so tell me….

have you read any good books lately?  *bean outtakes can be found here, and really shouldn’t be missed.

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  1. Nicole|

    Had to share on Twitter. Ruca completely owns my heart!

    I recently read 'Your Voice in My Head' by Emma Forrest. Most beautiful and honest thing I have read in years.

  2. shelley|

    cutest dog ever. some good ones I've picked up recently:
    "confederacy of dunces" by john kennedy toole
    "housekeeping" by marilynne robinson
    "other voices, other rooms" by truman capote

    hope this helps!

  3. sarah yates|

    thanks everyone! so happy bean is making you smile on this fine tuesday. will check out your book recs!

  4. kay*|

    seriously, HOW do you get her to sit still long enough in these various accessories to take a picture?!?!
    too cute!

  5. Lindley|

    Just kill me!! The only thing as cute as current Bean is puppy Bean –
    read Maine by J. Courtney Sullivan…you're welcome! :-)

  6. sarah yates|

    thanks everyone! @ kay- i have been photographing her since she was a small pup, in all sorts of outfits. she enjoyed it when she was younger (i think she liked the attention and excitement of it). now she just settles in and knows it will be over soon enough. :)

  7. victoria | vmac+cheese|

    Oh Bean! Such a ham.

    I agree with the A Confederacy of Dunces rec. My favorite book of all time, probably. Our wireless network at home is named 'mongoloid, esq,' which will make more sense if you read it.

    I just finished Deluxe: How Luxury Lost its Luster and found it fascinating!