I have a crazy announcement, one that I’ve shared on Instagram through sneak peeks but kept mum about on here until I had some pretty photos to share.  I think I’ve also been nervous to make it Official OFFICIAL, you know?   Drumrolll….We’re moving back to the coast to be full time San Diego residents!  We’ve been going back and forth about what to do for months, after realizing that no matter how hard we try, the desert just isn’t for us. We knew that it was a possibility when we bought the house, that we would move to a town we’d never lived in and decide that it wasn’t the right fit, but we of course had hopes that it would be.

We won’t be moving into a dream home in San Diego, we’ll likely be renting a two bedroom apartment or duplex. It will be a dramatic change from this luxury living but we’re looking forward to the adventure! As for this sweet home, we’ve got HUGE plans!  We’re turning our dream home into a vacation rental!!  We just can’t let it go, it’s such an incredible space and we know that we can make it an ideal spot for out of town visitors to get away to. I’ve had my hands full shifting my design ideas to accomodate the new plan!  More details (including sources), lots of photos, and a sneak peek of the dining room progress after the jump!  xx- Sarah

First up on THE MORA HOUSE rental plan agenda was the great couch debate.  This couch cost an arm and a leg, we had lofty dreams of it being our forever couch so we made the investment. But it’s enormous.  And a sectional.  And perfect for this room.  So how could we possibly take it with us?  I don’t think we will.  The plan, as it stands, is to leave it and pray to the rental gods that people are kind to it.  Rental gods, do you hear me?  I love this couch.  I really really REALLY don’t want to have to replace it in two years, ok?

Next up- A HANGING CHAIR!  Because it makes the room SWANKY, right?  I don’t know.  That’s what I said when Lou told me the room didn’t NEED a hanging chair.  But what room DOESN’T really need a hanging chair?! I’m in love with it.  Ten times over in love.   In my mind it completes the room and I can barely understand how we ever lived without it.

When we shifted our plans we said goodbye to the idea of the built ins we’d been planning for the living room (remember this? we’ve come a long way baby!) and said HELLO, LOVELY to these West Elm Parson shelves and this CB2 credenza.  It saved us $9,000 and I think it was a brilliant compromise.  YES, you read that right!  Built ins are CRAZY EXPENSIVE!!!!  A crazy expensive investment that may make sense when you own a house and intend to live in it until your last hair turns grey, but not so much for a rental house.   Now the room has a strong focal point, the bookshelves are filled with pretty things to look at and read and it still is visually light enough to keep the room balanced with that ginormous brown couch.  A sure WIN for The Mora House!

And last but OMG definitely not least, the dining room progress sneak peek!  We relocated the Nelson chandelier that was in the house when we purchased it and hung this copper pendant lamp.  The bookshelves are being painted white after a silly amount of “should we, shouldn’t we’s” and while they’re gone I’m basking in the glory that is this minimalist dining room.  It just photographs so beautifully!  As for the return of the bookshelves, I have this vision of them being scarcely decorated with only things that are black and white.  I know, it’s a rare form of neurosis and I have zero idea how I am going to find enough thrift store goodies that are black and white to fill those shelves. BUT I INTEND TO TRY!

Now, for the details about renting our home sweet home… the house will be available starting in July.  If you’d like to be notified when the website is live for rental opportunities, please email and let me know what dates you’re interested in.  In turn I’ll email you as soon as the rental site is up and running! OR, you can follow along with progress updates here, I will post as soon as the site goes up.  Thanks so much for following along on this nutty adventure of ours!

SOURCES:  Coffee table: Vintage, Pillows: Amber Interiors, Pouf: Overstock, Hanging Chair: Two’s Company, Bookshelves: West Elm, Credenza: CB2, Floating Shelves: commissioned a builder for my design, Copper Pendant Light: Viso, Dining Room chairs: CB2.

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Reader Comments

  1. Kate|

    There's something so special about living near the water. We live ten minutes from the ocean and I can't imagine being land locked. Congrats on your move! I've always wanted to visit Palm Springs…it looks so serene. I love your table and chairs as well as that divine mirror! What a beautiful space!

  2. angela|

    what exciting news~i'm sure you'll have quite the waiting list. i've recently discovered that i love san diego, too!

    also, in an attempt to refresh my eating habits, i started browsing recipes, and your blog immediately came to mind. i ended up going through your recipe archives, bookmarking so many of your meals that i had overlooked in the past. i'm excited (and nervous) to try my hand at them!

  3. Emma|

    How gorgeous! I especially love that last picture…the copper light, the Saarinen-style table, the great chairs, it all works so well together!

  4. lauren|

    oh god! i hope the rentees are good to that amazing couch. makes my stomach flip thinking about it! beautiful space!

  5. molly yeh|

    i am IN LOVE WITH THAT COUCH! holy smokes. it reminds me of the one i grew up with. a big fat leather sectional that my friends and i would rearrange and make fun little forts with.

    my boyfriend and i are redoing his family's farm house and i am about to show him all of these pictures because they are amazing and so inspiring!!

  6. Junia|

    EEEEEEE!!! I just yelled the news to Andres from the other room! One, we're SO excited that you're making your way back to SD! This means we'll most definitely get to see you guys (and um, finally meet Xio!), since we do down about once a month. Second, we're sooooo going to get in line to take a little vacation in this swanky, most beautiful house ever! A millions times YAY!! Can't wait to hear all about your SD adventures as well. The desert was great to you, but I know San Diego will welcome you back with open arms. I see some lunch dates at JUKE in our future 😉


  7. Natalie Lynn Borton|

    So awesome! The space looks absolutely beautiful. And yay for San Diego!! I currently live up in coastal north county and plan to never leave. It's the best!! XO

  8. Sara|

    You've done an amazing job with your place!! The swinging chair was a great call – I love it! I'm bookmarking this for the next time I can make an excuse to get to Palm Springs!

  9. holly|

    dont rent to ppl with pets or kids if you want that couch to stay nice! eek!!

    the hanging chair will rent the house alone! gorgeous. all of it.

  10. justine breen|

    your house is phenomenal! love all of the touches you have made to it. perfect palm springs getaway. and san diego is the best! my husband & i moved to north county (oceanside) because there was a mid-century modern gem/fixer-upper that we wanted to get our hands on. if you ever decide to buy, our neighborhood is not only transitional, but affordable. we'd love to have someone here that "gets it" too 🙂 lots of luck on the move! xo

  11. drew|

    I'm OBSESSED with the campaign chest in the dining area! Where did you find it?

    I've lived in both Palm Desert and San Diego and each are fabulous. Luckily, they're just a short drive from one another!

  12. olithee|

    Wow ! At least you keep the house and you will be able to come back anytime. I get it when it doesnt feels right to be somewhere, I mean Im living it right now, you have to take actions and go wherever you know you will be happy.
    Very much interested in a rental around septembre, Ill be emailing!

    Take care


  13. Jesse|

    Well done. SD is great, and a great change from the desert. When we come around those parts of the world next (soon hopefully) i'll be sure to look up your place to stay in. We hope to do something similar by living somewhere else, but renting out our place in Puglia. A plan that is slowly in motion.

  14. melissa|

    I think I need to rent the Mora House for my 40th birthday! I have two years to save my pennies!!! So beautiful. I hope to bump into you again in San Diego. 🙂

  15. Kristin Dee|

    Ah! I haven't had a reason to visit Palm Springs recently but now I almost have to so I can stay in this PERFECT home of yours. So incredibly well done, I love every shelf. Good luck with your move back to San Diego, I'm sure it will feel wonderful to be home!

  16. Jen|

    Can you tell me where you got the living room rug? It looks similar to a lot that I see online. Looks beautiful


  17. Mallory|

    Hi Sarah,
    Just curious, where did you purchase the fur chair covers that are shown here? I am having difficulty finding them in high quality.

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    I like what I see so i am just following you.
    Look forward to checking out your web page repeatedly.

  19. wendy|

    Hi, I like the styling of your living room. I especially love the rug, may I ask where you sourced it?

  20. Victoria|

    So, I just recently bought a house and your dining table would be perfect in my dining room. I MUST know where you purchased it! Thank you 🙂

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  22. shelley|

    Can you please tell me where your dining room framed print is from? Love it! Thanks!

    • Sarah Yates|

      Hi Shelley, I think you’re referring to the birds? That’s a vintage painting! 🙂

  23. Courtney|

    this house is BEYOND incredible! I just purchased a hanging basket chair that I am obsessed with but it is constantly turning and won’t stay in the exact position. Do you find that yours stays based on your hanging method? I am pulling my hair out. Thanks in advance

  24. Kyra|

    can you please tell me where you bought your run? Is it from Morroco or is it a knock off? Either way, I love it!

  25. Meg|

    Hi Sarah – I know this is an old post and you might not see this comment, but I would love to know where you got the large, round mirror? Thanks!

  26. Giovanna|

    Hi Sarah, beautiful home! I would LOVE to know where you got the round mirror from! i’m searching and can’t seem to find one that is that big and minimalist at the same time, if that makes sense. Thanks in advance!!

  27. Amy|

    Hi There! I LOVE the scale of that round mirror, did you purchase that from a store, or have it custom made?

    Thanks so much!

  28. Brenna Kennedy-Moore|

    Everything looks so great! Just wondering, where did you get the large gold rimmed circular mirror?

  29. Jennifer|

    Can you tell me the color and make of this RH couch? My family and I are looking for one and this looks perfect!

  30. Erica|

    Hi there – I know this is an older post, but these images were featured in a recent article on The Everygirl and I am dying to know the source info for your gorgeous couch! Thanks for any info you can provide.

  31. Kat|

    This room is soooo beautiful! I’m obsessed with the couch? Can you tell me where it’s from?