15 Ideas to Use Ginger Jars for Home Decor

Ginger jars have emerged as indispensable pieces in any home decor plan. But many may have questions such as what is a ginger jar and how come jars are made decor objects. Ginger jars are Chinese jars with a legacy of at least 9 centuries and continue to fascinate the world with their utilitarian and aesthetic properties.

Gone are the days ginger jars used to be spice-storing vessels. Today it is more of an object of decor, and the decoration of homes is unthinkable without it. Ginger jars were transformed into popular objects of home decor at least six decades ago, and the fine piece attracts attention. Now let us scan the important ginger decor ideas you can try out at home.

1. Ginger Jar at Entryway

At the entryway, you can place a trendy ginger jar as the perfect place to welcome guests with blue pops and white shades. At the console table, the Chinese jar will ooze, color, pattern, and style as a perfect display piece and look amazing, even when placed below the table.

Ginger Jar at Entryway

2. Ginger Jar as Flower Vase

A nice ginger jar will make a great place for flower arrangement and will make you happy if you had doubts about its utility with a lingering question about what is a ginger jar. You can fill the ginger jar with any flower, including bright red roses. It needs no florist skills to add impressive filler flowers and some greenery too. The jar’s small opening does seek a tape grid or floral foam to perfect the floral arrangement. The floral arrangement can be tried for different types, such as daisies, peonies, and orchids as well.

Ginger Jar as Flower Vase

3. Ginger Jar Display on Room Shelves

You can buy a set of ginger jars and let them take over the shelves after tossing the books.

Ginger Jar Display on Room Shelves

4. Ginger Jar as Table Centre Pieces

In dining rooms, you can position elegant ginger jars as a great beauty multiplier. Ginger jars as centerpieces for the dining table with a floral vase are amazing. They also work well on bar carts and buffet tables.

Ginger Jar as Table Centre Pieces 

5. Ginger Jar Decor in Kitchens

You can embellish the kitchen with ginger jars by either keeping them in the center of the kitchen island or at the coffee station that keeps coffee pods and tea bags. One great spot to place the ginger jars will be on the two sides of the stove. It will serve great in a beautiful white marble kitchen with a blue range and brass hardware. A large ginger jar can be the cynosure of eyes in the corner of the kitchen sink. They brighten up a boring cooking space. Try placing a set on decorative trays or letting them peek out from your glass cabinets.

kitchen with ginger jars

6. Ginger Jar in the Living Room

Ginger jars in the living room will be a focal point of the space when placed on a console or coffee table.

Living Room Ginger Jars

7. Ginger Jar at the Fire Place

Even on the mantle of your fireplace, ginger jars will look classy perched on top. Other options are highlighting them at the side positions.

Ginger Jar at the Fire Place 

8. Ginger Jar to Amplify Exhibits like Portraits

Ginger jars as a single or group will create a focal point when you place two jars around a colorful abstract painting or a portrait over a console table for an ultra-charming effect.

Ginger Jar to Amplify Exhibits like Portraits

9. Ginger Jar as a Vignette on Tray

The art of styling ginger jars on a tray is an evergreen idea. You can corral your favorite home decor pieces on a tray for telling a story and choose ginger jars.  You will create an amazing monochromatic vignette with an array of ginger jars, plates, bowls, and other pretties making for a beautiful palette. The vignette can have multiple floral arrangements to sync with varied ginger jars.

Ginger Jar as a Vignette on Tray

10. Ginger Jar at Home Library

You can also display different ceramic jars amongst books on your library decks. Your collections of Milton, Dickens, and Mark Twain will have a porcelain charm nearby.

Ginger Jar at home Library

11. Ginger Jar Cluster Decor

You can go bold with a large grouping of ginger jars. Make the collection monochromatic, add color, or pair ginger jars with beautiful vases, vessels, and objects. For making the jar cluster ebullient, place the largest ginger jar in the center and stagger small pieces of jars and vases in varying heights and widths.

ginger jar Cluster decor

12. Ginger Jar Decor in Dining Room

The Chinoiserie style will make dining rooms stand out with a few ginger jars. You can play with symmetrical floral arrangements or make centerpieces when diners are not there.

ginger jar decor in Dining room

Ginger jars with blue and white hues spell a leisurely mood and will be nice in your bedroom. Also, try out a ginger jar-inspired pattern on a dresser or a bedside lamp.

ginger jar in bedroom Bedroom

14. Ginger Jar for Bathroom Decor

In the bathroom, you can have a spa-like retreat with ginger jars placed around your tub for a refreshing vibe. If you add a garden seat in the classic blue and white style, the bath towel will be an arm away.

Ginger Jar for Bathroom Decor

15. Ginger Jar at Outdoors

A home feeling comes with a well-styled outdoor. Ginger jars can make your patio area feel gorgeous and will be perfect with colorful landscapes. As sturdy stuff, jars can weather the elements without any hard maintenance.

Outdoor decor

Where Can I Buy Ginger Jars?

You can buy antique ginger jars from online auctions, and some antique shops also sell them. Outlets like Etsy will be useful for your ginger jar shopping. You can buy them solo or in a group as a versatile addition to any space for decoration or storage. Ginger jars as solo or in sets can complement your existing home furniture. Amazon.com is another online buying source for your ginger jars of any size.

In finding the answer to what is a ginger jar, you have to know that antique porcelain ginger jars are hard to get. However, you will find beautiful replicas with the same classic beauty and trademark looks of a wide mouth, a spherical body, and a dome-sized lid.

European Demand for Ginger Jars As Turning Point

The Chinese used ginger jars mainly for storing and trading spices and precious ingredients. The oldest ginger jars go back to the 14th century, and the jars arrived in Europe, too, while trading with China. From the 17th century onwards, it rocked Europe and led to the mass production of ginger jars. The “Chinoiserie” style gained steam in other parts of the world too, and the lovely jars quickly became an indispensable home decor object thanks to their undeniable charm.

Ginger Jars Catalysts of Luxurious Looks

The hot favorites among ginger jars are classic blue and white in a variety of shapes and sizes. The in-demand items include ginger jar lamps, ginger jar garden stools, and ginger jar vases.

Ginger jars can be placed in any part of your home as the style options merge with all decor plans assuring an immense dash of flavor in your premises. This must-have home accessory also oozes an extra luxury feel into homes. To explain what is a ginger jar and how it works for me, you can look up to the popular blue and white ginger jars as starters.

The fascination for ginger with white and blue designs and motifs is unlimited. Made of true porcelain, original ginger jars flaunt a variety of intricate hand-painted designs. You can see painted figurines of rural China, wildlife, dragons, and floral arrangements on its bulky body.

Fill Aesthetic Gaps in Home Decor with Ginger Jar Ideas

On the home decor front, when you feel some element of grandeur is amiss from the rooms, you can compensate for that with a ginger jar of any size. This high versatility lends not only exquisite looks but also a classical charm to compliment rustic, traditional, or modern settings. Interior design experts agree how classic ginger jars had been making beautiful decor statements with grace and elegance to millions of homes.

Being timeless, Ginger jars make exotic statements in any space and instantly hog the limelight. There are many creative ways you can try while showcasing ginger jars. You can try pairing large and small jars of different shapes for making a unique vignette or showcasing large ginger jars, as showstoppers also work well.

Bottom Green jars

The popularity of ginger jars as a high-value decorative element continues to soar. Some notable trends pretty well answer the scope of what is a ginger jar with an expansion of the repertoire beyond blue and white by adding many contemporary versions as unique offerings. One example can be a green ginger jar with geometric patterns that compliments all chic decors as a conversation starter.

There are also temple jars enjoying good demand. While ginger jars have a flat top with a round body, temple jars flaunt a rounder look at the top with a constricted body going toward the bottom part. This comprehensive round-up has explained what a ginger jar is and outlined the resources to embellish your home with ginger jar decor ideas. You can apply appropriate tweaks and go for a splendid uptick to the look and feel of your home.

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