wearing overalls past the age of ten


overalls are back!  last time i owned a pair i was sixteen.  i cut them in half and sloppily sewed embroidered material up the entire length of both legs.  and then i wore them to phish shows.  all of this is to say that i was going through an identity crisis then, and am certainly open to the idea that i might be going through one now.  in spite of this i can’t deny it, i love these overalls.  they make me feel young and cheeky.  BUT you won’t find me DIY’ing them!  i learned my lesson the embarrassing way.

side note:  i googled “overalls phish shows”.  i don’t really know why i thought that would bring to to a picture of myself at age 16 in some horribly crafted overalls, but i kind of did.  it goes without saying, no dice.  but i did come across this DIY overall, and if i’m being honest it does make me feel quite a bit better about myself.  so what do you think?  overalls: yay or nay?  xx- sarah {more after the jump}

SHOP THIS OUTFIT:  overalls: asos, teeshirt: zoe karssen,  shoes: 80%20 via free people, sunnies: karen walker, ring: charles albert, bracelets: jcrew, stella and dot, nails: orly passion fruit and butter of london the full monty