I have a crazy announcement, one that I’ve shared on Instagram through sneak peeks but kept mum about on here until I had some pretty photos to share.  I think I’ve also been nervous to make it Official OFFICIAL, you know?   Drumrolll….We’re moving back to the coast to be full time San Diego residents!  We’ve been going back and forth about what to do for months, after realizing that no matter how hard we try, the desert just isn’t for us. We knew that it was a possibility when we bought the house, that we would move to a town we’d never lived in and decide that it wasn’t the right fit, but we of course had hopes that it would be.

We won’t be moving into a dream home in San Diego, we’ll likely be renting a two bedroom apartment or duplex. It will be a dramatic change from this luxury living but we’re looking forward to the adventure! As for this sweet home, we’ve got HUGE plans!  We’re turning our dream home into a vacation rental!!  We just can’t let it go, it’s such an incredible space and we know that we can make it an ideal spot for out of town visitors to get away to. I’ve had my hands full shifting my design ideas to accomodate the new plan!  More details (including sources), lots of photos, and a sneak peek of the dining room progress after the jump!  xx- Sarah

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