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Hi friends!  My belly has really taken on a life of it’s own now that I’m six months in (wide-eyed emoji)!  But that’s appropriate I suppose!  I picked up a few maternity staples early on in my pregnancy and have managed to make my closet work for me up until this point, largely in part because aforementioned pregnancy staples were  this skirt in black and white that I paired with every top I own.  But now it’s time to pick up a few pieces to carry me through the final months- and stubbornly I’m avoiding maternity wear at all costs.  I want to be able to wear whatever I buy after our little boy arrives.  Is that crazy of me?  Here are some dresses I’ve got my eye on- dresses I think could work both in pregnancy and that I could wear once my belly is gone.  But I’m new to this, so moms if you think I’m delusional and should count on my belly not squeezing into anything non- maternity please, please tell me!  Links for everything above, and a bunch of other dresses I have my eye on, below….  xx- Sarah


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  1. Marissa|

    I did the same when I was pregnant last summer-just bought larger regular clothes, non-maternity. This worked fine except for the last month or so. Then I just wore maternity yoga pants the last few weeks. I refused to spend a fortune on maternity clothes & im soooo happy I didn’t need to. I bought one pair of maternity white jeans (an inexpensive pair!) & those were so versatile. After baby was born, I was back to yoga pants for about 6-8 weeks. No shame! Once you get outta those first few postpartum weeks, you’ll get back to feeling like yourself & wanting to dress nicely once again!

    • Sarah Yates|

      YES! I fully plan on mumu life for the last month of pregnancy and the first couple months after birth if need be (my version of yoga pants to survive the heat!!) I’m with you, spending money for clothes you’ll only wear for such a short time seems hard to swallow!!! Oh but I bet it feels SO GOOD to fit into your clothes again!!!!! I’ll celebrate that when it happens! 🙂

  2. Kate|

    Congrats on the sweet babe on the way! I am about 4.5 months along with baby 2 and am, similarly to my first pregnancy, avoiding anything explicitly maternity. The one thing I will say is that you’ll want to avoid anything with a waist band/binding that can’t be altered. The dresses with removable tie belts are OK so long as there are not constricting zippers or darts. That Ulla Johnson dress is gorg but I’d wait until post babe. No way you’re going to want to fiddle with that nipped in waist around a bump. Enjoy!

  3. Geri|

    Congratulations to both you and lou! It’s been forever since I was pregnant….my youngest is 24….
    But, I do remember wanting to burn my maternity clothes after my babies came! This is coming from someone who LOVED being pregnant and had a very easy time of it! Once the baby comes you’ll be so excited to dress in new clothes or old favorites ! Those few maternity outfits will want to be donated PDQ! You can use the clothes after the little guy comes that you’ve been wearing up until now. Enjoy this time… It’s so much fun xoxo

  4. Elizabeth|

    Have you looked at Hatch ( there clothing is designed for before and after wear. Also when it comes to dresses, keep in mind the ease of nursing in them, some dresses can be a real struggle and you can’t really lift the whole thing up.

  5. Kelly|

    Congratulations to you and your (growing!) family. Little boys are the best (I have boy #2 on the way myself!). I too try to avoid maternity at all costs, and those dresses you’ve selected are great. The only think you may want to think about is if a dress will be breastfeeding friendly (if you plan to breastfeed your baby). Some of those higher neck dresses may be great now, but will sit untouched for months (or years!) if baby’s food source is not easily accessible 😉

  6. Courtney Dillon|

    Buy a few maternity pieces. 🙂 And those dresses are cute. So happy for you!


  7. Ashley|

    I also bought non maternity clothing expect pants & jeans. Be careful to buy colthing with stretch or a larger size as long as your not swimming in it. Those dress are cute but seem really restricting for a growing bump. Free people colthing is flowly and feels good on your tummy. Your going to look great but most importantly dress comfortable because when the 3rd trimester hits nothing feels right.