Pillow Talk

If you’re like me and have a compulsive need to refresh your space, pillows are your best friend. They can transform a room, adding color, texture, warmth or just that last bit of something to make it feel gooooood.  I was being dramatic yesterday when I said they’re more expensive than an organ transplant.  They definitely CAN be, and I have a special skill for always falling in love with THE MOST EXPENSIVE PILLOW MY EYES LAND ON.  But!   I found a bunch of really beautiful, totally affordable options in a pretty exhaustive search this week to share with you. Seriously internet, if there is a corner I left unturned in my pillow hunt, give me a heads up. There are so many of these bad boys that I’d love to mix and match for a look like this.  Oh pillows, I love thee.  Happy decorating my friends!!  xx- Sarah

1. Heavy Loop Diamond Throw Pillow  2.  Fringe Accent Pillow  3.  Wool Wrap Pillow  4.  Loloi Decorative Pillow  5.  Chevron Throw Pillow  6.  Embellished Medallion Square Pillow  7. Mongolian Lamb Pillow Cover  8.  Alma Apricot Pillow  9.  African Mudcloth Rusty Shibori  10. Vintage Indigo African Mudcloth Pillow   11.  Denim Pyramids Pillow  12.  Pirhanas Throw Pillow

13.  Texture Stripe Throw Pillow  14.  Balbina Throw  15.  Metallase´ Cotton Pillow  16.  Hmong Indigo Pillow Cover  17.  Hmong Batik Pillow Cover  18.  John Robshaw Aleppo Pillow   19. Corriente Pillow  20. Gray +White Striped Pillow  21.  Maharam Pillow in Monk’s Wool  22. Large Arrow Mali Pillow  23.  Division Navy Striped Pillow  24.  White African Mudcloth Pillow


25.  Heavy Single Loop Throw Pillow  26.  Morocco Pillow  27.  Estrato Pillow  28.  Graphic Embroidered Linework Pillow  29.  Graphic Puzzle Pillow Cover  30.  Black and White African Mudcloth Pillow  31.  Indigo and Manta Blues Pillow  32.  Tirisa Fuscia Pillow  33.  Yard Dyed Geo Pillow  34.  Bonaire Throw Pillow  35.  Espadin Pillow  36.  Ticking Stripe Pillow