Summer Essential: The Front Yard Picnic

Hi friends!  I’ve written about how our priorities have shifted over the years quite a few times- how we’ve turned our attention away from seeking satisfaction from things towards seeking happiness from experiences.  I was in a bit of a race with myself in the past- I wanted more success, more clothes, new things to decorate our house with.  None of which is a problem except for that it distracted me from enjoying what I have, and from…well, having as much fun as I’d like!  I feel more grounded, content, and at peace since we’ve made these changes.  I’m a work in progress of course, but I definitely value my time differently and you won’t find me spending it chasing the next must-have thing with the intensity I did before.  You WILL find me plotting more ways to enjoy our life!

One of the things that happened when we moved into our current house a bit over two years ago is that we made friends with quite a few of our neighbors.  This might not seem like a big deal to some of you but neither Lou nor I had experienced neighbor friends in our adult life and it turns out these relationships bring so much goodness to our days and enrich our time here on this big ol earth in ways we couldn’t have imagined.  We’re kind of obsessed with these neighbors of ours!  Every few months we host a s’mores night in our front yard- wine for the adults, s’mores for the kiddos and any soul who happens to walk by is invited to join.  It’s such a fun cast of characters and I love watching the kids play into the night- they’re living my childhood dreams of endless summer!  We’ve been wanting to add another celebration to the mix for the summer season- something a bit healthier and geared more towards the adults.  Which brings me to our newest tradition- the front yard picnic!

Gathering on blankets spread on our lawn with neighbors is the perfect way to enjoy my  summer (and life) essentials: great conversation, delicious food and drinks, summer sunshine and belly laughs!  The menu for our front yard picnic is simple, quick to throw together and most importantly: totally yummy and fun!  Sandwiches are my favorite picnic food- probably because they’re a treat I don’t indulge in too often but really, really love.  I made two kinds that celebrate what’s in season, one with heirloom tomato, pesto and ricotta, another with fig, goat cheese, mint and honey.  Alongside the sandwiches I threw together a simple green salad, bowls filled with popcorn and sweet potato chips, cherries, watermelon, berries, figs, pistachios, and saltwater taffy rounded out the nibbles.  For drinks, a selection of Teas’ Tea– my favorite for their simple Organic ingredients and bright, fresh flavor!  The Rose Green Tea is my personal fave.  They’re also what I’m sipping on when I hit my afternoon wall and need a little treat to help perk me up!

I hope this post inspires you to get together with friends and enjoy the season!  And if you don’t already know your neighbors, may I suggest a front yard picnic as a way to meet them?  Who knows what goodness they may bring into your life…  xx- Sarah

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Reader Comments

  1. Lynne|

    What a wonderful neighborhood to live in! At one time you had mentioned that your were planning to sell your house. Did you change your mind? If you did I bet the wonderful neighbors had a part in that decision. A great place for little Mateo to grow up!

  2. Mia|

    Such a lovely post! I just moved houses and have yet to introduce myself to my neighbors…this post has inspired me to do so! Definitely agree with you on seeking joy from experiences rather than items. S’mores nights sound like such a fun time! Thank you so much for sharing. I truly enjoyed reading this <3

    Mia |

  3. diane|

    what a fun tradition…wished I lived in your neighborhood! We, too, have wonderful neighbors but we all rarely get together for an evening. I may just start a new tradition.

  4. Nicole Perry|

    That sounds lovely, having a sense of community in your neighborhood. I can definitely relate on both ends. In elementary school, everyone was very friendly with each other on our street; I remember spending a lot of
    time at my neighbor’s houses and selling daisy chain necklaces and having a lemonade stand. (For a while, I was one of the only kids, so it was less playing with my peers, more having a lot of lovely grown-ups in my life.) Nowadays, I live in a high-rise apartment building, and while everyone is very polite, I don’t know much about anyone. The sense of anonymity can be nice sometimes, but I do miss what you’re talking about — having a real feeling of community. Also; glad to see you’re working with Teas’Tea — their rose tea is my favorite too; something about it feels extra-refreshing on a hot day, like it perfumes your breath.

  5. Luna|

    What a great neighborhood! And you’re such a beautiful person. I love that you would actively seek new experiences and create your own traditions to bring happiness to your life and others’.

  6. Heloise|

    i like your pictures. We’re big lovers of picnics in the backyard but this has given me even more ideas. With so much time still left in summer, I’m glad I read your post.