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Mid-Century Makeover: 16 Fireplace Design Ideas

A fireplace not only adds warmth to a house but also gives it a feeling of comfort and belonging. Naturally, one would adore having a relaxing conversation with their loved ones in such a setting, and it is even more crucial if you live in a colder region. Nonetheless, even in warmer countries, fireplaces are used as an attractive and eye-catching décor element in the living room or bedroom. Are you fascinated by a mid-century modern fireplace?

If you appreciate simplicity with functionality, mid-century modern decor is the right choice for you! Here are the top 15 ways to add the modern mid-century feel to your fireplace:

1. Willow Oak Gas Mid-Century Modern Fireplace

Willow Oak Gas Fireplace

This gas fireplace simulates a natural wood-burning appearance without the difficulty or clutter caused by an actual wood-burning furnace. Therefore, it makes a remarkable statement in contemporary homes that opt for a contemporary and futuristic feel.

For added authenticity and mid-century contemporary appeal, it’s recommended to use this fireplace in conjunction with exposed brickwork and stones.

2. Amarah Electric Mid-Century Modern Fireplace

Amarah Electric Fireplace

Your living room’s fireplace is the ideal focal point because it is symmetrical and serves a purpose. With this mid-century modern fireplace, you can be sure to feel bold and unique while also being a minimalist.

It also has a very sleek and contemporary appearance, so it will look fantastic in interior designs that are contemporary, modern, or rustic. Remember, this fireplace will certainly appear spectacular and astounding when combined with stone and brick.

3. Wall-Mounted Exotic Mid-Century Modern Fireplace

Wall-Mounted Exotic Fireplace

This specific fireplace from the mid-century modern era has the power to speak a thousand words. The fashionable glass, which comes in various exotic frame hues, tends to provide a vivid, vibrant, and warm tone vibe year-round to your living room and bedroom.

You can choose between designing in a recessed or wall-mounted pattern. It works best to install a television on top and various built-in bookcases on either edge of the fireplace.

4. Osborne Electric Mid-Century Modern Fireplace Insert

Osborne Electric Fireplace Insert

Are you lacking a chimney? Do not fret! This straightforward electric fireplace design will go in well with your mid-century contemporary décor. It looks best when combined with an exposed stone or brick fireplace and a rustic wooden mantel.

Modern, contemporary, and farmhouse interior design styles all work well with this mid-century modern fireplace. Last but not least, add a stylish set of floor lamps to the side!

5. Kinbor Recessed Wall-Mounted Mid-Century Modern Fireplace

Kinbor Recessed Wall-Mounted Fireplace

This electric fireplace from the mid-century is a beautiful and practical addition to your living area. This fireplace not only makes the room feel cozier and warmer, but it also serves a crucial role in establishing balance, symmetry, and emphasis.

Additionally, because a remote control is included, you may unwind on the couch while operating the fireplace’s capabilities. That sounds too relaxing and heavenly.

6. Balance Out the Shapes

Mid-century Designed Living Room

Using a variety of shapes and lines is essential to mid-century design. Here, both the side table and the seating are curved. However, the fireplace is designed with straight lines to contrast the other shapes and add something unique. It catches the eye right upon entrance and makes the fireplace quite the center of attraction.

7. A Little Goes a Long Way

Beautiful Living Room With Hardwood Floors Tv Chandelier And Fireplace

It is not necessary for your fireplace to be enormous to have an impact. In this design, porcelain tile was laid down vertically to give the living room a sense of height. This also highlights the horizontal curves of the TV and fireplace. Once the fire is lit, it will produce the exact mid-century aesthetic you desire.

8. Lauderhill Electric Mid-Century Modern Fireplace

Lauderhill Electric Fireplace

This electric fireplace stands out and is pretty special. Your living area tends to become a contemporary and mid-century modern haven when the fireplace is there. It has a striking silhouette and a rectangular glossy surface. The fireplace’s striking appearance is what draws the eye.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a chimney. You may give your living room—and other frequently used areas—the most appealing and elegant appearance possible with the help of this lovely electric fireplace.

9. Turn it Into a Camping Trip

Luxury Fireplace Fireplace In A Modern Luxury Home With Burning

This design most effectively incorporates nature, which is a critical component of mid-century modern style. It appears that you are sitting by a fire outside! The wood material that wraps around the chimney gives an organic touch, while the stone wall in the back brightens the design. Such a layout is perfect for when you want to give your room a feel of being in a forest. Also, it’s ideal for a house that is designed with more tropical decor.

10. The Urban Fireplace

Urban Fireplace

This Urban fireplace is the ideal fusion of traditional and modern components, just like mid-century modern design. It perfectly combines the classic curves of old-world design with the clean, uncomplicated lines of contemporary city architecture. The focal point of your upcoming gatherings will undoubtedly be this fireplace!

11. Loyd Bio-Ethanol Mid-Century Modern Fireplace

Loyd Bio-Ethanol Fireplace

Undoubtedly something to anticipate is this fireplace from the mid-century modern era. It is a ventless wall-mounted fireplace insert with a fashionable design that adds style and thoughtfulness to the living room or bedroom. Finally, it has a strong steel frame that guarantees a confident and elegant appearance.

12. Direct Vent Fireplace Insert

Direct Vent Fireplace Insert

A timeless and adaptable linear form gives this direct-vent gas fireplace a striking and dramatic appearance. The fireplace comes with lovely ceramic glass and an in-floor lighting pattern, making it a fantastic choice for modern, mid-century, and contemporary settings.

Additionally, it works excellently for both indoor and outdoor applications. Therefore, don’t hesitate to use this genuine fireplace element if you want to create a chimney-like effect on your patio.

13. Carice Ethanol Fireplace

Carice Ethanol Fireplace

This direct vent gas fireplace features a timeless, adaptable linear design for a striking appearance. The fireplace is a fantastic suggestion for modern, mid-century, and contemporary settings because it has a lovely ceramic glass and in-floor lighting pattern.

Furthermore, it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor uses. So don’t hesitate to use this actual fireplace component if you want a chimney-like effect on your patio.

14. Combine Materials

Fragment Of The Interior Of A Country House The Iron

Why not mix a metal chimney fireplace and a brick fireplace if you can’t decide between the two? Here, the metal fireplace has a lovely brick backdrop, and the colors give the design a touch of coziness.

The benefit of having such a variety of textures is that it adds dimension and, generally, improves the aesthetic appeal of the space.

15. Sheehan Fireplace Insert

Sheehan Fireplace Insert

Isn’t this fireplace just too poised and appealing to the eye? There are several ways to style the fireplace in your house, and one of them calls for you to position it at a specific height to give the space a vertical perspective.

This fireplace, which is encased in a striking metal design, features a bio-ethanol burner concept that provides the most significant degree of adaptability, durability, and timelessness.

16. An Attached Bookcase is a Must-Have

An Attached Bookcase is a Must-Have

This is ideal for you if you’re a voracious reader and have a sizable book collection. A built-in bookcase beside your fireplace is both traditional and contemporary, and as long as you decorate it appropriately, you can use it for more than just books. Your visitors will never cease to be amazed by it.

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