Coyuchi- the dreamiest organic bedding

Hi everyone!  I’m here today to share a little peek into our bedroom, and introduce you (if you don’t already know and love them), to Coyuchi– a maker of organically produced and ethically sourced home goods that I KNOW you will adore!  They were so kind to send us bedding for Teo’s bunks and I was so envious of his situation that it became a little ridiculous.  Picture me snuggled in blanket forts hiding from my family and you’ll get a pretty good idea of what was happening, on the regular.  SO, I’m very happy to say they swooped in and made my bedding dreams come true with the softest, most luxurious and cozy bed situation we’ve ever had so that I am no longer a disappearing mama.  OK fine I’m still disappearing whenever I get the chance but at least it’s to my own bed.

Ok, so first a bit about our bedroom.  There was an average sized window where those french doors are, and we removed a strange vanity/bathroom entry to make way for a walk in closet accessible from the master bath on the opposite wall (more on that later), which made the room SO much better.  I’ll share some before photos on my Instagram if you’re curious to see.  All of this helped create the room that would become our sanctuary.  Because everyone who has a toddler covets a sanctuary, right?!  A place of respite is such a dream after a long day of kiddo wrangling!

The thing that I love most about Coyuchi is everything.  It’s almost too much but whatever, the heart loves what the heart loves.  And this heart loves a company that produces seriously insanely beautiful goods WITH A CONSCIENCE.  Organic materials, sustainable sourcing, design that I can not just settle for but OBSESS OVER.  And so many options for my neutral loving, minimalist sensibility.  Lemme break down for you what I chose in my quest to make the most peaceful, luxurious, cozy bed I could dream up.

I started with the organic linen chambray sheets in natural with the matching duvet because they’re heavenly and that oatmeal/natural colored goodness is my jam.  There have been times and places when I wanted lots of throw pillows and mismatched bedding and a really stylized bedroom.   But this is not one of those.  I want our bedroom to have the perfect amount of simplicity- I don’t want it to feel stark but if it’s very close to stark I’m totally ok with it.  In spite of that, I layered on this blanket and this blanket to add some cozy texture and because if I can pile on softness to my bed in the form of extra blankets by God I’m going to do it.  I’m not going to talk about how much I love that cream colored blanket because by the time I’m done you’ll think I’m a psychopath.  But if want to come over and snuggle it for yourself, I promise all judgment of me will fly out the window.

Lastly, I upgraded my pillow with Couchi’s new Serenity Pillow, an organic latex pillow that has bells and whistles that leave me thinking WHY IS  EVERY PILLOW NOT THIS PILLOW?!   I’ve never put any thought into a pillow, other than worrying about whether it might be so old that it has a colony of horrific things I can only have nightmares about living in it.  It was def time for an upgrade.  This one has NECK SUPPORT!  Gone are my nights of scrunching a sad pillow up beneath me to try to prevent the (inevitable) sore neck wake up.  It’s organic, engineered (YES, REALLY) to promote postural alignment, and my favorite- has indentations for your head/ears to alleviate pressure.  I’m a side sleeper and burning hot ears are my least favorite so this was like discovering ice cream or something equally magical.  I love it.

Ok, that’s all for now.  I’m on a slow roll sharing, so more to come one day….  Sources for everything below.

xx- Sarah

Sources:  Duvet Coversheets, blanket, cream colored blanket, Serenity pillow, print, nightstands, dresser, sconce, table lamp, pendant, rug, bed frame

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