Tropical Getaway Musts


Happy Tuesday!  It’s an especially happy one for me because I leave for FIJI tonight!!!!!  I’m so excited to meet our retreat guests, to spend a week with dedicated focus on our health, to swim in the South Pacific, and to share it with all of you here and on my Instagram! (@sarahyatesmora)  I’m hopeful that lots of you have vacations on the horizon for the winter months, so I’ve put together a selection of the things that always travel with me on these sorts of adventures to help you in packing for your own!  I prepared posts for while I’m away and will be updating from Fiji as well, so looking forward to lots of goodness to come these next couple of weeks!  Shop all of the above and some other items on my wishlist below!  xx- Sarah


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  1. Daisy|

    i have those shorts (well – a cheaper H&M version) but I wear them all the time on tropical vacations and beach days at home.