious and open, with a lot of natural light. This is why exposed brick walls are an excellent choice for these types of kitchens. The exposed brick wall creates the feeling that the kitchen is an extension of the home. It also provides a natural, rustic feel to the space and can help to create an inviting atmosphere.

2. Use Metal Sink

metal sink
Metal Sink for Industrial Kitchen

Such kitchens have a lot of equipment that is not found in other kitchens, such as metal sinks with steel faucets. Metal sinks are durable and easy to clean. They are usually the sink of choice as they match the overall industrial kitchen design.

3. Natural Woods for Interiors

wood shelves
Starking Black Cabinet Silhouette Against the Wooden Trimmings

Natural wood for shelves, counters, and surfaces will add to the design element. For example, wooden cabinets with black countertops are perfect for an industrial kitchen because they are durable, warm, and have a timeless look that will never go out of style.

4. Metal Bar Stools

high bar stool
Metal Bar Stools Add to the Look

One of the features of an industrial kitchen is metal bar stools for kitchen islands. These tall stools are typically used as a dining table for an island in the middle of a room.

5. High Ceilings

high ceilings
High Ceilings for Industrial Kitchens

The most common trait of an industrial-style kitchen is high ceilings and an open area. This gives the industrial kitchen a dreamy, airy, and bright Look.

6. Industrial Lighting To Emphasize Industrial Kitchen Look

industrial lighting
Old, Savaged Industrial Lighting Fixtures

You can find the perfect lighting decor for your industrial kitchen in garage sales, Craiglist listings, or junkyard sales. Opt for aluminum bulb cages, brass shades, and pendant lights, as they are well-suited as industrial kitchen light fittings. Hang this lighting above the island dining area to make it look great.

7. Exposed Wooden Beams For That Industrial Kitchen Look

exposed wooden beams
Exposed Wooden Beams

Such exposed  beams above the kitchen ceiling add to the rustic charm. Wooden beams add warmth to a room and are often combined with white ceilings. The example above shows the striking contrast between a white ceiling and brown wooden beams.

8. Metal or Weathered Wood Ladder

Wooden Ladder
Use of Metal or Wooden Ladder in Industrial Ladder Design

High ceilings mean higher cabinets. To reach the higher cabinets in your kitchen, you need a ladder. Match your industrial kitchen decor, and you need metal ladders or weathered wood ladders. This will allow you to reach the upper cabinets with ease.

9. Use of Turfgrass In Industrial Kitchen

industrial kitchen turfgrass
Turfgrass Wall Design for Industrial Kitchen

Turfgrass can be used as a backdrop for industrial-style kitchen designs. It adds substance to an otherwise boring decor. A touch of green makes the kitchen look fresh and attractive.

10. Colored/Patterned Tiles

industrial kitchen patterned floor
Patterned, Geometric Flooring for Industrial Kitchen

Add accent to the kitchen by adding patterned, geometric, or colored tile flooring. Go for solid colors or geometric patterns that blend well with your old-world or rustic decor.

11. Exposed Plumbing System For Industrial Kitchen Look

exposed plumbing
Exposed Kitchen Plumbing Used as Wall Hanging

Incorporate the Look of an old industrial factory by exposing pipes in the kitchen. You can use galvanized pipe in your plumbing system to add an industrial feel to your kitchen.

12. Exposed Electrical System For Industrial Kitchen Look

exposed electrical system
Exposed Electrical System

13. Add Steel to the Look of Indutrial Kitchen

industrial kitchen steel
Stainless Steel Look for Industrial Kitchen

Similar to the lines of old factories, add steel accessories to your kitchen furnishings. For example, you can have steel pots hanging over the kitchen island.

14. Leathered Stools or Chairs

barn wood bar rustic kitchen
Leather Covered Chairs or Bar Stools

You can use brown leather counter chairs/stools for your kitchen island. This will add to the rugged look of your industrial-style kitchen. In the example above, you can see the leather bar stools add to the rustic look of the industrial kitchen.

15. Copper Splash In Industrail Kitchen

Copper Highlights Add to the Industrial Kitchen Decor
Copper Highlights Add to the Industrial Kitchen Decor

Add color to your industrial kitchen by using copper accessories and furnishings. For example, place copper pots on the kitchen island or place them behind the stove. Or visit the thrift store to find a few copper light fixtures to add to the desired ambiance and style.

16. Repurpose Industrial Elements

industrial elements repurposed
Repurposed Industrial Elements Add Drama to the Kitchen

Visit flea markets, junkyards, Craiglist entries, and more to salvage old factory items. Use them as items for your commercial kitchen. For example, you can find old chimneys to add an old, rustic look to your kitchen. You can use old gear or tires and put a piece of glass on top for a side table.

17. Use of Concrete

industrial kitchen with concrete floor
Concrete floors are easier to maintain

Concrete is a durable and low-cost material that adds a modern yet cold look to your kitchen. Please give it a lively look by adding porcelain table countertops to the decor.

18. Place a Stainless Steel Refrigerator

industrial kitchen with steel fridge
A Stainless Steel Fridge Gives the Old Factory Vibes to the Kitchen

Add to the industrial feel by placing a large stainless steel refrigerator. This makes it look like huge, industrial freezers in a home kitchen.

19. Place Indoor Plants

industrial kitchen house plant shelves
Indoor Plants Brighten Up an Industrial Kitchen

Place indoor plants in your kitchen to add to the unusualness of the industrial kitchen. Choose Chinese money plants, succulents, silver dollar plants, or bamboo planters. These plants do not need much maintenance to thrive.

20. Rustic Wood Island

kitchen island reclaimed wood
The Reclaimed Wood Island Table Adds to the Industrial Kitchen Charm

A wooden island made of weather wood and texture adds to the old-world feel of an industrial kitchen. It can have open shelves where you place your wooden bowls, pots, and pans. Or place your fruit or towel baskets, adding drama to your industrial kitchen style.

21. Add a Vintage Clock

kitchen island reclaimed wood
A Vintage Clocks Brings the Old World Charm to The Kitchen

Add an old clock or grandfather clock to your kitchen for an old factory feel.

22. Metal Decor Accents

metal utensils holder
Metal Accessories Enhance the Industrial Kitchen Look

Yes, metal is a significant part of your industrial kitchen decor. You can choose a metal table or metal cabinet accessories such as brass or iron to give it a more crude look. Use stainless steel spoons and forks to complete the metal look.

23. Smeg Fridge

Industrial Kitchen Smeg Fridge
Place a Stylish Smeg Fridge in An Industrial Kitchen

Smeg refrigerators are no ordinary household appliances. Instead, they are powerful refrigerators available in a variety of colors and styles to suit any kitchen decor. Opting for a bulky Smeg will help enhance the industrial feel of your kitchen.

24. Steel Cabinets

Industrial Kitchen Steel Cabinets
Industrial Kitchen Steel Cabinets Have a Unique Charm

You can create a metal storage cabinet look by building steel cabinets under your kitchen island. They have a square design with huge handles that make them look a bit like an old bakery.

25. Splash of Colors

Industrial Kitchen Color
A Pop of Color Makes Adds Interest to the Industrial Kitchen Decor

Liven up the space by adding a splash of color to the kitchen. Industrial kitchens usually have black, grey, brown, white, and teal colors. This makes them look a bit drab. Add a splash of color by choosing a red oven or yellow cutlery. Bright-colored pots and pans lighten up the heavy mood in an industrial kitchen.

Choose the Right Accessories for An Industrial Kitchen

Industrial kitchens make a statement in style through smartly executed design. However, don’t overdo the Look by trying to incorporate all elements of an industrial kitchen into the design. Instead, focus on a few elements and experiment with them. For example, choose an exposed brick wall, pipes, or wooden beams and design your kitchen around it.

Industrial kitchens are ideal for rooms with high ceilings, spacious kitchens, and lofts. Let your creativity run wild if your kitchen has one or more of these elements.

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