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Hi friends!  As we’re just a month and a half out from Teo’s first birthday I think it’s time I finally share his nursery!  I didn’t finish it until he was nearly 6 months old.  Ummmmm. Normal?  In the occasional fantasies I had about life with a baby I imagined bringing him home and sitting in his nursery breastfeeding/rocking in a state of bliss.  In real life we didn’t even has a crib set up for him and if you remember his birth story, as head over heels in love as I was, it was not a time I would describe as blissful.  Ahhh well, such is life, right?!  In the end it’s not the nursery or rocking chair or any room in our house that matters, it’s our healthy boy!  But that’s how it always is, isn’t it.  Nonetheless, when his nursery was set up I cried I was so happy.  It felt like a full circle back to my fantasies, and I soak up every minute we have in there.  Now he crawls all over it, pulls himself up to standing on every surface and sucks on the nose of that llama.  It’s all so fun!  Click through to see more, to read about my inspiration for the room, and for a full list of sources at the bottom of the post.  xx- Sarah


When I started designing the room it was important to me that it be a space that he could grow into, something not too precious, that had whimsical moments mixed in with grown-up design details that Lou and I could love as well.  I’m so happy that I got to a place with the room that feels just right for us!  Let me get right to the details:  THAT RUG!  It’s quickly become my favorite in the house and is perfect for a baby’s room.  Mateo has thrown up on it (ugh) more times than I can count and it looks no worse for the wear.  It will get better with age, isn’t so specific that I can’t make it work with many different style rooms that he may have down the road (or happily move it into another room if need be!)  It was actually the very first piece I picked out for the room, and everything else I chose around it.  Although I knew for a long time that I wanted this Ikea crib.  SEVENTY NINE DOLLARS.  Raw wood.  Simple design.  Need I say more?  I am SO happy with it!

Originally I wanted two of those extra large and beauteous terra cotta planters from Norden to sit on either side of his crib and create some wonderful symmetry (I realize I am a complete and utter nerd for wanting “wonderful symmetry”, but neither here nor there). Unfortunately a giant planter on the right side made it nearly impossible to get in and out of the door so I opted for two smaller planters.  I’ll have to get my wonderful symmetry kicks somewhere else I guess.

Shall we talk about the llama in the room?  HA!  In all seriousness I love it and Teo loves it and it felt like the perfect toy that could add that whimsy I was looking for.  That ottoman opposite of it gets way more use than I even knew it would- sometimes it’s a seat for me while Teo is playing, sometimes I use it to block the plant behind it, and Teo loves pulling himself up on it and slapping his hands on it like a giant silent bongo drum.  It’s perfect in my book.


I’m in love with the animals on his “safari” bedding (fitted sheet  and skirt).  I can’t wait until he’s old enough to start learning about them, and when he points at them and makes the respective animal noises I might die of happiness.  A small price to pay for the design choice I suppose.  Also shown:  handmade pillow, tea towel, cozy linen baby blanket, art by Kevin Appel, curtain rods, clip ringscurtains.


This dresser lived in our bedroom for a long time, but it makes the perfect dresser for Teo so we consolidated our clothing and moved it into his room.  That mobile was a gift from our friends Mirla and Olaf who were traveling through Peru around the time Teo was born. They are my favorite things in the room, they make me think of our sweet friends and the love we are so lucky to have that comes from around the world.

The rainbow abacus is from Ikea and has provided more hours of entertainment than I can count. That adorable bear is from Hazel Village, the bookshelves are IKEA, and the bookends are from Jonathan Adler.  The full list of sources is at the bottom of the post, and if you’re interested in anything I neglected to mention, please ask!

Teo-Nursery-7 Teo-Nursery-6 Teo-Nursery-3 Teo-Nursery-10   Teo-Nursery-5

Crib: IKEA / Rug: Dwell / Dresser: West Elm / Rocking Chair: Vintage via Nok Nok Living / Llama: Land of Nod / Large Terra Cotta Plant Pot: Norden Goods / Wave Print: Max Wanger / Ottoman: Wayfair / Crib Sheet: Dwell Studio / Crib Skirt: Dwell Studio / Changing Pad Cover: Dwell Studio / Tea Towel: Norden Goods / Art above Crib: Kevin Appel Studio / Baby Blanket: Rough Linen / Circle Mirror: Anthropologie / Throw Blanket: Norden Goods / Pillow on Rocking Chair & Mobile: Gifts from Mirla and Olaf  /  Rhino Bookends: Jonathan Adler

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  1. Meghan|

    What a beautiful nursery! Teo is such a cutie. Lucky kid to have such a beautiful and inspiring space to live in. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. My little one is almost one as well! Next week. This year flew by, right?! Hope you are well. xo, Meghan

    • Sarah Yates|

      Thanks so much Meghan! Oh my it flies by soooo quickly!! I think about that every day- it’s made the challenging times so much easier knowing they will pass and I will miss them. 🙂 . Happy birthday to your little! xx

  2. Kelsey|

    What a sweet little room! It took us forever to get ours done too, and we’re still redoing it and updating it as our kid grows and needs/gets new things!

    • Sarah Yates|

      Thank you Kelsey! It’s true, their needs change so quickly! The room is already different. But it’s so fun to keep modifying it for his different stages! 🙂 xx

  3. Courtney|

    I love everything! You sure know how to pull a room together like no one else!

    I may have missed it in the post, but where is the pendant light from?


    • Sarah Yates|

      Thank you Courtney!! The light is from Ikea- unfortunately last time I checked it was no longer available 🙁

  4. Alyssa | Yellow Birch|

    I’m in LOVE with that rug and the natural woods throughout — it’s such a gorgeous nursery! And what a little cutie!

  5. GFY|

    Crazy good. You have a talent. I send blessings and prayers that your real life has the same beautiful harmonious good vibes as are rolling out of these photo’s! PS: I LOVE the print above the crib. So good!

  6. Tiffany|

    What is the paint color on your walls? It’s lovely and has such a wonderful glow! The nursery is beautiful 🙂

  7. Julia|

    Love your designs My boy will be 1 in late October and I am still working on his nursery 🙂 I’ve been eyeing those baby blankets from Rough Linen for a while…love all of their stuff.

  8. Jessie|

    This nursery is incredible! I want to have another baby just to put in a room like this.
    Can I ask what the taller plant is? Is it a happy indoor variety (black thumb resistant)?

  9. Ralph Quito|

    I just can’t seem to skip a day without reading your blog. Everything in it just fascinates me, specially that you are able to send the message across very well. Thanks again!

  10. Holly|

    This is such a beautiful space & I love that you have made it so he can grow into it. That elephant toy is absolutely adorable, jus like all the other little touches in this room. Love it!

    Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo