Dog Monday

hi friends!  i hope you had a great weekend, a happy cinco de mayo, a relaxing sleepy sunday and all the goodness that a couple of days off can bring!  it’s been way too long since i shared a little snap of ruca bean yates-mora with you (i’ve been mostly sharing our dog styling antics on my instagram).  but here she is, she’s bringing in monday with her normal charm and sass.  and in 4 short days we’ll be celebrating her 7th birthday!  i swear when she runs around our yard or spazzes out when a friend comes over you wouldn’t think she’s a day over two.  i love her extra for that. 

in other news, i’ll be back later this afternoon with a recipe post  to help you detox from an over-indulgent weekend!  and i’ll also be sharing a few of the bean outtakes on my facebook this afternoon as well.  i really, really don’t think you want to miss them, so be sure to check in!  xx- sarah

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  1. Sanne Eva|

    Oh my, how sweet. It's good to know my dog is not alone in her passion for wearing towels & blankets as accessories, too!