Bali Part II


Thank you all for the sweetest comments on my last two posts- they made me laugh, some of them made me cry, and overall they just made my heart warm.  I love you guys!!!!  We’re all settled in with the friends that we’re staying with until we close on the new house (!!!!!!!) and I’m thinking that by next week I’ll be back to regular recipe posts, style posts and my usual song and dance.  But before that happens I want to share the second half of our Bali trip with you!  This post is dedicated to all of you in the northeast still shoveling your way out of the heaping present that Juno left!  I grew up in Maine so I remember those stormy days oh so well!  Let today’s post be a little escape to a place where snow doesn’t fall, windshields don’t need scraping, and mittens are non-existent!

As you saw here, we spent the first of our two weeks in  Ubud,Bali at the amazing Castello Jasper with friends!  And then we snuck away for a romantic week at The Bale´hotel in Nusa Dua- in search of white sand beaches and a whole lot of nothing to do.  We found exactly what we were looking for!  I don’t have a ton of recommendations because we barely left the beach/hotel/spa- but it was one of the most amazing places we’ve ever stayed and too gorgeous to not share!  It’s not a budget friendly hotel but we were there during the off season and they were running a special so we snuck into a hotel that we normally couldn’t afford.  As for travel to Bali during the “off season”- it rains a bit more (which I found romantic and lovely), there a more mosquitos than during the non-rainy season and it’s quieter.  From what I gathered that’s about the only major difference. Well worth the savings to visit then in my opinion!

nusa_dua_bale_hotel_A_House_in_the_hills_2 nusa_dua_bale_hotel_A_House_in_the_hills_3

One of the many incredible things about The Bale´is that each room HAS IT’S OWN POOL!  It’s a honeymooners dream.  We had a bit of an issue with mosquitos one night (by bit of an issue I mean we were basically about to be consumed alive and after they installed the mosquito net above our bed I felt like I might end up spending the entire trip within it’s confines!)  The staff was incredibly apologetic and accommodating and promptly upgraded our room to one that was not suffering from a mozzie invasion.  And then our minds were REALLY blown because the next room had a pool that backed RIGHT UP TO THE ROOM.  So you could basically step out of the villa, straight into the pool.  CRAZYTOWN!!!!!  And then you can see on the right in the photo below is the bathtub.  It was heavenly!

nusa_dua_bale_hotel_A_House_in_the_hills_4 nusa_dua_bale_hotel_A_House_in_the_hills_9 nusa_dua_bale_hotel_A_House_in_the_hills_8

Below is the entry way to our villa- we loved the modern lines and clean aesthetic of The Bale!  We didn’t get out and do too much exploring of Nusa Dua, aside from the beach that’s walking distance (or a short shuttle ride) from the hotel.  But we had done a little exploring on a day trip the week we were with friends and it felt like a very touristy area- so we stayed in our villa for most of the week- it was such a great way to completely unwind!  We did have an amazing traditional Balinese meal at Bumbu Bali and we also explored the St. Regis a bit- the grounds are stunning but unfortunately we had an underwhelming dining experience.

nusa_dua_bale_hotel_A_House_in_the_hills_5 nusa_dua_bale_hotel_A_House_in_the_hills_7 nusa_dua_bale_hotel_A_House_in_the_hills_6

And I’ll leave you with one last shot of the white sand beaches and crystal clear waters that are part of what make Bali such a special place to visit.  I’m already plotting my way back!  If you all have any reommendations for Nusa Dua or the beaches in Bali I’d love to hear it below!  xx- Sarah


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  1. Jenna|

    What a gorgeous place!! I’ve been to Bali twice and really enjoyed all the things to do there–temples, reflexology, restaurants, shopping, views…especially the beautiful temples.

  2. Daisy|

    this is awesome Sarah! I have always wanted to visit Bali. I completely fell for Tulum after seeing your posts (I was doing research after I booked it on a whim.) Now, I NEED to visit BALi!

  3. sarah|

    Our Bali trips were polar opposite! I went when I was 22, poor and backpacking Asia.. thankfully the beaches are free of charge 😉 I stayed in Ubud for a week and then headed south. We hiked up Mt. Agung (highest point on the island) in the dark so that we could reach the summit for sunrise, which was truly amazing and really tiring! I suggest you visit Nusa Lembongan next time! It’s a tiny island south of Bali and although the hotels aren’t as nice, it is so low key you feel like you own the place. There might actually be some lovely hotels there, but I definitely didn’t stay in one 😉 The main industry on Lembongan is seaweed farming and the food is amazing and authentic! xo

  4. Brittany|

    Bali is on my dream vacation list. Seeing this photos and reading about your stay makes me want to visit even more. Your room at The Bale looks like it was really romantic and lovely.

  5. Kintan|

    You looks like that had a fantastic holiday.
    Great and amazing pictures.
    Welcome to my country…!!!
    Lovely greeting xoxo

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