Our Baby Shower


Hi friends!  As I mentioned last week, Saturday was our baby shower and I swear I’m still glowing from the magic of it!  I wish I had taken a million photos but it just didn’t happen (Lou and I were both so swept up in the moment that we completely forgot and these are pretty much all we have…lesson learned about hiring photographers for these sorts of things from now on, we clearly can’t be in charge of the photo taking at our own parties!)  Our dear friend Farra transformed our backyard into another, far more beautiful world and dreamed up the perfect details to celebrate our baby on the way!  The food was incredible- a cheeseboard the length of our table covered with charcuterie, massive hunks of the best cheese, papaya, figs, dates, marcona almonds, and so many more tasty little things was just the beginning!  We had multiple courses, and more food than I’ve ever seen at a shower- each bite ore tasty than the last!  Juan served up watermelon agua fresca and grapefruit cocktails and mocktails, and Jill filled every corner nook and cranny with beautiful florals/dangling cactus/bougainvillea.  Aren’t the cactus amazing?!  I wish they could live there forever.  In keeping with the theme Tina handpainted the blocks you see above and on the reverse of every side is a cactus in a plant pot- all taken from this blog post!  She also hand lettered a Shel Silverstein poem on a piece of grey suede that you’ll see further down in the post- it’s just adorable!

Farra insisted on it being a surprise and so I left the house when they began setting up and didn’t see everything until it was fully complete- and when she brought me out to see I was so overwhelmed with how beautiful it was and how much it meant to us that our friends had worked so hard to pull this together that I just cried for ten minutes.  I could barely speak.  I’m crying just typing this.  It was honestly one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for our family and I’m just overwhelmed with gratitude.  Having everyone gather around us to celebrate this special time in our lives and this sweet babe on the way was just the BEST!  I wish we could do it again and again.  It was one of those parties where as people leave you’re like WAIT!!!!! ARE YOU SURE YOU HAVE TO GO?!?!  I didn’t want it to ever end.  A handful of photos below… and the memories in my brain forever.  xx- Sarah

sarah_yates_mora_baby_shower_2 sarah_yates_mora_baby_shower_4

sarah_yates_mora_baby_shower_3 sarah_yates_mora_baby_shower_5 sarah_yates_mora_baby_shower_7 sarah_yates_mora_baby_shower_8 sarah_yates_mora_baby_shower_14 sarah_yates_mora_baby_shower_15 sarah_yates_mora_baby_shower_9 sarah_yates_mora_baby_shower_11 sarah_yates_mora_baby_shower_12 sarah_yates_mora_baby_shower_13 sarah_yates_mora_baby_shower_q0

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  1. Aleksandra|

    Getting swept up in a moment without taking pictures is always good. Hate it when special moments have everyone getting out there phones! 🙂

    Also wonderful cactus 🙂

    • Sarah Yates|

      Thank you Aleksandra!!! Yes I agree it’s so nice when there are no phones around. But it is a bit sad when there aren’t photos at the end- which is why having a photographer at these times is SO good!!!! 🙂 Lesson learned, next time we’ll hire someone!! XX

  2. Geri|

    Such a cool party!!!! You have great friends that love you and lou veryvery much….this is totally obvious!!!! Love those gorgeous cactus on the walls !!!!! Well…. The big question is….. Do we get to hear the little guys name? <3 xoxo I feel your pain on the lack of photos taken 🙁

  3. Marcia|

    What a special shower, all the details look positively stunning! Your babe is one loved little guy. I bet the anticipation of his arrival is almost too much to bear! If you think this season is overflowing with love, just wait till your little guy arrives. Your heart literally explodes into a billion pieces. Thanks for sharing!