green juice recipe

i had a few requests for this when i posted about my new healthy habits. we have this juice (or a variation of it) every morning and it’s the perfect start to our day.  a few juicing tips, if you’re interested:

– juice your greens first to get the most out of them, and on the lower speed setting if you have that option.  then ginger next!

– if the green taste is too much at first (my dad said it tastes like the “freshly mowed lawn”) add a bit more fruit or a carrot to sweeten it and then phase them out as your taste buds adjust

– if you’re the type of person who can’t get enough sour- add more lemon!

– if you have a significant other to share the juicing responsibilities with it sure does help- we try to split up the work.  if i juice, he cleans.  it really helps!

– i think the juice tastes significantly better when served in a frosty canning jar. 

– if you’re considering purchasing a juicer, we love our breville.  and it’s on sale here for $89!

if you have any favorite juice recipes, please share!  i’m thinking of doing another short cleanse to ring in the new year.  OH, and please note:  this recipe makes 2+ very large glasses of juice, so halve it if you’re juicing solo!  

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  1. Megan|

    Thanks for sharing this recipe! Does this keep overnight? I was thinking instead of halving it just making 2 servings so I didn’t have to juice everyday.