Living Room Update and Intro to Loloi Rugs


Hi friends, happy Tuesday! I’m excited to share a living room update with you today! Since you last saw it here, we’ve made some swaps which have transformed it into my dream room, and my by-far favorite room of the house.  It feels so cozy and happy for our little family!

To start the update we moved the rug we had into Lou’s office and replaced it with this one from Loloi rugs– it’s plush, unique and so well crafted- I’m in love with it. It’ll be a lifetime keeper for us.  A quality wool rug will last forever– we always have ours professionally scotch guarded and then yearly cleanings to keep them in the best shape.  This one by Loloi was hand knotted, which is wild to think about!  It’s a craft that’s been passed down from generation to generation, fathers teaching their sons an artform that has been used for lifetimes.  Textiles are a representation of culture, and something I love to mix and match in our house (in this room alone we now have a rug from India, pillows made from Thai fabric, and a traditional Moroccan wedding blanket).  The combination gives the room a worldly appeal and the mix of patterns and materials play nicely together.

Check out this microsite Loloi created that shows the process of how their rugs are handcrafted in India- it will inspire you in so many ways!!!  It’s especially fascinating to me because they employ many of the same tools and techniques that I use to make my weavings- it’s fun to see.  It gives me a huge appreciation not only for our beautiful rug but that Loloi is honoring the time honored craftsmanship to make high quality products- something that is becoming more rare in the marketplace.   And the video is so beautiful, it has me wanting to go to India, and then to promptly replace every other rug in our house- oh dear!

This post was produced in partnership with Loloi Rugs, we hope you love!  (You can purchase Loloi rugs here).

a_House_in_the_hills_loloi_rugs-6 a_House_in_the_hills_loloi_rugs-8

We also sold our old coffee table and had this one custom made. I knew I wanted a larger table, and something with a bit more color than the stainless steel, but wanted to keep the modern design. I go back and forth about the idea of having it polished and coated as was my original intention, but so far we’ve been loving the direction the untreated copper has gone.  And I love the warmth it brings to the space.

a_House_in_the_hills_loloi_rugs-5 a_House_in_the_hills_loloi_rugs-9

In a game of musical furniture I took the rocker from my office and swapped it for the circle chair that was in the corner (which is now in our bedroom), preferring the warm wood to the black metal. We found the vintage rocker at NokNok Living here in San Diego and I actually bought it before I even knew where I wanted it to live. I’m so happy I did, that chair will probably live in many rooms over the time we have it, I’ll never part with it.  And happily, the mini jungle behind it is thriving (against all odds as I am  not the best plant keeper!  Thank you Plant Gods, thank you very much)


Last but not least, we commissioned our friend Greg build this floating credenza for under the mirror (I loved it so much in the Palm Springs house I wanted to create a version for this house too).  Heck to the yes to floating credenzas!

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Reader Comments

  1. Kayla|

    Do you have a link to that exact rug? …they have 22 pages worth of rugs listed and am trying to find that exact one…thanks!

  2. Gabriella|

    I LOVE Loloi rugs! I need to dive in and pick one up. Your space really does look so calming and cozy – wish I could be transported there today! 😉

  3. LA Lady|

    When you say you do yearly cleanings for your rug, do you mean you send them out for a professional cleaning? I was looking into this recently for a shag wool rug of mine. Apparently, dry cleaners can’t do this; they have to send it out to a specialty place. Also, the charge was hundreds of dollars! How should we be cleaning our rugs if not this? Thanks for your help!

  4. Cara|

    I love the coffee table. Could you give me the company you used to custom make it? I cannot find a coffee table I love and need to do something modern and custom!

  5. Katy|

    Sarah, do you mind sharing where that big sexy mirror is from? I looked on your PS home tour for the source and it’s not listed! I love it so much and need something just as big and sexy for my living room. Xo!

  6. Lindsay|

    Hi, Sarah,

    I’m brand new to your blog (discovered it via Popsugar this evening!) and have just come across this post. My husband and I just bought a house and we’re moving into it next weekend – a midcentury ranch – and have been in hot pursuit of an oversized round mirror with a gold frame, just like the one you have in your living room above the floating credenza (which I LOVE), for our foyer. Would you, could you, please share with me where the mirror is from? Can’t tell you how grateful I’d be.

    Thanks so much! Love your beautiful blog.

  7. Brynn|

    Hi there – I just recently came across your blog & was drawn in by your openes about your health issues, (as well as your impeccable taste). I have been on that road with my now 4 year old daughter – trying to nail down her stomachs issues. We are finally there but it was a scary & traumatizing road. Anyhow – what prompted me to respond was the comment about scotch guard. It is super toxic. I have been removing toxic items from our home since I found out about possible triggers of my daughters problems & scotch guard / flame retardants were one of the first things to go. Please take this into consideration for your own health.

  8. t...|

    Obsessed with your couch – Pinning it everywhere – Please share where you found this beauty….

  9. Melissa|

    I may be over looking the answer to my question but I can’t seem to find info about your leather couch. It’s amazing! Love the size and color. Would be happy to know any details about it! Thanks! Stumbled upon your website on Pinterest. It’s pretty fantastic!

    • Christine|

      Can I please second the couch? I just bought my first home and your house is perfect for my space. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share where it is from!

      • Jennifer|

        It looks like the Belgian Track Arm from Restoration Hardware. Not sure about the color or if it’s the petite model or not??? Would LOVE to know!

  10. brittany|

    HI! I love your home. I have been using it as my inspo. Where did you get the piece above the sofa?? Thanks!!