Teo’s Big Boy Bedroom

Hello friends!  I can’t believe this moment is finally happening….we have a fully finished room in our house!  WHAT?!  One year after we purchased this little Ojai house the first room is done-DONE!  And it’s a room that just makes my heart melt right into a big old puddle. Ahhhh, I have never loved any rooms I’ve designed more than those that I’ve done for our baby boy!  I’m sure that’s everyone’s experience, right?  Ugh it’s just the best and his little face when he saw his bunkbeds for the first time, I could cry just thinking about how it lit up with the magic of it.  Here’s a little bit more about the room and links to all the pretty things you spy with your little eye at the bottom of the post…

Now that Teo is getting a bit bigger and ready to move into a bed I finally got to experience the dream I’ve had since I was a little girl- BUNKBEDS!  I never had them but was completely obsessed, so I suppose I saw my opportunity and leapt at it!  This set from Room & Board is my favorite on the market- that lower bunk at floor level is the perfect space to hang blankets and live that fort life.  I have to say, my inner child is DELIGHTED!  Bunk beds are just as fun and magical as I always knew they would be. Won’t say I don’t envy him a little as I tuck myself into my grown up bed.

This is a small room and we’re working to keep the chaos of a whole bucketload of toys out of it.  So I’ve got twice as many baskets as seen here, and we rotate out the baskets of toys.  When a fresh basket comes in it’s like they’re new again (instead of buying new toys to keep his interest, we make old toys new-again.  It saves money, creates less of a carbon footprint and teaches him the value of having a few things he loves rather than a room full of stuff he doesn’t really care about- which aligns with our family values.  I swear by this method and so far he’s quite content with his small collection of toys!  I do the same with his books.  We have about twice as many as are pictured here, and I rotate them.  When a beloved book comes back after he hasn’t seen it in awhile he gets so excited!

All of the things in this photo are as soft as they appear!  That bedding from Coyuchi is the softest bedding I’ve ever experienced, and organic cotton to boot.  I actually decided I need the blanket to have as a throw on our couch, so that will be three of them we have in the house.  It’s that perfect weight, too- heavy enough that you feel somehow comforted by it. I know you know what I’m talking about!  And the rug, another piece from Room&Board is soft and cozy, perfect for lounging on while we build Magnatiles and play with toy cars.

SOURCES:  BunkBeds, Rug, Cubby bench, Pendant light, Sheets, Blankets, Pillows, Book holders, Ride on llama, Llama painting, Felt ball garland

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Reader Comments

  1. jane|

    Gorgeous – what a lucky child : D
    And I have to agree, the nursery was also one of the best rooms I’ve seen anywhere, I truly love your aesthetic and am so glad you share.

  2. Lisa|

    Gorgeous room for an adorable little boy.
    Can’t wait to see more rooms in your new home!

  3. casey|

    Love everything you do! The wood tones 😍😍😍 where are the little brooms and dust pan from? Thanks!

  4. Nikki|

    It’s so so sweet! What a beautiful place to play and sleep in. Would you mind sharing where your toy baskets are from?

    • Sarah Yates|

      Thank you so much! I found them on Amazon- search “bolga baskets” 🙂

  5. Candice|

    Searching for a big boy bed for my son thats similar in age. I want to get a bunk bed but get a little scared with him climbing up and down the top bunk on the ladder. How do you deal with that? Also, where is the wood firetruck from? Thanks 🙂

  6. Heather|

    This is absolutely lovely! I’m working on a bunk room for my boys! May I ask where the rainbow throws are from? My boys love rainbow and these are a very muted and beautiful color scheme! Thanks a bunch Xo

  7. Gabriel Welch|

    Everything in this photograph are as delicate as they show up! That bedding from Coyuchi is the gentlest sheet material I’ve at any point experienced, and natural cotton for sure. I really chose I need the cover to have as a toss on our love seat, with the goal that will be three of them we have in the house. It’s that ideal weight, too-substantial enough that you feel by one way or another support by it.
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  8. Libby Howells|

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