wearing overalls past the age of ten


overalls are back!  last time i owned a pair i was sixteen.  i cut them in half and sloppily sewed embroidered material up the entire length of both legs.  and then i wore them to phish shows.  all of this is to say that i was going through an identity crisis then, and am certainly open to the idea that i might be going through one now.  in spite of this i can’t deny it, i love these overalls.  they make me feel young and cheeky.  BUT you won’t find me DIY’ing them!  i learned my lesson the embarrassing way.

side note:  i googled “overalls phish shows”.  i don’t really know why i thought that would bring to to a picture of myself at age 16 in some horribly crafted overalls, but i kind of did.  it goes without saying, no dice.  but i did come across this DIY overall, and if i’m being honest it does make me feel quite a bit better about myself.  so what do you think?  overalls: yay or nay?  xx- sarah {more after the jump}

SHOP THIS OUTFIT:  overalls: asos, teeshirt: zoe karssen,  shoes: 80%20 via free people, sunnies: karen walker, ring: charles albert, bracelets: jcrew, stella and dot, nails: orly passion fruit and butter of london the full monty

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  1. Becky|

    I love overalls! Plain and simple ones, not too trendy, not too grungey. I bought a pair almost two years ago, claiming they were coming back (at which my fiance scoffed), and I am so glad they have finally come back. Yours are super cute!

  2. sarah yates|

    these and the comments on my facebook are amazing! thanks for chiming in everyone.. for all the kind words and especially for those of you who say NAY for also softening the blow with a comment about what you DO like. :) you're the best!

  3. paige|

    i don't know if i could pull them off, but your version is so simple and perfect…i'm sort of inspired to try it. sort of.

  4. Michelle|

    Oh my, these overalls are ultra-YAY. So awesome. Definately now an item on my hit list for fashion acquisitions!


  5. Bettina|

    I love the skinny fit of these overalls! I desperately wish I had kept all my overalls from back in the day so I wouldn't be buying any new pairs!

  6. Eleanor|

    These are really cute. I has some terrible DIY outfits when I was 16…I once went to a show wearing a vest covered in pin badges with slogans on…not good! xxx

  7. jessie|

    I love overalls (especially in black or grey), but I can never seem to find any that aren't dumpy. They're all so awkwardly shaped!

  8. Natalie|

    We may be long lost soul mates. I was just gushing over overalls and totally had the patchwork giant pants AND overall dress with patchwork… But i mean, what else does one wear to spin in while dancing to Phish?

  9. Kristen|

    Hi, I just found your blog and am LOVING it! So, I am dying over that gorgeous multicolored bracelet – do you have any tips as to how I might find one? Is it pass season JCrew?

  10. sarah yates|

    thanks so much kristen! yes, it's from j crew and i think i got them late last summer. :)

  11. kristen|

    Thanks Sarah! Do you remember what they were called? (I'm going to do an ebay search) I want to call it a friendship bracelet, but that doesn't seem quite right. Thanks again! :)

  12. sarah yates|

    hi again kristen! so sorry but i have no idea what they were specifically called. but they are kind of friendship bracelets and i think anyone trying to sell them would call them that! good luck!