Sea Ranch Dream House


Phew, we all made it to Friday!!!!  And I’ve got a visual reward for us.  At the end of last year we went to a magical little town a couple hours north of San Francisco called The Sea Ranch.  It is seriously one of my favorite places in California that I’ve visited so far.  So when I stumbled across this amazing house in Dwell I pretty much fell off my seat and into a puddle of my own drool. Check it out below-  ISN’T IT AMAZING?!  Have a great weekend my friends!  xx- Sarah

{via Dwell}

back_at_the_ranch-sea_ranch-living_room-stool-leather-chrome-chair back_at_the_ranch-sea_ranch-bio_sconces-bedroom-area_rug

back_at_the_ranch-sea_ranch-guesthouse-facade-exterior back_at_the_ranch-sea_ranch-guesthouse-interior-sconce-rug back_at_the_ranch-sea_ranch-terrace-sequoia_table-exterior-portrait back_at_the_ranch-sea_ranch-living-dining_area-douglas_fir-black_walnut-dining_table back_at_the_ranch-sea_ranch-meadow_grasses-cypress_trees-cliffs-coast

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  1. joanie|

    Hard to believe it’s been 30 years since I last visited Sea Ranch. I was pregnant with my son. It is one of my most memorable and favorite places on this planet.

  2. Laurel Cabrera|

    So neat! I actually had my honeymoon in Sea Ranch! I remember those views very well. 🙂 Such a beautiful area but not tons to do, besides enjoy the outdoors of course.