Lately when I walk into the kitchen I have two distinct thoughts.  The first: What can I make that would be good with chimichurri?  The second: How can I get some chocolate and peanut butter in my mouth NOW!  This is my life.  Lucky for you it means I came up with a chocolate peanut butter (pretty damn close to instant) pudding. THAT IS HEALTHY. Kill me now.  No don’t!  I  have too much pudding still to eat.  And, since it shouldn’t go unmentioned- that is a peanut butter whipped cream you’re seeing piled on top of that chocolate peanut butter pudding.  DOUBLE PEANUT BUTTER.  Yes, that’s right!   Send flowers.  xx- Sarah

A_House_in_the_hills_chocolate_chia_pudding_4 A_House_in_the_hills_chocolate_chia_pudding_1

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peanut butter chocolate chip granola bars

hi friends!  growing up i was obsessed with nature valley peanut butter granola bars.  you know the ones? peanut buttery, flaky goodness.  so i set out to create a healthy, non-processed version.  and it took me four go-rounds to get a recipe i’m in love with.  but let me tell you, even the practice rounds were all scarfed down in a matter of days.  these are such a perfect snack to get you by until your next meal, i cannot tell you enough how much of a staple they’ve become in our house!  hope you love as much as i do.  xx- sarah {more after the jump}

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