we got a sneak peek of our wedding photos last night. max put together a very special viewing experience for us and we sat in front of his computer, wordless, just weeping as we looked through them. i’m not being dramatic, this is a true story. snot may or may not have flown out of one of us. amazing!  this is the only one i’m going to share until they’re all ready (and we may hold out for our video too). you don’t know how much this will torture me, i promise you it will take every bit of self restraint i have. every little bit. eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

photo by max

oscar and me

We were shooting Tori and Austin’s day-after portraits.  Oscar was a fantastic assistant, keeping guard for me us at the bottom.   It’s unfortunate that I make this face when taking pictures, especially  because I know I’m prematurely aging my face with all of that squinting! *sigh*