Lake Tahoe Adventures!


Hi friends!  Sorry for the radio silence yesterday, we arrived in Yosemite and haven’t had much luck on finding cell reception- which is to be expected (and embraced!) of course.  It’s beautiful here, I’ll share more on that later.  But for now, photos from our time in Tahoe!  I’m sharing too many photos and details on our adventures for those of you who are planning a trip (and for those of you who are living vicariously…)  It’s an incredible place with so much to do and see, I know we’ll head back there again.  Hope you love!!!  xx- Sarah

lake_tahoe___A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-787 Tahoe_A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-55

The first night we arrived (just before this spectacular sunset) we stayed in Meeks Bay campground- which is a decent spot but not our favorite.  We eventually landed in Bayview Campground where we stayed for the duration.  Small (just 12 sites) and quiet, it was the perfect spot for us.  And visiting Tahoe in October is idyllic.  It was sunny, warm, but much more low key than it is in the Summer months.  There were lots of times where we had stretches of beach or coves to ourselves.  It’s not quite the same experience as it is in the throes of Summer heat, where I imagine the lake is refreshing rather than chilly, but we also got to experience the water without a massive amount of motor boats cruising around it.  And for that reason alone, I think we’d choose October for a visit all over again!


Pictured above is Secret Cove Beach– where we ventured for a swim!  This little cove is pure magic!  I highly recommend a visit.  It’s a clothing optional beach, so no worries if you forget your suit!  I wore a wetsuit- pretty much the opposite of nude.  HA!

Tahoe_A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-79 lake_tahoe___A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-803

Another day we hiked Rubicon Trail, which I also highly recommend.  It offers such great views of what I think may be the prettiest spot on the lake (Emerald Bay).  We started at D.L. Bliss State Park, at the top near the road, and headed to Eagle Falls.  Roundtrip the hike was 17 miles.  The last two miles out were tough- mostly uphill back to the RV.  But if you’re not in an RV you can park closer to the trailhead and shave a good 4 miles off the hike!  There are lots of spots for stopping to picnic on the beach, and you could even rent a kayak at Vikingsholm and paddle out to the island in the bay.  We had such a long day that a kayak adventure wasn’t on the books, but next time I desperately want to get out to that island to explore!

lake_tahoe___A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-817 lake_tahoe___A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-815 lake_tahoe___A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-822 lake_tahoe___A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-807 lake_tahoe___A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-811

I don’t think I’d ever visit Tahoe and not spend a day at Skunk Harbor (below).  It’s about a 1.5 mile {easy} hike down from the road, insanely beautiful and dog friendly!  We had a cove to ourselves for swimming, terrorizing Bean by tossing her into the lake, and climbing around on boulders.  It was pure heaven.

lake_tahoe___A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-801 lake_tahoe___A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-790 lake_tahoe___A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-777-2 lake_tahoe___A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-794 Tahoe_A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-18

On our last day we hiked from our campsite at Bayview up to Cascade Falls (snaps below). There was barely any water to speak of, but the views were spectacular and it was a hike definitely worth doing.  The trail kind of disappears as you get closer to the peak and it becomes rock – which I loved!  Since we were up there relatively early we had the place to ourselves, and since there was no trail, I felt like a big adventurer.  A very tiny, big adventurer in a very large and beautiful world.  I love that feeling more than anything.

lake_tahoe___A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-862 lake_tahoe___A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-861 lake_tahoe___A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-858 lake_tahoe___A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-857 lake_tahoe___A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-856 lake_tahoe___A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-852 lake_tahoe___A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-849 lake_tahoe___A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-838

I hope you enjoyed our lakeside photos and recap!! More soon….

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  1. Ivy|

    Love the photo of you in a sweater splashing in the water—you look so happy! I think we all would be beaming that much if we were in a similar situation. Wish I was! You’re making me want to buy an RV, Sarah!

  2. Jenna|

    I love Lake Tahoe and spent 5 days there last summer with my kids. I’m pinning your post for hiking ideas for a future trip (which hopefully won’t be too far off since I live less than 2 hours away). isn’t the color of the water just amazing?

  3. Loiriam Jimenez|

    I like your blog, and am glad you had an amazing trip. I also like your pictures of your fun to play in the beach with your dogs and the beautiful nature. 🙂

  4. gabriella|

    Lake Tahoe is on my must-see list, and now it’s getting a major bump to the top. I live in Boston, which means a lakeside escape is something I end up yearning for about once a month. We have Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, but Lake Tahoe looks like it’s absolutely worth the trip.

    ps. absolutely stunning photographs!


  5. Trude|

    Gorgeous photos! Tahoe is one of my favorite places in the world! We’re moving closer to it next month and I can’t wait. 🙂

  6. Lisa|

    You folks are so lucky to have Lake Tahoe close by. I think California is by far one of my favorite states because it has almost everything, desert, beaches, mountains, Late Tahoe… It is such a complete state. On the other hand me on the upper east coast do the best that I can with what I have. My family and I recently rented a boat from and we had an splendid time. It is so refreshing to be close to nature.