this time last year we were anticipating our trip to milos, and right now i’m missing the mediterranean- the sea, the food, the people.  so i whipped up this tart to bring us right back there, it seemed like the right thing to do.  i am a forever fan of the combination of red onion, tomato and eggplant, they just seem to belong together, you know?  while this tart may not be the prettiest thing i’ve made, i have to say it’s up there with the tastiest.  the flaky savory herbed crust, fresh summer pesto, grilled vegetables and greek olives.  i may or may not be salivating while typing this.  hope you love as much as i do!  xx- sarah  {more after the jump}

ok, so this recipe has way more ingredients and appears to be way more effort than my normal posts.  but i promise, it’s super easy and so worth all of the effort!  (it’s especially easy if you prep the pesto in advance).  best of all it’s the kind of dish you could prepare when entertaining and you’re pals would think you’re a kitchen goddess.  that’s always worth a bit of extra effort!  i would probably spend an entire day in the kitchen for the chance to enjoy this herb crusted goodness, so there’s also that.

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